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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-04-18 06:30:55 GMT <russin> @yerg: How to extend the ootb Alfresco transitions? Please put some light

2018-04-18 07:15:38 GMT <yreg> Morning channel

2018-04-18 07:24:39 GMT <russin> hi yreg

2018-04-18 08:38:56 GMT <bmejias> morning russin, morning yreg and morning all

2018-04-18 08:39:16 GMT <qwebirc6323> help me with alfesco 5.2

2018-04-18 08:39:25 GMT <qwebirc6323> Unable to decode the SPNEGO token java.io.IOException: ASN.1 type 0x0 decode not supported

2018-04-18 08:39:57 GMT <qwebirc6323> ERROR [org.alfresco.filesys.auth.cifs.EnterpriseCifsAuth enticator] [AlfJLANWorker12] Unable to decode the SPNEGO token java.io.IOException: ASN.1 type 0x0 decode not supported

2018-04-18 08:44:59 GMT <angelborroy> qwebirc6323 so you are using Kerberos Auth, right?

2018-04-18 08:45:10 GMT <angelborroy> And you’re trying to access Alfresco by using CIFS

2018-04-18 08:45:14 GMT <angelborroy> So, you cannot

2018-04-18 08:45:28 GMT <angelborroy> Both configurations are not available at the same time

2018-04-18 08:50:23 GMT <AFaust> Argh - great. If Enterprise RM fails to validate the license, it force-shutdowns Tomcat, killing an asynchronous thread executor bound to initialise the dictionary model cache, locking dictionary DAO into an infinite loop waiting (and checking) on the cache init thread

2018-04-18 08:50:37 GMT <AFaust> To that I can just say: "Good job"...

2018-04-18 08:51:13 GMT <angelborroy> Testing = 0

2018-04-18 08:57:36 GMT <yreg> morning bmejias !

2018-04-18 09:02:36 GMT <AFaust> argh - and none of the debug logging provides me any cluse what fails during license validation...

2018-04-18 09:16:51 GMT <kkore> Hi all,I integrated with openldap application got an issue like if enter plain password its not authenticating if I give encrypted one then it's authenticating

2018-04-18 09:27:51 GMT <kkore> is there any property associated with password encryption while doing integration ??

2018-04-18 09:48:13 GMT <kkore> for authentication I used simple as by default it's there in ldap-authentication.properties file

2018-04-18 09:48:17 GMT <kkore> like ldap.authentication.java.naming.security.authentication=simple

2018-04-18 10:01:40 GMT <hiten> Hi Guys

2018-04-18 10:02:09 GMT <hiten> Recently the atom endpoint for CMIS is giving us some issues

2018-04-18 10:04:13 GMT <hiten> when I go to https://www.abc.net/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.1/atom the atom file is not generated

2018-04-18 10:04:38 GMT <hiten> the browser just keeps on loading

2018-04-18 10:05:23 GMT <hiten> I can login to https://www.abc.net/share/page

2018-04-18 10:05:27 GMT <hiten> without any issues

2018-04-18 10:06:11 GMT <hiten> I have tried login through CMIS workbench but it failed

2018-04-18 10:07:16 GMT <hiten> with Read Timeout exception

2018-04-18 10:07:56 GMT <hiten> please point me where I can look further

2018-04-18 12:43:37 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: After resplin left, who is now in charge of / involved in JIRA issue triage? I'd like to know who to bother with any and all complaints about that process if they arise...

2018-04-18 13:00:38 GMT <fcorti> AFaust I think DerekH is taking this but things are still on-going so maybe they can change again.

2018-04-18 13:32:36 GMT <AFaust> fcorti: Oh boy, that'd mean issues will be even harder to get accepted. At least from my experience DerekH is one of the more restrictive voices when it comes to public JIRA issues...

2018-04-18 13:36:03 GMT <fcorti> AFaust things are still changing.

2018-04-18 17:47:42 GMT <russin> hi all

2018-04-18 17:48:54 GMT <russin> can anyone suggest me, how to display popup message in custom workflow while pressing approve button

2018-04-18 17:52:13 GMT <russin> i tried this.... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29414441/how-to-add-a-confirmation-dialog-before-approving-a-review-step-of-a-workflow-in?rq=1

2018-04-18 17:52:14 GMT <alfbot> Title: javascript - How to add a confirmation dialog before approving a review step of a workflow in alfresco share - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2018-04-18 18:02:12 GMT <russin> but it is showing me the page load

2018-04-18 18:02:54 GMT <russin> button type span class where i find.

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