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2018-04-13 06:32:46 GMT <yreg> Good morning community

2018-04-13 06:32:59 GMT *** yreg is now known as Guest54350

2018-04-13 06:41:39 GMT <Guest54350> Guys, did any of you try out the SAML component from Alfresco ?

2018-04-13 06:42:03 GMT <Guest54350> any comments/important notes ?

2018-04-13 06:42:55 GMT <Guest54350> except for the fact that it replaces the whole authentication chain and makes it impossible to rely on any other Auth method (not even a secondary IdP)

2018-04-13 06:57:28 GMT <MorganP> Hi all

2018-04-13 06:59:08 GMT <MorganP> Guest54350: Sorry if you already mentioned it, I was out for 3 weeks but why are you renaming yreg to this? ^^

2018-04-13 07:00:31 GMT <Guest54350> MorganP: I am just not identifying myself to freenode, so services change my nick automatically to prevent impersonation of users

2018-04-13 07:01:17 GMT <Guest54350> I am on a temporary laptop, waiting for a permanent one, and I was a bit lazy to setup a proper IRC client

2018-04-13 07:01:55 GMT <Guest54350> (especially that the delivery service for the new laptop says it will be delivered tomorrow, every time we ask )

2018-04-13 07:02:07 GMT <MorganP> Ahah ok got it thx

2018-04-13 07:02:18 GMT <Guest54350> any windows IRC client you recommend ?

2018-04-13 07:03:00 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: Sent 7 hours and 56 minutes ago: <digcat> hey, hope all good your end, a quick question, do you know if there will be a right to be forgotton api call created on the content platform side ?

2018-04-13 07:03:24 GMT <Guest54350> Hexchat seems to have become paying for windows

2018-04-13 07:06:11 GMT *** yreg is now known as Guest63090

2018-04-13 07:06:16 GMT <MorganP> When I was really young, I was using mIRC

2018-04-13 07:06:42 GMT *** Guest63090 is now known as younes

2018-04-13 07:06:48 GMT <MorganP> but it was a long long time ago so... probably a better choice nowadays

2018-04-13 07:07:19 GMT <MorganP> I'm just using freenode now since I'm just using it for Alfresco

2018-04-13 07:08:12 GMT <Guest54350> It turns out only windows 10 app was paying

2018-04-13 07:08:26 GMT <Guest54350> but hexchat is still free

2018-04-13 07:09:14 GMT <Guest54350> I just finished setting it up, closing freenode

2018-04-13 07:11:12 GMT <mbui> Are there any other "quick measures" of cleaning/free up disk space on the DB other than the propTablesCleanupTrigger?

2018-04-13 07:18:37 GMT <younes> mbui, the one from acosix that does the same thing but incrementally

2018-04-13 07:19:47 GMT <younes> mbui sometimes, due to alfresco bug the orphan node reaper fails and alfresco stops deleting those starting from that point

2018-04-13 07:20:03 GMT <younes> I had one customer once with 2.5 alive nodes

2018-04-13 07:20:12 GMT <younes> 2.5M*

2018-04-13 07:20:27 GMT <younes> and 3+M nodes that should have been reaped

2018-04-13 07:20:47 GMT <younes> s/one/once/

2018-04-13 07:33:56 GMT <fcorti> ~later tell digicat it seems like you are interested to face the GDPR compliance. I'm pretty sure it does not exist.

2018-04-13 07:33:56 GMT <alfbot> fcorti: The operation succeeded.

2018-04-13 07:35:59 GMT * DarkStar1 greets you all "Bonjour"

2018-04-13 07:43:30 GMT <AFaust> mbui: Don't forget about actually clearing unused audit entries. Both the propTablesCleanupTrigger and my Acosix job will only delete those data entries that have been disassociated, but if no one ever cleans out unused audit entries, there won't be much to reclaim

2018-04-13 07:45:10 GMT <AFaust> younes mentioned the orphan node reaper - this might actually be two things rolled up into one... there is the reaper for "deleted nodes" which I believe he meant to refer to, and the reaper for orphan content URLs...

2018-04-13 07:46:54 GMT <AFaust> To be honest, deleted node entries are relatively cheap and will not hold a significant amount of disk space even if the reaper fails to clean them. But it'll warp the statistics of the table and make some queries a lot less efficient...

2018-04-13 07:46:58 GMT <younes> AFaust, I had the issue with multiple systems and only with orphan node reaper

2018-04-13 07:47:19 GMT <AFaust> I am just saying, there is no "orphan node reaper", only a "deleted nodes cleanup"

2018-04-13 07:47:31 GMT <younes> AFaust, ok

2018-04-13 07:47:46 GMT <AFaust> It's just to avoid potentially confusing terminology

2018-04-13 07:48:06 GMT <younes> but holding deleted nodes, wouldn't that result in content not being orphenated ?

2018-04-13 07:48:36 GMT <AFaust> No - because deleted nodes have already been cleared of all properties (happens during delete), so the content has already been disassociated

2018-04-13 07:49:05 GMT <AFaust> A deleted node is only a hollow shell of an entry in alf_node and one property in alf_node_properties holding the original node DB ID

2018-04-13 07:49:42 GMT <younes> interesting

2018-04-13 07:49:56 GMT <AFaust> At least, that is what a deleted node is supposed to be. If - for some reason - there are more properties / aspects or even associations than that, that is one of the few reasons why clearing a deleted node may fail

2018-04-13 07:56:22 GMT <younes> fcorti, do you know if there is some documentation for creating REST api the way alfresco does ?

2018-04-13 07:56:26 GMT <younes> something like

2018-04-13 07:57:33 GMT <younes> /alfresco/api/<-default-|tenant>/<public|private>/<partner>/versions/<version>/<api>

2018-04-13 08:02:06 GMT *** yregaieg is now known as younes

2018-04-13 08:09:13 GMT <fcorti> Hi younes, the newest REST API uses a similar approach to the "traditional" webscripts so the suggestion is to use the well-known solution. Unfortunately you won't be able to use exactly the /alfresco/api/ path but you can customise the webscript to use the same following subpath.

2018-04-13 08:10:52 GMT <younes> fcorti, I know it's possible, and it is as well possible to try to copy how alfresco's own api are made, but not sure if that would e supported (as in not subject to big frequent changes)

2018-04-13 08:11:24 GMT <younes> alright, read the response a bit late

2018-04-13 08:12:27 GMT <mbui> AFaust: What's the best practices for clearing unused audit entries? How would you define an audit entry "unused"?

2018-04-13 08:12:53 GMT <fcorti> younes let me ask Gavin for confirmation...

2018-04-13 08:16:29 GMT <mbui> When running propTablesCleanupTrigger i'm getting this error message, anyone is familar with this? https://pastebin.com/0avQebmm

2018-04-13 08:16:30 GMT <alfbot> Title: [Bash] 2018-04-11 14:05:53,578 ERROR [schema.script.ScriptExecutorImpl] [DefaultSched - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2018-04-13 08:34:38 GMT <fcorti> yregaieg it is confirmed: the WHOLE v1 REST is essentially mapped under /alfresco/api so that namespace is reserved for it.....the well-known /alfresco/services is still the recommended approach.

2018-04-13 08:35:05 GMT <yregaieg> ok, thanks

2018-04-13 08:35:24 GMT *** yregaieg is now known as yreg

2018-04-13 08:35:27 GMT <fcorti> yregaieg there is no documentation around the REST API extension because it is an ongoing discussion. However, the code is open source, it's all Spring annotation based so it shouldn't be too hard to reverse engineer.

2018-04-13 08:35:49 GMT <fcorti> This is a funny material for a great blog post. ;-)

2018-04-13 08:36:41 GMT <AFaust> mbui: The best practice depends on the business use case for audit... e.g. once a document has been deleted for XX time - or when audit data has been archived - the audit entry may be deleted

2018-04-13 08:36:57 GMT <yreg> fcorti, I peeked at it not long ago, and I know for sure it is possible to extend it with 3rd party APIs, but I am not sure if the underlying technical details will be preserved in future versions

2018-04-13 08:37:11 GMT <yreg> resulting possibly in a huge upgrade overhead

2018-04-13 08:41:56 GMT <fcorti> yreg there is an ongoing discussion in the team about this. Someone think that would be ideal to give a complete REST API and develop extensions on top of it. But it is not confirmed yet.

2018-04-13 08:49:48 GMT <hi-ko> sorry fcorti, planning and supporting a mature api is something we expect from an enterprise product company

2018-04-13 08:51:06 GMT <hi-ko> so we all know how we could work around but no excuses. your team could (start) doing it better every day

2018-04-13 08:51:26 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, the discussion is about the technical grounds behind that API and if that would be supported for 3rd parties adding custom APIs following the same techniques

2018-04-13 08:51:33 GMT <fcorti> hi hi-ko, yes for sure... and how this discussion conflicts with your assumption? The concern is a little generic.

2018-04-13 08:51:42 GMT <yreg> Which I would expect from a platform company

2018-04-13 08:58:11 GMT <hi-ko> fcorti: my excuse if I started bashing in a undifferentiated manner. Alfresco has a long history in not having a commited api partners 3rd parties can rely on. So yes: it's a generic complaint

2018-04-13 09:00:23 GMT <fcorti> hi-ko happy to discuss about how to improve... always! :-) Let's see how to ensure 3rd parties apis in the incoming versions.

2018-04-13 09:03:09 GMT <hi-ko> fcorti: start with a api an official API (doc) for java, rest, cmis and releases note describing changes as seen from other vendors

2018-04-13 09:07:16 GMT <hi-ko> If nobody pays for your work there would be no reason to complain but your claim is to be a commercial platform vendor. Reading code is just a band-aid

2018-04-13 09:08:41 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: Sure I understand the background but we learned not to rely on these apis if they're moving targets

2018-04-13 09:11:47 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: and they are moving targets if they are not created with the knowledge/experience of the usage scenarios customers/partners are using it for ...

2018-04-13 09:13:05 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, did you see the discussion here from a few days back ? the one about the new rest API for querying audit entries by node uuid

2018-04-13 09:13:28 GMT <yreg> it's a mess that made it to 5.2.2

2018-04-13 09:13:30 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: yes ;-)

2018-04-13 09:14:12 GMT <yreg> I hate such mess, especially when it makes it to service pack instead of properly being introduced in major/minor

2018-04-13 09:14:41 GMT <yreg> it gives me the feeling of it being crafted in a hurry tailored to the needs of a big client

2018-04-13 09:14:55 GMT <yreg> and does not look well thought and assessed ...

2018-04-13 09:15:22 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: Maybe it would be easier to have a working model like seen in Linux: The kernel team is responsible for quality insurance, committing / commenting contribs from the community

2018-04-13 09:16:23 GMT <hi-ko> today we see the marketing drivel model: features first, quality somewhen maybe later

2018-04-13 09:16:40 GMT <yreg> it's not from the community ... I have seen contributions for long-waited features of far better quality getting turned down

2018-04-13 09:17:10 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: that's what I mean. Alfresco is working totally independant from any community

2018-04-13 09:18:16 GMT <yreg> on the opposite side, I have seen bugs/debt introduced by support engineers simply to solving a specific issue a (big) customer was wining about

2018-04-13 09:18:48 GMT <yreg> I hope resplin's departing does not make this any worse

2018-04-13 09:20:53 GMT <hi-ko> I think Alfresco should decide very soon to act as a closed source company (publishing their code or not) but than taking care about requirements, quality alone or to impement a community aproach wich involves the people from outside in the daily work and dev/requiremnt eng process

2018-04-13 09:21:59 GMT <hi-ko> sorry - lot's of typos ... bad quality in writing ...

2018-04-13 09:22:14 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, the activiti team seems to be a very good example for Alfresco to follow IMHO

2018-04-13 09:22:46 GMT <yreg> you can even attend their daily standup and contribute to the discussion

2018-04-13 09:23:12 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: do you think this would be the same if there wouldn't be the competition?

2018-04-13 09:23:47 GMT <yreg> ADF team seems to be open as well, but I don't feel their getting much interraction from the community (mainly because of low adoption so far, I suppose)

2018-04-13 09:24:30 GMT <hi-ko> I didn't understand the strategy behind ADF yet.

2018-04-13 09:25:34 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, I think it's highly influenced by the presence of salaboy (who seems to have open source running in the veins) but I agree they wouldn't have had hired him unless for the sudden departure of the core team

2018-04-13 09:25:46 GMT <yreg> back to ADF me neither

2018-04-13 09:26:08 GMT <hi-ko> backpackers in asia may know: same, same but different

2018-04-13 09:48:18 GMT <yreg> hi-ko, IMHO ADF team seems to have the will and openness to have a vibrant involved community... but half of the framework being EE only is not helping (talking about the BPM part)

2018-04-13 09:52:07 GMT <hi-ko> yreg: What I'm missing from alfresco is something like a mission statement for ADF and which role Alfresco is willing to play.

2018-04-13 09:53:08 GMT <angelborroy> I was talking with fcorti some days ago about this

2018-04-13 09:53:30 GMT <angelborroy> “someone” has to create some rules to contribute to this ADF ecosystem

2018-04-13 09:53:54 GMT <angelborroy> Probably AFaust & me could create some simple rules to publish components at npmjs

2018-04-13 09:54:19 GMT <angelborroy> A simple guide should be enough

2018-04-13 09:54:40 GMT <angelborroy> labels, minimal documentation, versioning best practices...

2018-04-13 09:54:48 GMT <hi-ko> does alfresco really think a bunch of ui components can replace a client? I have my doubts. Is open source choosen to say: love it or leave it but don't expect a product management, roadmap, support, doc, quality insurance

2018-04-13 09:55:10 GMT <angelborroy> IMO they say that ACA is not a Share replacement

2018-04-13 09:55:16 GMT <angelborroy> But in the end it will be

2018-04-13 09:57:22 GMT <hi-ko> what I see is a lot of uncertainty blocking any new business. no company decides for a platform like alfresco if they can't expect a UI product out of the box they can rely on having a partner eco system

2018-04-13 09:57:41 GMT <angelborroy> +1

2018-04-13 09:59:09 GMT <hi-ko> some ask for migration to share point and others research for alternatives which fits better

2018-04-13 10:00:44 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco will be running “5” version all this year (2018)

2018-04-13 10:00:58 GMT <angelborroy> Probably in 2019 we can start to user Alfresco 6 for prod

2018-04-13 10:01:04 GMT <angelborroy> user / using

2018-04-13 10:01:14 GMT <hi-ko> So no crisis with an inbuild chance: there is space for a community, company or similar to fill in the gap providing the missing UI having the required use cases in mind

2018-04-13 10:01:44 GMT <angelborroy> Yep, the future is promising, but we have to wait a while

2018-04-13 10:02:21 GMT <hi-ko_> s/with/without/

2018-04-13 10:08:55 GMT <hi-ko_> I have seen similar changes at Oracle, Documentum: platform vendors gave up to provide a good, flexible ui but in long term this ended up in loss of market and customers. commercial partners having better solutions could address only a small part of the users

2018-04-13 10:35:09 GMT <fcorti> Ehi guys, good discussion. And how fast Alfresco will fill the gaps is a good topic. What I can say is that Alfresco is working to it as faster as possible. Don't know if enough...

2018-04-13 11:26:15 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: I could certainly give my 2 cents about abstract / theoretical rules for publishing (on npm), but I'll certainly not do anything to bootstrap ADF until I see some serious improvement / effort to address core deficiencies with regards to basic deficiencies making it near impossible for any kind of standardisation / addon / customisable solution ecosystem to evolve around the framework (I reiterate my opinion that

2018-04-13 11:26:15 GMT <AFaust> small components are not addons)

2018-04-13 11:26:50 GMT * AFaust wishes one could correct typos or redundant phrases in IRC messages...

2018-04-13 11:27:36 GMT <yreg> ~later tell angelborroy check the logs

2018-04-13 11:27:36 GMT <alfbot> yreg: The operation succeeded.

2018-04-13 11:27:50 GMT <AFaust> Oh - thanks - I did not check the "quit" messages

2018-04-13 11:28:17 GMT <AFaust> Even though it was literally just the one before my message...

2018-04-13 11:28:37 GMT <yreg> angelborroy I am confident by the time you roll 6.0, 7.0 would be already out in the wild

2018-04-13 11:30:33 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell angelborroy: So that you don't have to chase down the log message, I'll repeat it => I could certainly give my 2 cents about rules for publishing (on npm), but I'll not do anything to bootstrap ADF until I see serious improvement / effort to address core deficiencies standing in the way of a "common core UI" standardisation with "pluggable addons" ecosystem ("components are not addons" (tm))

2018-04-13 11:30:33 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2018-04-13 11:40:26 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 12 minutes ago: <yreg> check the logs

2018-04-13 11:40:27 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Sent 9 minutes ago: <AFaust> So that you don't have to chase down the log message, I'll repeat it => I could certainly give my 2 cents about rules for publishing (on npm), but I'll not do anything to bootstrap ADF until I see serious improvement / effort to address core deficiencies standing in the way of a common core UI standardisation with pluggable addons ecosystem ("components are not addons" (tm))

2018-04-13 11:42:03 GMT <AFaust> Hmm - did "later tell" always strip away double quotes unless enclosed in parantheses?

2018-04-13 11:42:45 GMT <angelborroy> (nolog) That’s what I told Francesco you will say :D

2018-04-13 11:44:18 GMT <AFaust> Isn't [nolog] the correct syntax to use?

2018-04-13 11:44:24 GMT <AFaust> ~flushLog

2018-04-13 11:44:24 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2018-04-13 11:44:50 GMT <yreg> AFaust, check the source : https://github.com/Supybot/Supybot/blob/master/plugins/Later/plugin.py

2018-04-13 11:44:51 GMT <alfbot> Title: Supybot/plugin.py at master · Supybot/Supybot · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-04-13 11:44:52 GMT <AFaust> Yep - your (nolog) did not work

2018-04-13 11:45:01 GMT <angelborroy> I know :(

2018-04-13 11:45:10 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, you need to use [nolog]

2018-04-13 11:45:19 GMT <angelborroy> now I remember

2018-04-13 11:45:24 GMT <angelborroy> It was not that important

2018-04-13 11:45:29 GMT <angelborroy> I’ll check it for the next time

2018-04-13 12:48:21 GMT *** ChanServ sets mode: +o fcorti

2018-04-13 12:48:35 GMT *** fcorti changes topic to "Alfresco discussion and collaboration. Stick around a few hours after asking a question. Logs: http://chat.alfresco.com Channel help: https://community.alfresco.com/ Official support for Enterprise subscribers: http://support.alfresco.com."

2018-04-13 14:14:26 GMT <angelborroy> hi

2018-04-13 14:14:59 GMT <angelborroy> I’m trying default share JAR artifact with Hotswap

2018-04-13 14:15:15 GMT <angelborroy> When launching it complains:

2018-04-13 14:15:16 GMT <angelborroy> java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name alfresco.web-extension.messages.test-share, locale en_ES

2018-04-13 14:15:39 GMT <angelborroy> I’ve created web-extension/messages/test-share_es.properties

2018-04-13 14:15:46 GMT <angelborroy> But still

2018-04-13 14:15:52 GMT <angelborroy> Any other having the same issue?

2018-04-13 14:16:09 GMT <angelborroy> I selected 3.0.1

2018-04-13 14:18:53 GMT <angelborroy> the same with sdk 3.0.0

2018-04-13 18:14:23 GMT <chris__> what's this channel about? :-)

2018-04-13 18:39:01 GMT * chris__ waves

2018-04-13 21:03:24 GMT <alfbot> digicat: Sent 13 hours and 29 minutes ago: <fcorti> it seems like you are interested to face the GDPR compliance. I'm pretty sure it does not exist.

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