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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-01-22 05:48:48 GMT <jabuza> hello

2018-01-22 05:49:21 GMT <jabuza> quick question :How to specify the destination or directory of user home while uploading? I am having difficulty getting noderefs for that.

2018-01-22 07:15:24 GMT <MorganP> Morning guys

2018-01-22 07:50:17 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone !

2018-01-22 07:50:23 GMT <yreg> morning MorganP

2018-01-22 07:52:55 GMT <jabuza_> morning

2018-01-22 08:26:53 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 17 hours and 26 minutes ago: <AFaust> You might have seen my tweet about a process / CPU running wild and killing my laptop battery on Friday (while doing simple stuff waiting for the plane). Turns out I still had your test document showcasing the TIKA bug on my system, and it ran wild...

2018-01-22 08:28:14 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust Sorry for that, I thought on Windows when I saw it but in fact it was me :D

2018-01-22 08:31:08 GMT <AFaust> I completely forgot to delete that file after my tests, and apparently I had not started that Alfresco instance since then - only to do some post-conference hack-a-thon cleanup at the airport...

2018-01-22 08:32:01 GMT <angelborroy> what demonstrates that it’s a big issue/risk

2018-01-22 08:32:16 GMT <angelborroy> mmm probably, they’ll send me a t-shirt now!

2018-01-22 08:39:06 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: morning

2018-01-22 08:39:59 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning everyone

2018-01-22 08:45:30 GMT <Loftux> Interesting read on Microservices http://www.dwmkerr.com/the-death-of-microservice-madness-in-2018/

2018-01-22 08:45:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018 (at www.dwmkerr.com)

2018-01-22 08:51:25 GMT <Sumit> Hi everyone, we should do ldap-ad authentication with ntlm or without? If we authenticating from ldap active directory, should we also give the option to authenticate from alfresco itself(NTLM)?

2018-01-22 08:51:47 GMT <Sumit> what's the standard for this?

2018-01-22 08:52:57 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit depends

2018-01-22 08:53:14 GMT <angelborroy> I usually keep both authentication subsystems

2018-01-22 08:53:28 GMT <angelborroy> Just to be sure that I’ll be able to access the system even if the AD is down

2018-01-22 08:54:41 GMT <angelborroy> Sumit but in the end, it’s up to you

2018-01-22 08:57:02 GMT <Sumit> Ok <angelborry>. Actually one of my friend said that if we are doing authentication and doing central manage of the users through ldap/ldap-ad. And we also do alfresco authentication that that will not be central managed.

2018-01-22 08:57:26 GMT <Sumit> and will not be good.

2018-01-22 08:57:41 GMT <Sumit> that's why doubt came.

2018-01-22 08:58:06 GMT <angelborroy> In any case, accounts replication it’s not encouraged

2018-01-22 08:58:14 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco divides users in Zones

2018-01-22 08:58:33 GMT <angelborroy> So you can use the AD for regular users and NTLM for administrative users

2018-01-22 08:58:43 GMT <angelborroy> Administrative users can have also an account on AD

2018-01-22 08:58:51 GMT <angelborroy> So you are only replicating a few users

2018-01-22 09:18:38 GMT <Sumit> Ok Thanks @angelborroy. Thanks a lot.

2018-01-22 09:23:40 GMT <bhagyas> Godmorgon

2018-01-22 09:23:55 GMT <yreg> Hi bhagyas how it goes ?

2018-01-22 09:24:02 GMT <bhagyas> Has anyone tried auditing an multiple inherited service with Alfresco audit api?

2018-01-22 09:24:04 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2018-01-22 09:24:15 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: Going great! :D it was -10 yesterday

2018-01-22 09:24:46 GMT <bhagyas> and -1 right now, so… 9 degrees better

2018-01-22 09:24:46 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2018-01-22 09:25:24 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2018-01-22 09:46:57 GMT <erib> Hey, anyone know if its possible to view debug information about inflight execution scoped variables in activiti workflows. As far as I can see only task variables are "debuggable" throug the activiti admin console and the old workflow console. Will I have to query the db directly? Are there any example queries out there?

2018-01-22 09:57:00 GMT <yreg> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2018-01-22 09:59:08 GMT <yreg> erib, if you manage to breakpoint with your debugger (which should be fairly easy to do withing a service task or an execution listener or a task listener, then it would be possible to use the deligateExecution object to access execution variables, or even parent executions and their variables

2018-01-22 10:00:23 GMT <yreg> erib, alternatively, you could use JS Console and some low level hacks to gain access to that delegate execution object and do more or less the same, although you would need to do a bit of coding then!

2018-01-22 10:04:53 GMT <erib> yreg: yeah I'm into the second approach now since I don't want to debug in this case, I just need to see if a variable is there or not. But I guess an sql-query would maybe be an easier alternative since the low level stuff is a bit hard to grasp... Anyway. Thanks!

2018-01-22 10:16:28 GMT <twen> hello

2018-01-22 11:20:00 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: What do you mean my "multiple inherited service with Alfresco audit API"?

2018-01-22 11:20:45 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell bhagyas: What do you mean my "multiple inherited service with Alfresco audit API"?

2018-01-22 11:20:45 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2018-01-22 11:52:01 GMT <alfbot> bhagyas: Sent 31 minutes ago: <AFaust> What do you mean my multiple inherited service with Alfresco audit API ?

2018-01-22 12:11:10 GMT <bhagyas> AFaust: Let's say there is a service interface

2018-01-22 12:11:39 GMT <bhagyas> called AnimalService, which extends CatService, DogService, HorseService

2018-01-22 12:11:40 GMT <bhagyas> etc

2018-01-22 12:16:21 GMT <mrks_js> Hey folks

2018-01-22 12:19:23 GMT <AFaust> bhagyas: Auditing is based on the service bean name, so in case of inherited auditable methods, the alfresco-api path will still be based on the implementation service bean name

2018-01-22 12:19:35 GMT <AFaust> I have a couple of those constellations in customer systems

2018-01-22 12:25:58 GMT <bhagyas> yeah

2018-01-22 12:26:03 GMT <bhagyas> wondering why it wasn't auditing any

2018-01-22 12:26:25 GMT <bhagyas> tried moving the annotated methods into the service, looks like the issue is somewhere else

2018-01-22 12:57:51 GMT <yreg> bhagyas, do you have the auditing interceptor onboard ?

2018-01-22 13:23:27 GMT <bhagyas> yreg: yeah

2018-01-22 13:44:59 GMT <bhagyas> Found it, looks like some code got moved inside an authentication block run As system

2018-01-22 13:45:19 GMT <bhagyas> and the audit user filter skipped the audit operation

2018-01-22 14:09:05 GMT <bhagyas> ha! nuxeo now has official support for rekognition and google vision

2018-01-22 14:09:13 GMT <bhagyas> and adobe cc

2018-01-22 14:09:13 GMT <bhagyas> https://www.nuxeo.com/integration/adobe-creative-suite/

2018-01-22 14:09:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: Adobe Creative Cloud | Nuxeo Connectors | Nuxeo (at www.nuxeo.com)

2018-01-22 14:09:38 GMT <bhagyas> fcorti: Is Alfresco rekognition integration official?

2018-01-22 14:10:40 GMT <bhagyas> "Zero Legacy Burden

2018-01-22 14:10:41 GMT <bhagyas> Completely modern, modular architecture. While others invest in maintaining their legacy code, we only invest in innovation."

2018-01-22 14:10:46 GMT <bhagyas> :p

2018-01-22 14:11:03 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas I integrated Google Vision with Alfresco 2 years ago

2018-01-22 14:11:08 GMT <angelborroy> Or maybe 3

2018-01-22 14:11:23 GMT <angelborroy> There are a total of 0 users / interested parties in the integration

2018-01-22 14:11:35 GMT <angelborroy> Deas even tried to move it to a “microservice” architecture

2018-01-22 14:11:38 GMT <angelborroy> With the same result

2018-01-22 14:11:51 GMT <angelborroy> I think that Alfresco is right not doing this official

2018-01-22 14:12:02 GMT <angelborroy> No one is interested in it in the real life

2018-01-22 14:12:29 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: nuxeo has some interesting use cases built in

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Labeling of common objects, landmarks and/or brand logos within an image

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Detecting and extracting text using OCR with multi-language support

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Detecting faces and emotions

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Identifying where an image has been used on the public web

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Labeling other image attributes such as primary image color

2018-01-22 14:12:39 GMT <bhagyas> Identifying and tagging explicit content

2018-01-22 14:13:07 GMT <bhagyas> -= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-

2018-01-22 14:13:13 GMT <angelborroy> I know, I integrated all these features 3 years ago

2018-01-22 14:14:06 GMT <angelborroy> bhagyas https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-google-vision

2018-01-22 14:14:07 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-google-vision: Google Vision API integration in Alfresco (at github.com)

2018-01-22 14:14:11 GMT <angelborroy> 2 years and a half

2018-01-22 14:14:15 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: yeah, I saw it back then

2018-01-22 14:15:11 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco is including the same features but from AWS instead of Google

2018-01-22 14:15:21 GMT <angelborroy> The problem is that no one cares about them

2018-01-22 14:16:06 GMT <bhagyas> angelborroy: someone should tell them

2018-01-22 14:16:08 GMT <bhagyas> o—o

2018-01-22 14:16:17 GMT <angelborroy> Likely :D

2018-01-22 14:16:46 GMT <bhagyas> :P

2018-01-22 14:45:35 GMT <fcorti> hi bhagyas, the integration Alfresco <=> rekognition is explained by Gavin Cornwell in the way you know

2018-01-22 14:46:13 GMT <fcorti> with "official" do you mean supported for subrisbers?

2018-01-22 14:46:44 GMT <fcorti> subscribers

2018-01-22 14:49:00 GMT <fcorti> If this is the case: Support will support the "Alfresco side of services" only. Not the entire stack.

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