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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-07-16 06:31:37 GMT <chandu> Hi Everybody..! i want to work on sample kickstart workflow in eclipse, can you please share any videos if it is there?

2018-07-16 07:27:22 GMT <alfresco-discord> <twen> good morning

2018-07-16 07:28:36 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Francesco Corti> good morning

2018-07-16 08:50:08 GMT <chandu> Hi <alfresco-discord>, i want to work on sample kickstart workflow in eclipse, can you please share any video or documentation if it is there?

2018-07-16 08:54:50 GMT <angelborroy> chandu if you are starting with workflows inside Alfresco Repository, then you should check this https://ecmarchitect.com/alfresco-developer-series-tutorials/workflow/tutorial/tutorial.html

2018-07-16 08:54:51 GMT <alfbot> Title:Creating Custom Advanced Workflows in Alfresco | ECM Architect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials (at ecmarchitect.com)

2018-07-16 08:55:07 GMT <angelborroy> Anyway developing workflows inside Alfresco is discouraged from version 6

2018-07-16 08:58:36 GMT <chandu> <angelborroy>, Thank you i will work on this.

2018-07-16 09:02:54 GMT <AFaust> chandu: Though bear in mind that while this is discouraged, they (Alfresco) does not yet offer a real alternative other than "go buy our APS product" (or build your own integration on base Activiti)

2018-07-16 09:03:17 GMT <AFaust> Damn... of course it must have read "do" not "does"...

2018-07-16 09:06:57 GMT <AFaust> I don't know if anyone else noticed this yet, but just in case: Anyone still building Alfresco Maven projects targeting 5.1.g and using alfresco-repository/alfresco-remote-api as a dependency will find that some (at least one) dependency JAR can no longer be resolved. org.springframework.social:spring-social-facebook:jar:1.0.0.RC1 is not available anymore on Maven Central, and not managed on artifacts.alfresco.com either

2018-07-16 09:09:46 GMT <AFaust> That dependency is hard-referenced in the alfresco-repository POM for 5.1.g (and earlier versions), so you either have to manage that dependency to a different version or exclude it from transitive resolution

2018-07-16 10:30:25 GMT <fwu> hi all

2018-07-16 10:38:44 GMT <DarkStar1> Morning all

2018-07-16 11:29:12 GMT <angelborroy> default locale for ACS Repository Docker Images is…

2018-07-16 11:29:15 GMT <angelborroy> … POSIX!

2018-07-16 11:45:50 GMT <AxelFaust> angelborroy: Hey, it is only 2018 - you can't expect proper UTF-8

2018-07-16 11:47:18 GMT <AxelFaust> And probably they wanted to save on image size (a few MiB) so stripped away support for anything but the bare minimum

2018-07-16 13:55:07 GMT <_proto> Hi there!

2018-07-16 15:35:23 GMT <angelborroy> I have a system with extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/ldap1 and extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/ldap2

2018-07-16 15:35:50 GMT <angelborroy> authentication.chain=ldap1:ldap,ldap2:ldap

2018-07-16 15:35:59 GMT <angelborroy> Both directories having a *.properties file

2018-07-16 15:36:14 GMT <angelborroy> ldap1 is syncrhonized but ldap2 is reading default values by Alfresco

2018-07-16 15:36:20 GMT <angelborroy> 201707

2018-07-16 15:36:25 GMT <angelborroy> Is required some other file?

2018-07-16 15:43:02 GMT <angelborroy> ok, I missed “*searchBase” entries...

2018-07-16 15:43:03 GMT <angelborroy> thanks

2018-07-16 17:54:03 GMT <robin_> Hello, Can something help me with an issue for bean declaration in a repo amp ?

2018-07-16 17:55:37 GMT <robin_> I have the following issue : public-services-security-context.xml] is invalid; nested exception is org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 23; columnNumber: 30; Attribute "singleton" must be declared for element type "bean".

2018-07-16 17:59:27 GMT <robin_> Line 23 of my service-security-context.xml, I'm defining a bean as : <bean id="siteAcl" class="com.spiroit.repo.security.permissions.impl.acegi.CustomACLEntryAfterInvocationProvider" abstract="false" singleton="true" lazy-init="default" autowire="default" dependency-check="default">

2018-07-16 18:03:37 GMT <robin_> I'm using alfresco SDK 2.2.0 to build my amp for alfresco 5.2

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