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2018-04-03 08:41:47 GMT * DarkStar1 bid you all a good morning

2018-04-03 08:42:11 GMT <mikel_asla> good morning for you too!

2018-04-03 08:42:14 GMT <mikel_asla> :)

2018-04-03 09:24:51 GMT <bhagyas> is yreg working with Alfresco anymore?

2018-04-03 09:25:05 GMT <bhagyas> saw a tweet telling he left xenit

2018-04-03 09:27:15 GMT <bmejias> bhagyas it's a mystery.

2018-04-03 09:27:37 GMT <bmejias> I talked with him last month, while he was still working at XeniT

2018-04-03 09:27:53 GMT <bmejias> but he wasn't sure about the specific role on his new company....

2018-04-03 09:28:14 GMT <bmejias> I know he was going to take some weeks off in between jobs

2018-04-03 09:28:23 GMT <bmejias> so, that's why he isn't online at the moment.

2018-04-03 09:28:33 GMT <bhagyas> aha, maybe Alfresco hired him

2018-04-03 09:28:36 GMT <bhagyas> then

2018-04-03 09:28:36 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2018-04-03 09:29:09 GMT <bmejias> hahaha.... I wouldn't be surprised....

2018-04-03 09:29:21 GMT <bhagyas> to replace resplin :p

2018-04-03 09:29:44 GMT <bmejias> ah... interesting....

2018-04-03 09:30:09 GMT <bhagyas> a mystery it is then

2018-04-03 09:30:12 GMT <bhagyas> for now at least

2018-04-03 09:30:12 GMT <bhagyas> :D

2018-04-03 09:43:05 GMT <fcorti> :-D

2018-04-03 09:43:14 GMT <fcorti> I can clarify: Younes is not joining Alfresco.

2018-04-03 09:43:47 GMT <fcorti> (and I'm not saying that he cannot do well... it's opposite, could be nice. But this is not the case)

2018-04-03 10:00:22 GMT <bmejias> thanks for the info fcorti

2018-04-03 10:00:38 GMT <bmejias> by the way, fcorti, when it's the next online event? is it tomorrow? TTL?

2018-04-03 10:00:56 GMT <fcorti> nope, next week

2018-04-03 10:01:07 GMT <fcorti> will update the info soon (i'm in late :-P )

2018-04-03 10:02:01 GMT <fcorti> and it will be a TTL: ADF application on AOS by Incentro.

2018-04-03 10:02:21 GMT <fcorti> Keensoft friends could be interested to see it too.

2018-04-03 10:02:27 GMT <fcorti> (they did something similar)

2018-04-03 10:04:20 GMT <digcat> ~later tell angelborroy, love your ADF video, will work through it when I've landed in Sydney but from what I've already seen, very good

2018-04-03 10:04:20 GMT <alfbot> digcat: The operation succeeded.

2018-04-03 10:04:44 GMT <fcorti> digcat +1

2018-04-03 10:05:03 GMT <digcat> morning fcorti

2018-04-03 10:05:16 GMT <fcorti> morning digcat

2018-04-03 10:05:29 GMT <digcat> its all go here this morning, catching a flight in 4 hours

2018-04-03 10:05:37 GMT <AFaust> Well - at keensoft least made theirs open source. Haven't seen the one from Incentro yet (just did a Google search)

2018-04-03 10:06:03 GMT <angelborroy> Thanks digcat

2018-04-03 10:06:03 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 1 minute ago: <digcat> your ADF video, will work through it when I've landed in Sydney but from what I've already seen, very good

2018-04-03 10:06:20 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust you say “at least” because our code is that poor :D

2018-04-03 10:06:21 GMT <fcorti> AFaust: I think this is the first question for them

2018-04-03 10:06:50 GMT <angelborroy> I’m now creating the ADF part for https://github.com/keensoft/alfresco-esign-cert

2018-04-03 10:06:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - keensoft/alfresco-esign-cert: Alfresco client certificate signature (including Chrome) (at github.com)

2018-04-03 10:07:05 GMT <angelborroy> Time spent in creating the thing: 4 hours

2018-04-03 10:07:22 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy good stuff!

2018-04-03 10:07:40 GMT <angelborroy> Time spent investigating how to package the component, dealing with the services and other ADF related stuff = 20 hours

2018-04-03 10:07:53 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll try to have something public this week

2018-04-03 10:07:59 GMT <angelborroy> but it’s been (very) hard

2018-04-03 10:08:54 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Is there actually any interest in this for ADF or are you just doing this effort to produce costs to offset any earnings (reduce tax load)?

2018-04-03 10:09:21 GMT <angelborroy> I’m preparing and ADF course

2018-04-03 10:09:30 GMT <angelborroy> and > an

2018-04-03 10:09:51 GMT <angelborroy> But I don’t know if this is going to be that interesting

2018-04-03 10:10:01 GMT <angelborroy> Probably it’s not still the right time now

2018-04-03 10:10:15 GMT <angelborroy> Maybe in 6 months or so, an ADF course will be insteresting

2018-04-03 10:10:26 GMT <angelborroy> So probably I’m producing costs, yes :D

2018-04-03 10:10:40 GMT <AFaust> 6 months... you optimist...

2018-04-03 10:11:46 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy are you thinking to share it on youtube for free or something "private" under a fee?

2018-04-03 10:11:59 GMT <angelborroy> it’s for a customer by now

2018-04-03 10:12:48 GMT <digcat> hey fcorti, hows the hunt for new ceo going ? or is this new mob taking over that role

2018-04-03 10:14:18 GMT <fcorti> hunting on going... April should be the right month for news. ;-)

2018-04-03 10:14:44 GMT <digcat> yep

2018-04-03 10:44:14 GMT <kkore> hi all how to create table in alfresco using showing search results from java json

2018-04-03 10:52:33 GMT <alfbot> hi-ko: Sent 6 days, 14 hours, and 29 minutes ago: <bmejias> interesting point, thanks hi-ko. If you are not discussing during office hours, I will try to remember your point

2018-04-03 10:55:57 GMT <AFaust> kkore: Creating custom tables in Alfresco database is not recomended at all and not supported by any means...

2018-04-03 10:57:17 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust I think that kkore is looking for a Share component to provide search results from a custom Web Script

2018-04-03 11:01:50 GMT <angelborroy> kkore and if you are searchinf for what I talked about, probably Aikau is your best approach

2018-04-03 11:02:25 GMT <kkore> AFaust ,angleborroy:I am trying for search results not in database..

2018-04-03 11:06:53 GMT <angelborroy> kkore so you have a custom Web Script at repo part that is returning JSON

2018-04-03 11:07:14 GMT <angelborroy> right?

2018-04-03 11:07:30 GMT <kkore> yes

2018-04-03 11:07:45 GMT <angelborroy> And you want to create a Share page to show these results

2018-04-03 11:08:36 GMT <kkore> yes

2018-04-03 11:08:40 GMT <kkore> in share page created having search criteria with user/date

2018-04-03 11:09:06 GMT <angelborroy> Do you know about advanced search form?

2018-04-03 11:09:30 GMT <angelborroy> It’s a share-config section where you can include your own metadata to build search forms

2018-04-03 11:09:35 GMT <angelborroy> is that what you are looking for?

2018-04-03 11:09:56 GMT <kkore> noo

2018-04-03 11:10:20 GMT <kkore> for header page I am trying

2018-04-03 11:10:27 GMT <kkore> i am getting json response looking to create table in page

2018-04-03 11:10:52 GMT <angelborroy> you have two options: FreeMarker + YUI // Aikau

2018-04-03 11:11:00 GMT <angelborroy> Do you know any of these technologies?

2018-04-03 11:11:13 GMT <kkore> freemarker+YUI

2018-04-03 11:11:23 GMT <kkore> created using that

2018-04-03 11:11:40 GMT <kkore> created page using freemarker+YUI

2018-04-03 11:12:12 GMT <angelborroy> IMO you have to write a dynamic TABLE > TR > TD ftl

2018-04-03 11:12:40 GMT <angelborroy> or you can try http://yui.github.io/yui2/docs/yui_2.9.0_full/datatable/

2018-04-03 11:12:41 GMT <alfbot> Title: YUI 2: DataTable (at yui.github.io)

2018-04-03 11:13:11 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t know any out-of-the-box feature for you requirement

2018-04-03 11:13:21 GMT <angelborroy> probably AFaust knows some other options

2018-04-03 11:14:32 GMT <kkore> angleborroy: I will look into it thank you

2018-04-03 11:17:53 GMT <AFaust> On Share I would probably use Aikau AlfSortablePaginatedList + AlfListView, and make sure that the backend webscript supports pagination for efficient handling

2018-04-03 11:18:21 GMT <AFaust> In OOTBee Support Tools we use jQuery datatables, though that library is also quite old

2018-04-03 11:18:23 GMT <angelborroy> I said Aikau first, but he said FTL :)

2018-04-03 11:18:48 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - the jQuery datatables option would be if you already had FTL rendered markup and only wanted to spruce it up afterwards...

2018-04-03 11:19:25 GMT <AFaust> I don't understand where kkore is stuck, so it is hard to provide a more meaningful input

2018-04-03 11:19:55 GMT <angelborroy> Probably you are tired after driving 20 hours in 4 days

2018-04-03 11:20:07 GMT <angelborroy> (I’m assuming you also forget something in your way back :D))

2018-04-03 11:20:29 GMT <AFaust> Nope...

2018-04-03 11:21:13 GMT <AFaust> Once you forgot an important thing on the way to a place, chances are very high you do not forget a single thing on the way back.

2018-04-03 11:21:42 GMT <AFaust> So - just 15.5 hours total then

2018-04-03 11:22:09 GMT <angelborroy> It looks like Germany is a continuos jam

2018-04-03 11:22:15 GMT <AFaust> Not really...

2018-04-03 11:22:28 GMT <angelborroy> I spent 7 hours to drive 800 km during my Easter holidays

2018-04-03 11:22:33 GMT <AFaust> Just on some days, there seems to be an epidemic of people forgetting how to drive...

2018-04-03 11:22:34 GMT <angelborroy> Always legal

2018-04-03 11:24:21 GMT <kkore> AFaust: I had created share page using FTL+YUI with search criteria having username/date fields with I wrote webscript on that getting json response having some data need to show that in table I am not getting how to create table here

2018-04-03 11:24:23 GMT <AFaust> On Thursday, there wasn't really an extreme amount of traffic to explain away jams just due to congestion... Most jams looked to be caused by some unattentive driver doing a sharp break and causing a wave of cascading breaking behind them. And some apparently already put on summer tires, even though there still was a chance for hail in the hills...

2018-04-03 11:26:45 GMT <AFaust> kkore: I get how you might think that explains it, but it really doesn't for me. Do you not understand how to render HTML markup for a table? Do you want to have a special kind of table with advanced client-side behaviour? Do you just don't know how to process JSON data (i.e. parse it) so you can render?

2018-04-03 11:29:41 GMT <kkore> I thought to use the data-source having sort on columns

2018-04-03 11:30:10 GMT <kkore> but not getting how to use data-source

2018-04-03 11:33:54 GMT <AFaust> kkore: It usually helps to be more detailed in your statements. Which "data-source"?

2018-04-03 11:34:01 GMT <AFaust> HTML attribute?

2018-04-03 11:34:49 GMT <kkore> like YAHOO.util.DataSource

2018-04-03 11:36:04 GMT <kkore> YUI library Datasource

2018-04-03 11:38:01 GMT <AFaust> Do you already have any client-side code? Can you paste it (via fpaste.org or similar sites)?

2018-04-03 11:39:01 GMT <AFaust> Also, have you looked at original Alfresco source code using DataSource, i.e. https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/2d4d902c1de5010e5467dbd75669638214dd686c/share/src/main/webapp/components/dashlets/my-workspaces.js#L107

2018-04-03 11:39:02 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/my-workspaces.js at 2d4d902c1de5010e5467dbd75669638214dd686c · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-04-03 11:39:20 GMT <AFaust> Or https://github.com/Alfresco/share/blob/2d4d902c1de5010e5467dbd75669638214dd686c/share/src/main/webapp/components/console/cloud-sync-management.js#L294

2018-04-03 11:39:21 GMT <alfbot> Title: share/cloud-sync-management.js at 2d4d902c1de5010e5467dbd75669638214dd686c · Alfresco/share · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-04-03 11:44:23 GMT <kkore> AFaust:https://bpaste.net/show/c51cc6ada1fc

2018-04-03 11:44:24 GMT <alfbot> Title: show at bpaste (at bpaste.net)

2018-04-03 12:05:42 GMT <AFaust> kkore: Doesn't look too bad. What doesn't work? I see you set initialLoad to false, so the table will not initialise itself without being triggered by an explicit call...

2018-04-03 12:13:37 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Since the question has come up again at a customer: Any updates on Git access for Enterprise partners / customers?

2018-04-03 12:15:50 GMT <kkore> Afaust:table is not showing that's why I think I am doing in wrong way

2018-04-03 12:16:08 GMT <AFaust> As I mentioned, you have initialLoad set to false

2018-04-03 12:16:21 GMT <AFaust> Also, is the code you shared actually being called?

2018-04-03 12:16:33 GMT <AFaust> Your browser should have developer tooling to help you debug this

2018-04-03 12:19:38 GMT <kkore> didn't check in debug mode which developer tool need to use for debug in general we check through by pressing f12

2018-04-03 12:20:04 GMT <AFaust> yeah - that would be the default to use

2018-04-03 12:20:17 GMT <AFaust> then go to your code, put a breakpoint there and see if that is being called

2018-04-03 12:25:02 GMT <kkore> yah.. code is calling failed at initialLoad : false

2018-04-03 13:07:08 GMT <fcorti> AFaust no updates, but the path is confirmed.

2018-04-03 13:57:30 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2018-04-03 13:58:41 GMT *** fcorti changes topic to "Alfresco discussion and collaboration. Stick around a few hours after asking a question. Logs: http://chat.alfresco.com Channel help: https://community.alfresco.com/ Official support for Enterprise subscribers: http://support.alfresco.com. Next event is Tech Talk Live #115, the 11th of April with ADF Sample App Integrating AOS. https://youtu.be/VxREeqQ0mBA."

2018-04-03 13:59:00 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2018-04-03 13:59:37 GMT <fcorti> bmejias, I updated the topic of this channel with the next TTL event.

2018-04-03 13:59:44 GMT <fcorti> https://youtu.be/VxREeqQ0mBA

2018-04-03 14:05:47 GMT <bmejias> Great! Thanks fcorti_

2018-04-03 15:26:11 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti Ok, after 4 hours more I’m not able to produce an NG2 Component to be published in npm

2018-04-03 15:26:46 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti In part due to lack of instructions and recommendations both in alfresco-ng2-components and Alfresco community web page

2018-04-03 15:27:07 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti also because alfresco-ng2-component-generator is abandoned

2018-04-03 15:27:45 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti I’m (seriously) considering to stop investing time in ADF

2018-04-03 15:28:31 GMT <angelborroy> better to stop now and to think about it

2018-04-03 15:32:55 GMT <fcorti> hi angelborroy, I can believe it because it is not something that is documented at all... and maybe we should... but before: why do you want to publish the NG2 Component in NPM?

2018-04-03 15:33:09 GMT <fcorti> Do you want others to re-use your new compoennt?

2018-04-03 15:41:19 GMT <fcorti> ~later tell angelborroy I can believe it because it is not something that is documented at all... and maybe we should... but before: why do you want to publish the NG2 Component in NPM? Do you want others to re-use your new compoennt?

2018-04-03 15:41:19 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: The operation succeeded.

2018-04-03 15:44:41 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Why wouldn't he want to in order to make it available to others? It's the same as publishing an addon on Maven Central...

2018-04-03 15:45:24 GMT <fcorti> AFaust, agree, but I would like to understand the use case and the need.

2018-04-03 15:45:55 GMT <fcorti> I played with NPM and it has slightly different rules (for example you cannot remove a package)

2018-04-03 15:46:33 GMT <AFaust> Again, I am not sure what there is to understand: We are working with an open source product, so any component may need to be made available to other members of the community

2018-04-03 15:47:09 GMT <AFaust> Or is ADF not interested in a community of components and want to act more like a black hole sucking up components as PRs?

2018-04-03 15:47:35 GMT <fcorti> I'm not discussing this, I'm trying to understand the issue (that is not described) and the need (that is too generic). I'm not saying that is not possible.

2018-04-03 15:48:33 GMT <fcorti> For example....

2018-04-03 15:49:57 GMT <fcorti> Maybe Angel is trying to release the component into the Alfresco NPM account or in a different one with the NG2 as dependency.

2018-04-03 15:50:18 GMT <fcorti> The first approach, for example, is not permitted by NPM and the second is the right one...

2018-04-03 15:50:46 GMT <AFaust> It is Angel.... we should be able to assume it is the latter...

2018-04-03 15:51:13 GMT <AFaust> No one in their right mind would attempt to release something into the Alfresco NPM account

2018-04-03 15:51:30 GMT <fcorti> ok, so it should be possible... my next question is: what's the error or the locking issue?

2018-04-03 15:51:48 GMT <AFaust> (Angel, if you read this when going through the log, I hope my trust in you was correct)

2018-04-03 15:52:18 GMT <fcorti> in any case... even if someone would like to release into the Alfresco NG2... you can push into the github project that is opened to contributions.

2018-04-03 15:54:04 GMT <fcorti> Of course, the NPM Alfresco stuff is released using an automated system so... github pull is the right path.

2018-04-03 15:54:47 GMT <fcorti> will wait for Angel to understand better.. tomorrow I will contact him... I'm curious. :-P

2018-04-03 17:01:57 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 1 hour and 20 minutes ago: <fcorti> I can believe it because it is not something that is documented at all... and maybe we should... but before: why do you want to publish the NG2 Component in NPM? Do you want others to re-use your new compoennt?

2018-04-03 17:02:59 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti I’m just trying to evaluate how Alfresco ecosystem will be in the future

2018-04-03 17:03:24 GMT <angelborroy> This is why I’m testing all the lifecycle

2018-04-03 17:03:33 GMT <angelborroy> Electronic Signature in Europe is a must

2018-04-03 17:03:39 GMT <angelborroy> So many people is using this addon

2018-04-03 17:04:04 GMT <angelborroy> I wanted to provide and ADF Component for developers to test if they find this useful or not

2018-04-03 17:06:13 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti compiling, packaging & publishing an Aikau component was an automatic task to be performed in 10 minutes

2018-04-03 17:06:34 GMT <angelborroy> fcorti angular is far far away from this

2018-04-03 17:08:45 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy do you mean npm publish?

2018-04-03 17:08:53 GMT <angelborroy> and npm package

2018-04-03 17:09:08 GMT <angelborroy> you have to create a component project from scratch

2018-04-03 17:09:23 GMT <angelborroy> as alfresco-ng2-component generator is abandoned

2018-04-03 17:09:37 GMT <fcorti> yes, and once done: you update the package.json and execute npm package

2018-04-03 17:10:07 GMT <angelborroy> package.json is not easy to build

2018-04-03 17:10:17 GMT <angelborroy> and you have to build it manually

2018-04-03 17:10:51 GMT <fcorti> agree: we should suggest a sort of "template" for an angular component.

2018-04-03 17:11:23 GMT <angelborroy> like this one? https://github.com/Alfresco/generator-ng2-alfresco-component

2018-04-03 17:11:24 GMT <alfbot> Title: GitHub - Alfresco/generator-ng2-alfresco-component: Yeoman Generator Angular 2 Alfresco Component (at github.com)

2018-04-03 17:12:05 GMT <fcorti> well... this add a new component

2018-04-03 17:12:16 GMT <fcorti> but I'm thinking to a project developing a component

2018-04-03 17:12:25 GMT <fcorti> mmm... maybe we could define two different

2018-04-03 17:13:11 GMT <fcorti> I think you are suggesting an interesting thing: creating a template for developing your own NG2 component.

2018-04-03 17:13:29 GMT <fcorti> (honestly it's not a NG2 compoennt but a regular Angular component)

2018-04-03 17:13:48 GMT <angelborroy> If this is the way Alfresco has planned to create the new ecosystem contribution, then yes

2018-04-03 17:13:58 GMT <angelborroy> I’m creating an NG2 component

2018-04-03 17:14:02 GMT <angelborroy> probably this is the problem

2018-04-03 17:14:09 GMT <fcorti> today it is!

2018-04-03 17:14:27 GMT <fcorti> I'm adding to my TODO list.

2018-04-03 17:14:27 GMT <angelborroy> IMO the main problem is that is too soon to start using ADF

2018-04-03 17:14:45 GMT <angelborroy> Probably I’ll stop working on this now and I’ll come back in six months or so

2018-04-03 17:15:11 GMT <fcorti> I know you think this.

2018-04-03 17:15:43 GMT <fcorti> And no-one (me for sure) want to convince you differently.

2018-04-03 17:16:15 GMT <fcorti> For me it's relevant to identify (and work) on the gaps

2018-04-03 17:16:25 GMT <angelborroy> Adding that currently Docker Composition is not ready for use...

2018-04-03 17:16:36 GMT <angelborroy> … it looks like we have Alfresco 5.2 for a long time

2018-04-03 17:17:07 GMT <fcorti> Alfresco will land on the Kubernetes stuff

2018-04-03 17:17:28 GMT <angelborroy> I know and I tested it in Activiti

2018-04-03 17:17:35 GMT <angelborroy> main problem is that this will not be 2018

2018-04-03 17:17:46 GMT <angelborroy> So I have to re-think about my next 9 months

2018-04-03 17:18:14 GMT <fcorti> I suggest you to monitor the Helm charts (not in Activiti yet, but in ACS and DBP scripts)

2018-04-03 17:18:37 GMT <fcorti> Disclaimer: unfortunately they are not supported for production use. :-(

2018-04-03 17:18:51 GMT <angelborroy> I saw the helm charts...

2018-04-03 17:18:52 GMT <fcorti> But there is where Alfresco will land in terms of deplyment

2018-04-03 17:19:04 GMT <angelborroy> … they are even in a prior stage than ADF

2018-04-03 17:19:45 GMT <fcorti> lot's of changes... yeah...

2018-04-03 17:20:17 GMT <angelborroy> Now I understand why the company is focusing only in sales :D

2018-04-03 17:20:33 GMT <fcorti> lol

2018-04-03 17:20:35 GMT <fcorti> :-)

2018-04-03 17:22:40 GMT <fcorti> angelborroy thank you for the suggestions of the two tutorials: already added to the list of things to do... will check with ADF Team too and, if agree, will send to you too for review.

2018-04-03 17:22:41 GMT <fcorti> Ok?

2018-04-03 17:23:11 GMT <angelborroy> sure

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