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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-03-19 06:48:26 GMT <twen> good morning

2018-03-19 07:23:12 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone !

2018-03-19 08:30:17 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 2 days, 17 hours, and 2 minutes ago: <Younes> Thanks for the great blog ! Short, concise and awesome.. as usual !

2018-03-19 08:32:00 GMT * DarkStar1 bids you all a "Bonjour"

2018-03-19 08:34:55 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2018-03-19 08:52:37 GMT <yreg> Good morning DarkStar1

2018-03-19 08:59:04 GMT <bmejias> bonjour DarkStar1, morning yreg

2018-03-19 09:36:00 GMT *** rluders_ is now known as rluders

2018-03-19 09:39:17 GMT <yreg> bmejias, my French is fading away ... it's good to have DarkStar1 on board refreshing my brain every once in a while :P

2018-03-19 09:44:20 GMT <AFaust> fcorti_: Not that I expect much in terms of consolidation / cleanup, but are there any plans on 6.x/7.x roadmap to finally ditch use of Apache Commons Logging? It's extremely outdated (only minor bugfixes since 2006), has a horrible API (forcing the isXXXEnabled pattern due to lack of deferred log message interpolation support) and its use is extremely inconsistent across Alfresco's own codebase...

2018-03-19 09:45:06 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Un cadeau pour l'aide toi : https://www.meetup.com/BruSsels-FuNky-FreNch-imPROVe-with-imPROV/events/246753403/

2018-03-19 09:45:07 GMT <alfbot> Title: ImPROVe your French -- 7th FuNky FreNch ImPROV Night (Série Hiver 2018) | BruSsels FuNky FreNch: imPROVe your French... in a FuN way! (Brussels, Belgium) | Meetup (at www.meetup.com)

2018-03-19 09:45:08 GMT <DarkStar1> :)

2018-03-19 09:45:58 GMT <yreg> DarkStar1, first sentence from the details : Class N° 7. Registration has finished by now..

2018-03-19 09:47:06 GMT <fcorti_> AFaust: let me check internally to have a confirmation from the teams.

2018-03-19 09:47:12 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: Don't let that stop you :P

2018-03-19 09:47:27 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: I saw it, but you can always write and ask if they can let you in.

2018-03-19 09:47:48 GMT <DarkStar1> yreg: In the best of the french you still have left of course :)

2018-03-19 10:09:11 GMT <yreg> d'accord, ça a l'air pas mal comme plan ;-)

2018-03-19 10:09:20 GMT <yreg> merci pour la recommandation :)

2018-03-19 12:53:42 GMT *** rluders__ is now known as rluders

2018-03-19 14:50:45 GMT <Tichodroma> is cm:sizeCurrent of a cm:person calculated immediately or by some cron job?

2018-03-19 14:56:20 GMT <owerfelli> Hi angelborroy, I'm trying to work with solr in separate tomcat server, I followed your tutorial but I have a connection problem between alfresco and solr, I left a comment on the article

2018-03-19 14:56:50 GMT <owerfelli> https://angelborroy.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/alfresco-5-0-d-installing-solr-4-from-scratch/#comment-1278

2018-03-19 14:56:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: Alfresco 5.0.d – Installing SOLR 4 from scratch | Programming and So (at angelborroy.wordpress.com)

2018-03-19 14:57:33 GMT <owerfelli> Have you any idea ?

2018-03-19 14:59:18 GMT <yreg> owerfelli, I already see few missing ingredients there

2018-03-19 14:59:33 GMT <yreg> have you tried switching to none secure communication ?

2018-03-19 15:00:44 GMT <yreg> have you tried either moving the OOTB certificates/security config to the solr server (ugly) or generate new certificates and configure both tomcat servers to use them

2018-03-19 15:01:29 GMT <yreg> the official docs is actually pretty complete (and straight forward) on this topic, if I remember right

2018-03-19 15:01:34 GMT <owerfelli> Hi yreg

2018-03-19 15:01:47 GMT <yreg> at least docs for 5.1 (but it should be all the same ;-) )

2018-03-19 15:02:29 GMT <yreg> ~seen angelborroy

2018-03-19 15:02:29 GMT <alfbot> yreg: angelborroy was last seen in #alfresco 4 days, 22 hours, 48 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <angelborroy> hi-ko Confirmed that WebDav user/pass auth is not working with Kerberos SSO enabled

2018-03-19 15:02:40 GMT <yreg> ~since angelborroy

2018-03-19 15:02:40 GMT <alfbot> yreg: <yreg> owerfelli, I already see few missing ingredients there, <yreg> have you tried switching to none secure communication ?, <yreg> have you tried either moving the OOTB certificates/security config to the solr server (ugly) or generate new certificates and configure both tomcat servers to use them, <yreg> the official docs is actually pretty complete (and straight forward) on this topic, if I remember right, (1 more message)

2018-03-19 15:03:10 GMT <owerfelli> neither of the two

2018-03-19 15:04:17 GMT <owerfelli> ok yreg I will check it

2018-03-19 15:04:19 GMT <owerfelli> thanks

2018-03-19 15:04:25 GMT <yreg> owerfelli, then I think you should start from here : https://docs.alfresco.com/5.1/tasks/solr4-install-config.html

2018-03-19 15:04:26 GMT <alfbot> Title: Installing and configuring Solr | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2018-03-19 15:05:18 GMT <angelborroy> Official documentation is awful

2018-03-19 15:05:25 GMT <angelborroy> and incomplete

2018-03-19 15:05:31 GMT <angelborroy> this is why I made that tutorial

2018-03-19 15:05:55 GMT <angelborroy> I’m away now, but I’ll take a look at it later

2018-03-19 15:05:56 GMT <yreg> it probably got better then, since you looked at it

2018-03-19 15:06:22 GMT <yreg> haven't checked docs for 5.0

2018-03-19 15:06:23 GMT <angelborroy> nope, I’ve seen now and it looks like it does not cover installation on a different server

2018-03-19 15:06:34 GMT <angelborroy> as there are no solr.properties configuration

2018-03-19 15:06:54 GMT <yreg> but the docs for 5.1 seemed OK, last time I needed to setup solr manually for a client

2018-03-19 15:07:05 GMT <angelborroy> probably

2018-03-19 15:07:11 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll spend a time later on it

2018-03-19 15:16:56 GMT <AFaust> Tichodroma: There is the UserUsageCollapseJob

2018-03-19 15:17:43 GMT <AFaust> This aggregates the collected set of "delta" values stored in a specific table and updates the cm:sizeCurrent of cm:person objects

2018-03-19 15:18:23 GMT <AFaust> It is hard-configured to run every 5 minutes (no cron property for alfresco-global.properties)

2018-03-19 15:19:42 GMT <Tichodroma> AFaust: thanks, good information

2018-03-19 15:55:28 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: BTW - even though one of your talk submissions didn't get picked for DevCon, I finally got around to start acting on it: https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-simple-content-stores/commit/4ffaa3d2744a09388c6a0b5426df3ea23d5e3b9e (just have to find out now why those tests fail on a fresh run and never on a second run, even with clean added to it)

2018-03-19 15:55:31 GMT <alfbot> Title: Unit tests for compression / deduplication · Acosix/alfresco-simple-content-stores@4ffaa3d · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-03-19 15:57:40 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust congrats! I have also this task pending for all our addons

2018-03-19 15:57:49 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll try to update it in the future

2018-03-19 15:59:28 GMT <yreg> AFaust, I like your sense of humor : https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-simple-content-stores/commit/4ffaa3d2744a09388c6a0b5426df3ea23d5e3b9e#diff-0fee514bd8d8e7c7492b9c2110b9cf7bR60

2018-03-19 15:59:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: Unit tests for compression / deduplication · Acosix/alfresco-simple-content-stores@4ffaa3d · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-03-19 16:00:45 GMT <AFaust> Didn't know a more appropriate error message to put there, and my Maven setup has a validation rule to ensure code never uses a method with an implied default charset

2018-03-19 16:01:10 GMT <AFaust> And you can't have a static constant throw a checked exception on assignment

2018-03-19 16:01:59 GMT <yreg> I am not complaining about it, I just found it funny :-D

2018-03-19 16:02:18 GMT <AFaust> I do tend to litter such trinkets around...

2018-03-19 16:02:46 GMT <AFaust> Mostly in comments / TODOs though

2018-03-19 16:04:01 GMT <AFaust> I knew you were honest with praising the humor behind it - as a German I still felt compelled to explain myself for not being very professional there...

2018-03-19 16:13:08 GMT <owerfelli> yreg, angelborroy : it's just authentication problem as yreg said, I copied keystore folder in solr server and add it to server.xml and I added a user to tomcat-users.xml

2018-03-19 16:21:17 GMT <angelborroy> owerfelli If you are so polite, you can include this same reply in the blog. Even link referenced by yreg is a good material to be commented

2018-03-19 16:21:18 GMT <angelborroy> thansk

2018-03-19 16:22:57 GMT <owerfelli> yes angelborroy, don't worry

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