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Daily Log for #alfresco

2017-12-07 07:02:47 GMT <MorganP> Hello

2017-12-07 07:54:32 GMT <yreg> Good morning folks

2017-12-07 08:10:09 GMT <ayushi> when I am searching the tagged documents from site tag dashlet,it is searching the documents,but it is giving the warning message "Unable to resolve specified root node reference: null".I am not able to figure out this

2017-12-07 08:23:46 GMT <Atg_> x

2017-12-07 08:23:54 GMT <Atg_> Hello

2017-12-07 08:24:19 GMT <Atg_> is there any way to change the default type sitewide?

2017-12-07 08:24:44 GMT <Atg_> Is applying a rule to the root folder a good idea or should it be done in an other way?

2017-12-07 08:32:51 GMT <mrks_js> Hi Atg_: it can be done, but what happens if a user is copying/moving a document to another site?

2017-12-07 08:35:03 GMT <Atg_> as "sitewide" i actually meant company wide, sorry

2017-12-07 08:35:52 GMT <Atg_> Basically we don't care about some of the properties on the default cm:document but we do care about some specific properties all our documents have (such as related production order)

2017-12-07 08:36:22 GMT <Atg_> since this applies to pretty much every non-temporary document here i thought i'd make a modified default type

2017-12-07 08:36:35 GMT <Atg_> but i read that direclty changing cm:document is generally a bad idea

2017-12-07 08:39:57 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 21 hours and 30 minutes ago: <bhagyas> thank you :)

2017-12-07 08:42:55 GMT <Atg_> This applies to all sites

2017-12-07 08:43:07 GMT <Atg_> And should probably apply to any available directory actually

2017-12-07 08:45:09 GMT <mrks_js> so you want to change the default type globally?

2017-12-07 08:51:51 GMT <Atg_> Yes

2017-12-07 08:52:03 GMT <Atg_> but i don't want to alter cm:content xml

2017-12-07 08:52:10 GMT <Atg_> because i read that is bad for reasons

2017-12-07 09:25:12 GMT <twen> hello

2017-12-07 09:29:02 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Can you explain how ADF aims to continue the existence of a healthy add-on ecosystem for Alfresco?

2017-12-07 09:29:35 GMT <bhagyas> It just came to my mind, that it completely ruins the whole add-on ecosystem which allowed any organisation to pick and match modules as it fits their user needs

2017-12-07 09:30:47 GMT <bhagyas> Writing this as we demonstrate a module to a customer, which has a number of third party modules installed, that has made Alfresco their top choice for ECM

2017-12-07 09:31:20 GMT <bhagyas> due to the sole reason, they are not tied into a single vendor for their customisation of their ECM

2017-12-07 09:31:32 GMT <fcorti> Morning bhangyas

2017-12-07 09:31:51 GMT <fcorti> which addons are they using?

2017-12-07 09:31:55 GMT <fcorti> Just to know...

2017-12-07 09:32:00 GMT <bhagyas> Many share customisations and backend modules

2017-12-07 09:32:10 GMT <bhagyas> that are working perfectly fine with one another\

2017-12-07 09:32:20 GMT <fcorti> som no addons

2017-12-07 09:32:23 GMT <fcorti> customizations of share

2017-12-07 09:32:29 GMT <bhagyas> share add-ons

2017-12-07 09:32:39 GMT <bhagyas> and repo add-ons

2017-12-07 09:32:41 GMT <fcorti> which add-ons?

2017-12-07 09:32:46 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti:

2017-12-07 09:32:53 GMT <bhagyas> IT doesn't matter

2017-12-07 09:33:05 GMT <bhagyas> including workflows, dashlets, form controls and stuff

2017-12-07 09:33:32 GMT <fcorti> I can say the same to answer your question: it doesn't matter ;-)

2017-12-07 09:33:36 GMT <bhagyas> So, is it safe to assume that add-on ecosystem is effectively dead when 6.0 comes out?

2017-12-07 09:33:45 GMT <bhagyas> along with ADF?

2017-12-07 09:33:54 GMT <bhagyas> I'm not feeling very happy right now

2017-12-07 09:33:57 GMT <bhagyas> this is so fucked up

2017-12-07 09:33:58 GMT <MorganP> It does matter

2017-12-07 09:34:02 GMT <fcorti> I think we are mixing here two different topics and front-ends

2017-12-07 09:34:19 GMT <MorganP> You want the JS console

2017-12-07 09:34:23 GMT <MorganP> How can you do that with ADF

2017-12-07 09:34:33 GMT <MorganP> You can't without writting a lot and a lot

2017-12-07 09:34:36 GMT <bhagyas> ADF has not addressed the concern of a usable end client, and neither an addon ecosystem

2017-12-07 09:34:46 GMT <bhagyas> Dave himself brought this up on twitter last week

2017-12-07 09:35:08 GMT <fcorti> maybe we would need a sort of marketplace for ADF

2017-12-07 09:35:18 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: marketplace for what?

2017-12-07 09:35:23 GMT <bhagyas> Angular modules?

2017-12-07 09:35:33 GMT <fcorti> yep, specifically for Alfresco

2017-12-07 09:35:44 GMT <bhagyas> where is the ease of buying and installing an addon and expecting of it to work?

2017-12-07 09:35:54 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas we were migrating AOS feature from Share to ADF and it looks easy

2017-12-07 09:35:57 GMT <fcorti> Disclaimer: I'm not saying that this is the plan, it's only an idea I'm sharing with you to hear also your feedback.

2017-12-07 09:36:27 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti:

2017-12-07 09:36:43 GMT <bhagyas> What does Alfresco have to offer, when everyone elses add-ons continue to function just fine

2017-12-07 09:36:56 GMT <bhagyas> for an example, Nuxeo addons work fine on their upcoming Polymer based UI

2017-12-07 09:37:05 GMT <bhagyas> you don't have to write a single line of code

2017-12-07 09:37:14 GMT <bhagyas> but Alfresco just kills the whole damn ecosystem and add-ons

2017-12-07 09:37:29 GMT <bhagyas> Even Sharepoint continues to work just fine

2017-12-07 09:38:20 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: for single vendor customisations - yes, but im talking about large installations with multiple vendors providing features

2017-12-07 09:38:35 GMT <fcorti> you know that Share and ADF are two different technologies

2017-12-07 09:38:38 GMT <bhagyas> is alfresco expecting everyone to rebuild all the features they want?

2017-12-07 09:38:41 GMT <fcorti> But yes, the "migration" of the features from Share to ADF is something related to the maturity of the ADF framework.

2017-12-07 09:38:45 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas I know, just sharing our first experience on moving from Share to ADF

2017-12-07 09:38:55 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: From what I know, Share is being deprecated

2017-12-07 09:38:56 GMT <fcorti> We are working on it... and it is a gap, currently

2017-12-07 09:38:59 GMT <bhagyas> and no longer maintained

2017-12-07 09:39:10 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: This is straight up stupid and moronic

2017-12-07 09:39:34 GMT <fcorti> Ok, you know more things than me.

2017-12-07 09:39:35 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: There is nothing that has feature parity with share

2017-12-07 09:39:36 GMT <MorganP> Honnestly since last week, I kind of feel like bhagyas. I do not understand why Share should be removed. ADF seems like a good technology... But that is true if you keep Share in place and just add ADF for other purposes. They seem complementary to me.

2017-12-07 09:40:01 GMT <MorganP> It looks like killing the small CE customers

2017-12-07 09:40:01 GMT <bhagyas> MorganP: They deprecated most of Share components in 6.0

2017-12-07 09:40:04 GMT <fcorti> I hear these rumors in the corridors... and mybe ione it will happen... but this is not what it is officially declared

2017-12-07 09:40:43 GMT <bhagyas> Having a hard time recommending Alfresco right now, since I know Nuxeo addons continue to work fine and in the same way

2017-12-07 09:40:52 GMT <bhagyas> even if they migrate to the new Polymer based UI

2017-12-07 09:41:08 GMT <angelborroy> From Jeff article https://ecmarchitect.com/archives/2017/12/02/4305

2017-12-07 09:41:09 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco announces major changes coming in the 6.0 release | ECM Architect (at ecmarchitect.com)

2017-12-07 09:41:18 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t understand that Share is going to be killed

2017-12-07 09:41:20 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: You are the one in charge of communicating to the developers (ffs)

2017-12-07 09:41:35 GMT <angelborroy> It looks like Share is going to be freezed, but it’s still live in 6.X

2017-12-07 09:41:38 GMT <bhagyas> IF you don't know, who is going to communicate this?

2017-12-07 09:41:45 GMT <fcorti> yes, and I'm telling you that what you are saying IS NOT confirmed

2017-12-07 09:42:04 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Is deprecating primary components a not enough reason?

2017-12-07 09:42:46 GMT <bhagyas> sounds like an elop effect

2017-12-07 09:42:52 GMT <bhagyas> no customer is going to invest in customising Share now

2017-12-07 09:43:02 GMT <bhagyas> and most won't even bother to consider Alfresco anymore

2017-12-07 09:43:27 GMT <fcorti> I think you are running fast on the easier conclusion: the fact that a share addon cannot work on ADF doesn't mean: Share is deprecated

2017-12-07 09:43:38 GMT <bhagyas> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Elop

2017-12-07 09:43:39 GMT <alfbot> Title: Stephen Elop - Wikipedia (at en.wikipedia.org)

2017-12-07 09:43:45 GMT <bhagyas> "This leaked memo coined a term "Elop effect", a catastrophic combination of the Ratner effect (publicly attacking one's own products) and the Osborne effect (promising a successor to a current product too long before it is available)."

2017-12-07 09:43:59 GMT <bhagyas> I think its the Osborne effect

2017-12-07 09:44:04 GMT <MorganP> Personnally, I don't want Share to be removed. If it stays in its actual shape with bugfix still coming, then I think this is fine... There will always be the community to bring new add-ons, aso. If Share is completely removed at some point (it seems to be that way on the long run), I don't see it as a good way to go

2017-12-07 09:44:21 GMT <bhagyas> and it's extremely damaging to all the vendors who have trusted Alfresco as a platform to build systems on

2017-12-07 09:44:24 GMT <angelborroy> MorganP +1

2017-12-07 09:44:52 GMT <fcorti> THank you MorganP for your thought

2017-12-07 09:44:58 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas some time ago Alfresco Explorer was deprecated but it took like 5 years to move it away from the product

2017-12-07 09:45:03 GMT <fcorti> I expect to have similar conversation at devcon

2017-12-07 09:45:12 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy +1

2017-12-07 09:46:02 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: The world is different now than it was 5 years ago

2017-12-07 09:46:39 GMT <bhagyas> in 5 years Alfresco might not even exist

2017-12-07 09:46:40 GMT <MorganP> Also angelborroy the old Alfresco Explorer would have scared anybody that isn't at least 40 years old

2017-12-07 09:46:45 GMT <MorganP> ^^

2017-12-07 09:47:54 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas obviously we are going to throw away many work and knowledge based in Share

2017-12-07 09:47:55 GMT <MorganP> fcorti: we will definitively discuss this in person at the devcon with other people as well

2017-12-07 09:48:21 GMT <MorganP> I'm sure it will be a huge topic

2017-12-07 09:48:23 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: we will, but customers will throw away Alfresco for good

2017-12-07 09:48:29 GMT <bhagyas> that's what concerns me

2017-12-07 09:48:42 GMT <MorganP> I would +1 on this too

2017-12-07 09:48:44 GMT <bhagyas> for me, I don't care if I have to rewrite the same thing every year

2017-12-07 09:48:48 GMT <MorganP> Especially small CE customers

2017-12-07 09:48:53 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas I’m also concerned about that

2017-12-07 09:49:17 GMT <angelborroy> But this is why I think that a Share replacement is a key factor

2017-12-07 09:49:34 GMT <bhagyas> and we're obliged to inform customers about Alfresco's product direction and history

2017-12-07 09:50:20 GMT <bhagyas> and none of them builds confidence

2017-12-07 09:50:43 GMT <fcorti> sure: we need to keep customers informed... but properly

2017-12-07 09:51:05 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: like putting out deprecation notices way before there is a replacement?

2017-12-07 09:51:05 GMT <atg_> I am asking again, is there any way of changing the default document type *globally* without editing the cm:content type?

2017-12-07 09:51:45 GMT <atg_> I have solved the issue by applying a rule into every documentLibrary directory, but is this acceptable practice?

2017-12-07 09:51:50 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas probably the are waiting for DevCon to make some announcements

2017-12-07 09:52:12 GMT <angelborroy> this is what I extracted from my last blog posts and conversations

2017-12-07 09:52:23 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: Been there for both 4.0 and 5.0 announcements

2017-12-07 09:52:43 GMT <angelborroy> atg_ Why do you want to change “cm:content”?

2017-12-07 09:52:52 GMT <bhagyas> but not sure whether there will be a 7.0

2017-12-07 09:52:53 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2017-12-07 09:53:38 GMT <angelborroy> arg_ Anyway creating a custom type extending the base one and creating a global rule to specialise every content should be right

2017-12-07 09:54:01 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas you are a groupie, like me

2017-12-07 09:54:11 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas you’ll be in 7.0 as well :D

2017-12-07 09:54:23 GMT <bhagyas> groupie is a terrible term

2017-12-07 09:54:24 GMT <bhagyas> :|

2017-12-07 09:54:25 GMT <bhagyas> haha

2017-12-07 09:55:06 GMT <angelborroy> You know, my English is like that

2017-12-07 09:55:36 GMT <bhagyas> xD

2017-12-07 10:00:53 GMT <fcorti> sorry bhagyas, angelborroy and all... jumping in a meeting but nice discussion.

2017-12-07 10:01:04 GMT <fcorti> I hope to continue it

2017-12-07 10:04:46 GMT <atg_> How do i create a "global rule"?

2017-12-07 10:05:05 GMT <atg_> I can't seem to be able to apply a rule to the root repository folder

2017-12-07 10:05:18 GMT <atg_> I already set-up the custom type by the way

2017-12-07 10:05:31 GMT <angelborroy> atg_ Why you need to extend cm:content?

2017-12-07 10:05:45 GMT <angelborroy> atg_ What’s required for every content in your organization?

2017-12-07 10:05:57 GMT <atg_> cm:content has some properties in the layout that i really don't need to be shown

2017-12-07 10:06:04 GMT <angelborroy> ahhh

2017-12-07 10:06:07 GMT <atg_> also we always categorize docs by working order

2017-12-07 10:06:24 GMT <angelborroy> for the first one you can customize Share

2017-12-07 10:06:34 GMT <angelborroy> for the second one you can use categories

2017-12-07 10:06:49 GMT <angelborroy> AFAIK you don’t need to modify cm:content

2017-12-07 10:06:54 GMT <atg_> Categories cannot be used with faceted search though

2017-12-07 10:07:04 GMT <angelborroy> and labels?

2017-12-07 10:07:07 GMT <angelborroy> tags

2017-12-07 10:07:36 GMT <atg_> I need to make sure users input values properly and consistently

2017-12-07 10:07:53 GMT <atg_> We have specific formatting for codes and doctypes etc

2017-12-07 10:08:01 GMT <atg_> So tags are a no-go in this field

2017-12-07 10:08:18 GMT <angelborroy> ok, so you can specialise every content at Repository > Sites folder

2017-12-07 10:08:33 GMT <angelborroy> Using a rule at that point and including subfolders

2017-12-07 10:08:53 GMT <atg_> Would that cause problems with wiki/discussion/data etc

2017-12-07 10:08:54 GMT <atg_> ?

2017-12-07 10:09:26 GMT <angelborroy> I haven’t tested it, but probably no

2017-12-07 10:10:08 GMT <angelborroy> or you can extend Share to deal with Categories in facets

2017-12-07 10:10:19 GMT <angelborroy> It should be the better approach

2017-12-07 10:11:05 GMT <atg_> Having working orders under categories however would make a giant amout of categories

2017-12-07 10:11:17 GMT <atg_> And that would be hard to maintain for the sys admin

2017-12-07 10:11:23 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-12-07 10:11:38 GMT <angelborroy> how about using uploader-plus?

2017-12-07 10:11:56 GMT <angelborroy> and let the user to decide if the document is working order related or not?

2017-12-07 10:12:11 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/softwareloop/uploader-plus

2017-12-07 10:12:12 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - softwareloop/uploader-plus: An Alfresco uploader that prompts for metadata (at github.com)

2017-12-07 10:12:40 GMT <Tushar_> hi all

2017-12-07 10:13:15 GMT <atg_> Is it available for alfresco 5.2?

2017-12-07 10:13:42 GMT <Tushar_> i am trying to configure ephesoft CE 4.0 with alfresco 5.2 bu the cmis export is asking for

2017-12-07 10:13:43 GMT <angelborroy> It has some minor issues, but MASTER should work fine

2017-12-07 10:14:01 GMT <Tushar_> Client key for getting Alfresco Oauth authentication from CMIS repository server.

2017-12-07 10:14:15 GMT <Tushar_> where do i get it from /

2017-12-07 10:14:36 GMT <atg_> i will try it then

2017-12-07 10:18:00 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ this is the CMIS Export module?

2017-12-07 10:18:27 GMT <angelborroy> Last time I used it, params where Server URL, Username, Password and Repository ID

2017-12-07 10:29:30 GMT * AFaust is so glad that now more people are now voicing their frustrations with ADF vs. Share / "What about the addon ecosystem" outlook. It was frustrating to (apparently) be the only one to care for a long time...

2017-12-07 10:31:14 GMT <mrks_js> ... its lonely at the top :P

2017-12-07 10:37:28 GMT <MorganP> Don't worry AFaust everyone is preparing the for DevCon ahah

2017-12-07 10:39:04 GMT <angelborroy> Probably the best place is a BoF session

2017-12-07 10:39:26 GMT <angelborroy> We’ve planified 3 BoF sessions and one is dedicated to UI

2017-12-07 10:39:27 GMT <AFaust> Maybe en masse the discussions may change something. I was having no effect at BeeCon Brussels and Zaragoza, talking the ear off of John Sotiropoulos at the first event and being the aggro voice in the UI BoF session during the second one

2017-12-07 10:40:30 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust You had effect: John is not in Alfresco anymore XD

2017-12-07 10:41:07 GMT <AFaust> I doubt that I had anything to do with that. When I talked to Thomas after talking to John, I did not complain about him...

2017-12-07 10:47:49 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust sorry I was joking

2017-12-07 10:47:56 GMT <tushar_> yes it is

2017-12-07 10:48:15 GMT <tushar_> angelborroy

2017-12-07 10:49:08 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy I know (you did include the XD at the end after all)

2017-12-07 10:49:33 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ which parameters is asking you the module?

2017-12-07 10:51:08 GMT <tushar_> when i go to batch management in ephesoft

2017-12-07 10:51:46 GMT <tushar_> CMIS Export Client Key

2017-12-07 10:53:48 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ http://wiki.ephesoft.com/cmis-export-plugin-3

2017-12-07 10:53:50 GMT <alfbot> Title: CMIS Export Plugin | Ephesoft WIKI (at wiki.ephesoft.com)

2017-12-07 10:53:58 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ You can leave this field blank

2017-12-07 10:54:53 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ Include values for URL, User Name, Password, Repository ID and CMIS Version

2017-12-07 10:54:58 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ that should work

2017-12-07 10:56:09 GMT <atg_> I have setup a number of properties for facet filtering. Is it possible to have them also match as keywords in the search?

2017-12-07 10:56:51 GMT <tushar_> thank you i'll try for it

2017-12-07 10:57:11 GMT <atg_> e.g. i got a number of docs with the aspect "Associable to a product". This aspect gives the properties Costumer and Product Code

2017-12-07 10:58:08 GMT <atg_> When i input a search i have a list of costumers that i can filter with. However, when i search for a customer name i don't necessarily have the document show up

2017-12-07 10:58:30 GMT <angelborroy> atg_ I’m searching… Let me find the right link

2017-12-07 10:58:36 GMT <atg_> basically i want my property to also beheave like a tag

2017-12-07 10:58:39 GMT <atg_> Thanks angel

2017-12-07 11:00:12 GMT <angelborroy> atg_ https://www.bluefishgroup.com/insights/ecm/adding-metadata-fields-to-simple-search-and-live-search-with-alfresco-5/

2017-12-07 11:00:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: Adding Metadata Fields to Simple Search and Live Search with Alfresco 5 | Blue Fish | Ecommerce and Marketing Strategy (at www.bluefishgroup.com)

2017-12-07 11:05:50 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: This is what happens when I stay out of the IRC for sometime :p

2017-12-07 11:07:16 GMT <bhagyas> You are not alone, never has been when the voice is for the long term sustainability of Alfresco

2017-12-07 11:11:42 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 2 days, 0 hours, and 57 minutes ago: <AFaust> It is so funny that now you are starting to use my old email address when it has been going so well for the year before when I already had left the old employer...

2017-12-07 11:11:43 GMT <alfbot> resplin: Sent 18 hours and 49 minutes ago: <yreg> just came across this : https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/WID-1397 does this mean that ACE holders will need to re-pass the exam in 2 years, or is it just a rebranding of the same certificate

2017-12-07 11:41:44 GMT <resplin> AFaust: I agree. Sorry about using the wrong email. I started to think to myself "is that the old one or the new one?" I blame it on jet-lag.

2017-12-07 11:43:02 GMT <resplin> yreg: It is expected that certification holders need to re-certify on a regular basis, inline with other industry certifications.

2017-12-07 12:05:59 GMT <douglascrp> morning

2017-12-07 12:06:07 GMT <douglascrp> nice discussion on adv vs share

2017-12-07 12:06:28 GMT <douglascrp> in my case, we are highly dependent on share for all the customizations we develop

2017-12-07 12:06:34 GMT <angelborroy> ADV? What’s that? (Yet) another new tech?

2017-12-07 12:06:45 GMT <douglascrp> oops... ADF

2017-12-07 12:06:46 GMT <douglascrp> :D

2017-12-07 12:06:52 GMT <angelborroy> Uf!

2017-12-07 12:07:00 GMT <douglascrp> no more acronyms

2017-12-07 12:07:11 GMT <douglascrp> we have had enough already

2017-12-07 12:07:19 GMT <angelborroy> :)

2017-12-07 12:07:49 GMT <douglascrp> and we also use a lot of addons in basically every single installation we do

2017-12-07 12:08:17 GMT <douglascrp> is there any public announcement already available on the changes being present in 6.0?

2017-12-07 12:08:27 GMT <douglascrp> the one Jeff mentioned seems not to be public

2017-12-07 12:08:53 GMT <angelborroy> nope, it’s only for partners and Enteprise customers

2017-12-07 12:09:03 GMT <douglascrp> IMHO, that is not fair

2017-12-07 12:09:08 GMT <douglascrp> with us

2017-12-07 12:09:24 GMT <douglascrp> why should just them be prepared to make decisions, and not us

2017-12-07 12:09:46 GMT <douglascrp> again, the discussion about a proper road map should restart :D

2017-12-07 12:12:31 GMT <douglascrp> from this page https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-1085-alfresco-ecm-product-roadmap : "Alfresco is an open source company that is committed to open innovation and transparency."

2017-12-07 12:12:33 GMT <alfbot> Title: Content Repository Roadmap 2017 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2017-12-07 12:12:39 GMT <douglascrp> it seems that is not completely true anymore

2017-12-07 12:13:07 GMT <douglascrp> that is sad

2017-12-07 12:13:09 GMT <angelborroy> or… they are waiting to make it public for DevCon

2017-12-07 12:16:14 GMT <douglascrp> why, when it is already done?

2017-12-07 12:16:38 GMT <angelborroy> when it is already what?

2017-12-07 12:16:50 GMT <douglascrp> they have a road map, and the idea would be to be able to decide way before what is going to happen

2017-12-07 12:17:00 GMT <douglascrp> when the 6.0 release is already published/done/ready

2017-12-07 12:17:15 GMT <douglascrp> why hide that from the community

2017-12-07 12:17:18 GMT <angelborroy> no idea

2017-12-07 12:17:27 GMT <douglascrp> if the base code is the same, why make that different

2017-12-07 12:17:42 GMT <angelborroy> probably I’m missing something

2017-12-07 12:17:45 GMT <douglascrp> the road map lists a lot of changes that are planned, but I could not find any information about taht

2017-12-07 12:17:51 GMT <douglascrp> you are not the only one :D

2017-12-07 12:17:55 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2017-12-07 12:18:11 GMT <angelborroy> probably that was a long term road map

2017-12-07 12:18:12 GMT <douglascrp> I don't know... I wish I could understand what is going on

2017-12-07 12:18:19 GMT <angelborroy> you know that road maps can change

2017-12-07 12:18:33 GMT <douglascrp> then it should be updated

2017-12-07 12:18:38 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-12-07 12:18:47 GMT <douglascrp> if it is not maintained, it is better to have nothing in place

2017-12-07 12:19:04 GMT <angelborroy> I’m hoping next January all these concerns will be solved

2017-12-07 12:19:06 GMT <douglascrp> if you can't trust on it, why having it at all?

2017-12-07 12:19:25 GMT <angelborroy> Probably not in a public forum but in one-to-one conversations

2017-12-07 12:20:37 GMT <douglascrp> again, that is not fair

2017-12-07 12:20:56 GMT <douglascrp> if this is a community, why are they "hiding" the information

2017-12-07 12:20:58 GMT <douglascrp> it is important

2017-12-07 12:21:09 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco is (also) a company

2017-12-07 12:21:11 GMT <douglascrp> but that is enough... we are not going to fix anything

2017-12-07 12:21:31 GMT <douglascrp> angelborroy, that claims to be "transparent"

2017-12-07 12:21:35 GMT <douglascrp> as I said before

2017-12-07 12:21:52 GMT <angelborroy> probably this is more related with sales than with developing

2017-12-07 12:22:05 GMT <douglascrp> and Gartner says, "with a strong community"

2017-12-07 12:22:14 GMT <angelborroy> so, IMO we can complain but it’s hard (or slow) to be fixed

2017-12-07 12:22:18 GMT <douglascrp> that should, in my opinion, work together

2017-12-07 12:23:02 GMT <douglascrp> I agree on the idea to have "different sets of features" for paying or community users

2017-12-07 12:23:07 GMT <douglascrp> and agree and understand it

2017-12-07 12:23:22 GMT <douglascrp> but in regards of plans, why are we treated differently

2017-12-07 12:23:37 GMT <douglascrp> I don't get that

2017-12-07 12:23:52 GMT <angelborroy> probably because of the competitors

2017-12-07 12:24:09 GMT <angelborroy> I get this conclusion after many different opinions in the last days

2017-12-07 12:24:41 GMT <douglascrp> we are all talking, all the time, and if that was the plan, they failed miserably

2017-12-07 12:24:56 GMT <douglascrp> how can they think such information would not be spread?

2017-12-07 12:25:06 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2017-12-07 12:25:14 GMT <douglascrp> I don't think that is the reason

2017-12-07 12:25:22 GMT <angelborroy> this is why they try to keep some information

2017-12-07 12:25:38 GMT <angelborroy> and this is why we should (probably) not spread it

2017-12-07 12:26:14 GMT <douglascrp> again, transparency

2017-12-07 13:08:32 GMT <tushar_> angleborroy_ i couldn't get it running a lot to know about integration between the ephesoft and alfresco

2017-12-07 13:09:45 GMT <angelborroy> Tushar_ What URL are you using?

2017-12-07 13:10:01 GMT <angelborroy> try http://localhost:8080/alfresco/cmisatom

2017-12-07 13:10:08 GMT <angelborroy> and CMIS 1.0

2017-12-07 13:10:09 GMT <tushar_> my url on my network

2017-12-07 13:10:11 GMT <angelborroy> it should work

2017-12-07 13:10:57 GMT <angelborroy> what URL?

2017-12-07 13:11:03 GMT <tushar_> but i am using ephesoft CE the workflow ends up in error

2017-12-07 13:11:10 GMT <angelborroy> ah...

2017-12-07 13:11:15 GMT <angelborroy> yep CMIS does not work in CE

2017-12-07 13:11:39 GMT <angelborroy> It’s one of the limitations

2017-12-07 13:11:48 GMT <tushar_> http://<hostname>:<port>/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.0/atom

2017-12-07 13:12:04 GMT <tushar_> okay

2017-12-07 13:12:28 GMT <tushar_> so i'd need the enterprise edition

2017-12-07 13:12:36 GMT <tushar_> of ephesoft

2017-12-07 13:12:50 GMT <angelborroy> if you want to use CMIS, then yes

2017-12-07 13:13:28 GMT <tushar_> i just wanted to do the metadata extraction

2017-12-07 13:13:44 GMT <tushar_> custom meta data

2017-12-07 13:13:51 GMT <tushar_> so that i could upload on alfresco

2017-12-07 13:14:16 GMT <angelborroy> probably you can produce a file with metadata extracted by using Ephesoft CE

2017-12-07 13:14:34 GMT <angelborroy> but then you have to scan these files externally in order to upload the values (and the document) to Alfresco

2017-12-07 13:15:00 GMT <tushar_> yeah

2017-12-07 13:15:17 GMT <tushar_> thanks a ton

2017-12-07 13:15:24 GMT <angelborroy> you’re welcome

2017-12-07 13:15:29 GMT <tushar_> you saved a lot of effort

2017-12-07 13:16:04 GMT <angelborroy> Ephesoft is not an easy beast to tame ;-)

2017-12-07 13:17:18 GMT <tushar_> true

2017-12-07 13:33:35 GMT <yreg> fcorti, I was trying to setup AAAR 4.5 on a windows machine with PG for demo purposes, but I keep hitting road blocks every time I solve an issue

2017-12-07 13:33:52 GMT <yreg> is there a guide for this somewhere ?

2017-12-07 13:40:39 GMT <yreg> I discovered that it was not possible to setup AAAR without mysql binaries on board and I hat to ghrab those and install them

2017-12-07 13:41:28 GMT <yreg> then I discovered that I needed to fiddle a bit with a job to be able to setup AAAR with a remote mysql host which I did

2017-12-07 13:41:57 GMT <yreg> now I have AAAR installed and my kettle and datamart dbs bootstrapped

2017-12-07 13:42:09 GMT <yreg> but I can not perform the initial extraction

2017-12-07 13:42:35 GMT <yreg> the logs are showing mysql errors

2017-12-07 14:16:24 GMT <resplin> douglascrp: Take a deep breath my friend. It isn't as bad as you think.

2017-12-07 14:16:36 GMT <resplin> Though I do wish that Jeff would approve the comment I added to his blog post.

2017-12-07 14:17:00 GMT <resplin> Jeff is correct that almost everything in the email was already listed on the roadmap. But we needed to formally send it to customers and formally request their feedback.

2017-12-07 14:17:33 GMT <resplin> I will be publishing it in Jive, but I'm nervous to do it before the holidays because people will panic and call their sales rep and the sales rep will be on vacation.

2017-12-07 14:17:36 GMT <resplin> It's scheduled for January 2.

2017-12-07 14:17:57 GMT <resplin> But these changes aren't immediate. They are going to unfold over multiple releases.

2017-12-07 14:18:19 GMT <resplin> I chuckle about douglascrp saying "if the roadmap isn't up to date, why have it"

2017-12-07 14:18:39 GMT <resplin> Before I published it last summer, everyone said "we don't care if you struggle to keep it up to date, just get today's roadmap published"

2017-12-07 14:18:49 GMT <resplin> I have to update a lot of pages with plans on a regular basis.

2017-12-07 14:19:13 GMT <resplin> Though honestly, the roadmap isn't actually out-of-date. The email to customers pretty explained the items on the roadmap.

2017-12-07 14:27:47 GMT <douglascrp> resplin, hey dude

2017-12-07 14:28:02 GMT <douglascrp> but those share specific items are not there

2017-12-07 14:28:09 GMT <douglascrp> brb... lunch time now

2017-12-07 14:39:08 GMT <resplin> douglascrp: That's because I am only responsible for the content repo roadmap, but the email covered other elements of ACS (Share and Search).

2017-12-07 14:39:14 GMT <resplin> So that's a good point.

2017-12-07 14:39:36 GMT <resplin> But none of those were announced for immediate removal, just deprecation. They will continue in the next version.

2017-12-07 14:40:13 GMT <resplin> And it's the same policy as was described at BeeCon and in the Repo Roadmap: Share is not expected to be used as a development platform.

2017-12-07 14:40:29 GMT <resplin> And people gave feedback that it was too complex, so we are focusing it more.

2017-12-07 14:40:41 GMT <resplin> bon apetite

2017-12-07 15:41:28 GMT <fcorti> Hi yreg

2017-12-07 15:41:35 GMT <fcorti> sorry, in a meeting until now

2017-12-07 15:42:12 GMT <fcorti> AAAR 4.5 is not tested enough on Windows but the installation is not different from the official documentation

2017-12-07 15:42:48 GMT <fcorti> YOu can check here

2017-12-07 15:42:50 GMT <fcorti> http://fcorti.com/alfresco-audit-analysis-reporting/

2017-12-07 15:42:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: A.A.A.R. - Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting - F. Corti (at fcorti.com)

2017-12-07 15:54:28 GMT <yreg> fcorti I followed that guide already

2017-12-07 15:54:35 GMT <yreg> but it seems tailored for postgres

2017-12-07 15:54:50 GMT <yreg> I was able to do the initial install on mysql

2017-12-07 15:55:35 GMT <yreg> (installing mysql client, adding the driver to kettle, fiddling with the install job to point to the right host instead of localhost)

2017-12-07 15:55:49 GMT <yreg> but now the extract is failing with some SQL errors

2017-12-07 15:56:08 GMT <yreg> so I wanted to ask you before I invest more efforts in figuring the errors out

2017-12-07 16:03:26 GMT <yreg> ~since fcorti

2017-12-07 16:03:26 GMT <alfbot> yreg: <yreg> fcorti I followed that guide already, <yreg> but it seems tailored for postgres, <yreg> I was able to do the initial install on mysql, <yreg> (installing mysql client, adding the driver to kettle, fiddling with the install job to point to the right host instead of localhost), <yreg> but now the extract is failing with some SQL errors, and <yreg> so I wanted to ask you before I invest more efforts in figuring (1 more message)

2017-12-07 16:03:51 GMT <yreg> so I wanted to ask you before I invest more efforts in figuring the errors out

2017-12-07 16:04:18 GMT <yreg> maybe it is already documented somewhere

2017-12-07 16:04:37 GMT <yreg> or maybe I should quit trying for mysql and switch to postgresql

2017-12-07 16:11:01 GMT <fcorti> I know it is used so I imagine you won't face tons of errors

2017-12-07 16:12:16 GMT <yreg> I don't have the errors in front of me know, but it sounded like it was having hard time replacing some tokens in the queries

2017-12-07 16:13:01 GMT <yreg> ie in the query instead of LIMIT=1, there is OPTION MYSQL_..._LIMIT=1

2017-12-07 16:14:44 GMT <fcorti> ah....

2017-12-07 16:14:46 GMT <fcorti> it could be

2017-12-07 16:15:02 GMT <fcorti> I think you can try to go ahead solving the SQL errors

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