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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-05-13 15:13:31 GMT <qwebirc26829> In a custom review process, I have assigned a task to a "candidate group"

2018-05-13 15:14:31 GMT <qwebirc26829> When I access the list of tasks in APS 1.8.1

2018-05-13 15:14:44 GMT <qwebirc26829> with a user that belongs to that group

2018-05-13 15:14:49 GMT <qwebirc26829> I do not see the process

2018-05-13 15:14:55 GMT <qwebirc26829> is this expected ?

2018-05-13 15:19:42 GMT <AFaust> qwebirc26829: You should see that task. How did you assign the task, i.e. what value(s) did you put for the candidate group?

2018-05-13 15:47:53 GMT <qwebirc26829> I put the groupId

2018-05-13 15:48:08 GMT <qwebirc26829> I have further investigated and I have the query that is executed

2018-05-13 15:48:25 GMT <qwebirc26829> select distinct RES.* , DEF.KEY_ as PROC_DEF_KEY_, DEF.NAME_ as PROC_DEF_NAME_, DEF.VERSION_ as PROC_DEF_VERSION_, DEF.DEPLOYMENT_ID_ as DEPLOYMENT_ID_ from ACT_HI_PROCINST RES left outer join ACT_RE_PROCDEF DEF on RES.PROC_DEF_ID_ = DEF.ID_ left join ACT_HI_IDENTITYLINK I_OR0 on I_OR0.PROC_INST_ID_ = RES.ID_ WHERE RES.TENANT_ID_ = 'tenant_1' and ( ( exists(select LINK.USER_I

2018-05-13 15:48:42 GMT <qwebirc26829> I will paste it online...

2018-05-13 15:51:18 GMT <qwebirc26829> http://www.wepaste.com/activiti-candidate-groups/

2018-05-13 15:51:19 GMT <alfbot> Title: The Internet Clipboard - wePaste.com (at www.wepaste.com)

2018-05-13 15:52:03 GMT <qwebirc26829> it does not find anything because

2018-05-13 15:52:14 GMT <qwebirc26829> table

2018-05-13 15:52:15 GMT <qwebirc26829> in the tabe

2018-05-13 15:52:32 GMT <qwebirc26829> select * from ACT_HI_IDENTITYLINK;

2018-05-13 15:52:38 GMT <qwebirc26829> this query returns

2018-05-13 15:53:26 GMT <qwebirc26829> records where the proc_inst_id_ is set only on the "start" tasks

2018-05-13 15:53:41 GMT <qwebirc26829> all the tasks created after the first one

2018-05-13 15:53:53 GMT <qwebirc26829> the id of the process instance is null

2018-05-13 15:57:30 GMT <qwebirc26829> ah... I just noticed that the type is also wrong

2018-05-13 15:57:47 GMT <qwebirc26829> the type of the task in my case is "candidate"

2018-05-13 15:57:53 GMT <qwebirc26829> but the query is looking for

2018-05-13 15:57:58 GMT <qwebirc26829> "participant"

2018-05-13 16:17:14 GMT <qwebirc26829> https://paste.pics/28f6fe2a9d0a27e7b8c125cfb900bf04

2018-05-13 16:17:15 GMT <alfbot> Title: Screenshot, 2018-05-13 19:16:43 - Paste.Pics (at paste.pics)

2018-05-13 16:17:28 GMT <qwebirc26829> this is how the candidate group is configured

2018-05-13 16:19:45 GMT <qwebirc26829> https://paste.pics/fc20db72a2d5961ac37c7c2f7378a9fa

2018-05-13 16:19:46 GMT <alfbot> Title: Screenshot, 2018-05-13 19:19:12 - Paste.Pics (at paste.pics)

2018-05-13 16:19:57 GMT <qwebirc26829> and this is how the parallel tasks are configured

2018-05-13 16:20:02 GMT <qwebirc26829> the variable

2018-05-13 16:25:00 GMT <qwebirc26829> http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/0IJLH9

2018-05-13 16:25:01 GMT <alfbot> Title: Clip #0IJLH9 (at www.heypasteit.com)

2018-05-13 16:25:07 GMT <qwebirc26829> and this is the whole process definition

2018-05-13 16:52:44 GMT <qwebirc26829> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50318397/activiti-and-candidate-groups

2018-05-13 16:52:45 GMT <alfbot> Title: alfresco - Activiti and candidate groups - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)

2018-05-13 16:52:56 GMT <qwebirc26829> I have created a post on stackoverflow

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