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2018-08-08 07:36:04 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust I have to stop writting stupid proposals in Powerpoint… my brain is starting to be melted

2018-08-08 07:36:13 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust thanks for your elegant PR!

2018-08-08 07:46:37 GMT <yreg> since

2018-08-08 07:46:46 GMT <yreg> ~since

2018-08-08 07:46:46 GMT <alfbot> yreg: <alfresco-discord> <mbui> Anyone working with tenants and encountered "issues" where they should sometimes add the tenants name in the nodeRef like workspace://@tenant-name@SpacesStore/f4d142fc-d928-4439-b8c1-cd3be1273735, <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> the difference with a standard form or ajax call is that an ajax call cannot be issued from a different domain and therfore csrf is somehow already inside xhr, (1 more message)

2018-08-08 07:56:39 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone !

2018-08-08 07:56:46 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: I know how mind-numbing sales / marketing activities can be. At my old company I have seen a couple of excellent technical experts shift into such a role, and after years making very stupid, outright incorrect claims about our products / solutions and near-unfulfillable promises to clients

2018-08-08 07:57:40 GMT <angelborroy> you want to depress me! :-P

2018-08-08 08:00:01 GMT <AFaust> Did you check the Spanish localisation on the PR? Did I pick the right word for trigger from Google Translate?

2018-08-08 08:04:47 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> AFaust regarding the CSRF from last evening, it is not that I disagree with what you are saying. It is that I am trying to cover APS csrf on the client side. In way if they just add that to fake it, but I agree that it should not be that way if you have csrf in APS. Although I have not yet played with APS correctly

2018-08-08 08:06:06 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust We don’t use “Disparador”, we use “Trigger”

2018-08-08 08:06:17 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust No one would understand what “Disparador” is

2018-08-08 08:06:40 GMT <angelborroy> Additionally, “Disparador” is male, so it should say “Nombre del Disparador”

2018-08-08 08:06:47 GMT <angelborroy> Anyway “Nombre del Trigger” is better

2018-08-08 08:09:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> btw guys, what is the official "channel" for Alfresco now? IRC? Gitter? all of them ...?

2018-08-08 08:10:12 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> discord maybe?

2018-08-08 08:11:07 GMT <AFaust> @dgradecak: Depends on who you ask. So far, Discord has not been publicly declared / documented as the "default" community channel.

2018-08-08 08:11:23 GMT <AFaust> Gitter is only used by some dev teams (ADF / Activiti)

2018-08-08 08:11:50 GMT <AFaust> Discord is meant to be a way to integrate with more Alfresco engineers via Slack integration on Alfresco side

2018-08-08 08:12:34 GMT <AFaust> Since the "Alfresco" server on Discord is not owned / managed by Alfresco, it may be hard to argue that it is an "official" channel

2018-08-08 08:12:43 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> I just saw a room on gitter for platform-services so I was wondering

2018-08-08 08:14:00 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - ideally, the public facing channels should aim to use a consolidated tooling.

2018-08-08 08:14:35 GMT <AFaust> That's also the reason why I am planning to look into Discord / GitHub integration, so I can move the OOTBee Support Tools Gitter channel into the OOTBee Discord server if possible

2018-08-08 08:18:32 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: That's what I was afraid of, but I could Google Translate apparently does not show the gender (sure, I could have also checked with some other dictionary, but it was late)

2018-08-08 08:19:23 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> I guess right now you can use either IRC or Discord, the same messages is shown on both platforms. Discord has some neat features however such as code formatting, editing/deletion of messages that will not be shown on IRC. If ownership of the server is deal breaking of making it an "official" channel you can just transfer the ownership of the server to an Alfresco employee or an "official" Alfresco

2018-08-08 08:19:23 GMT <alfresco-discord> discord account.

2018-08-08 08:22:14 GMT <yreg> cDavid if you don't have a registered nick, you won't be able to talk here

2018-08-08 08:22:18 GMT <AFaust> Practically speaking it becomes "official" as soon as Alfresco advertises it instead of IRC. I was just referring to a more formal sense of "official"

2018-08-08 08:22:29 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> @mbui sure all understood, but was just wondering as it seems there is quite a lot things going on there. But if you would ask me than I would just still be using irc 😉

2018-08-08 08:22:36 GMT <yreg> This is a measure taken by free node staff to fight against spam

2018-08-08 08:23:02 GMT <yreg> You can either register your nick, or join discord channel to get in touch with alfresco community : https://discordapp.com/invite/f7XntQN

2018-08-08 08:23:03 GMT <alfbot> Title:Discord (at discordapp.com)

2018-08-08 08:24:04 GMT <alfbot> dgradecak: Sent 6 days, 0 hours, and 16 minutes ago: <AFaust> Ugh... found the issue with my Tomcat PostResources use. My images are built on a Windows host, and if I COPY a folder structure during the build, all sub-folders are missing +x flag, so even though I chown all of them to the proper user, they cannot be traversed. Of course this does not show up when I test via ls + explicit path as that user

2018-08-08 08:24:05 GMT <alfbot> dgradecak: Sent 6 days, 0 hours, and 15 minutes ago: <AFaust> I currently don't have a Linux host to verify that a folder structure COPY-d in a build retains the +x flag for sub-folders

2018-08-08 08:25:00 GMT <AFaust> Ah, looking at the platform-services Gitter, it is not really active / relevant at this time.

2018-08-08 08:26:01 GMT <AFaust> Might become relevant whenever Alfresco finally releases their first branded, shared component (Alfresco Authentication Service)

2018-08-08 08:26:18 GMT <AFaust> ... and then manages to actually deliver on the other shared components planned for the long run

2018-08-08 08:26:30 GMT <AFaust> So... 2020 maybe?

2018-08-08 08:27:39 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> @yreg so now we need a registered nick on freenode to post on irc #alfresco .. wasn't yet aware

2018-08-08 08:27:51 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> AFaust: just saw your reply about PostResources, good that it worked ... this is an issue with discord, cannot see older "direct" messages

2018-08-08 08:32:46 GMT <dgradecak> just testing my registration

2018-08-08 08:35:39 GMT <dgradecak> anyone applying for a lightning talk or anything on the devcon?

2018-08-08 08:37:21 GMT <AFaust> Sure am planning to do that - only still deciding on the topic(s) and type of session

2018-08-08 08:40:52 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust (please) can you apply for a Lightning on ADF?

2018-08-08 08:40:56 GMT <angelborroy> It will be a blast!

2018-08-08 08:42:05 GMT <AFaust> really trying to stay away from any UI topics in order to not further promote my "'get of my lawn'-guy" image...

2018-08-08 08:43:40 GMT <AFaust> And if I did, they'd have to bleep half of it...

2018-08-08 08:43:45 GMT <angelborroy> hehe

2018-08-08 08:43:56 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t find nothing interesting to talk…

2018-08-08 08:44:10 GMT <angelborroy> … and even more when last year all my proposals were rejected

2018-08-08 08:44:14 GMT <angelborroy> some ideas?

2018-08-08 08:46:59 GMT <dgradecak> on my side I will try to apply for a talk on my tool to process auditing and repository data, for BI and so ...

2018-08-08 08:47:15 GMT <angelborroy> interesting

2018-08-08 08:48:55 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> What's the statistics like on submitted talks previous year(s)? How many submitted and approved?

2018-08-08 08:48:56 GMT <dgradecak> being a spring boot/batch/integration tool, I find it quite nice for "developers", with a simple config based on "evaluators" you can easily configure what should be stored and how (custom tables etc ...)

2018-08-08 08:49:36 GMT <angelborroy> mbui last year there were more chances for lightning talks (about 70% approved)

2018-08-08 08:49:52 GMT <angelborroy> regular talks and extended talks were below 40%

2018-08-08 08:51:54 GMT <AFaust> The primary limitating factor was the availability of time slots for more regular / extended talks.

2018-08-08 08:52:49 GMT <DarkStar1> Godmorgon all

2018-08-08 08:52:51 GMT <AFaust> So even submissions with average-ish review scores did not make the cut

2018-08-08 09:00:58 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: How about "Ways to develop addons so you don't have to recompile (most of) them for a new Alfresco version"? Always good to teach people the perils of using too many 3rd-party libraries shipped with Alfresco without really needing to

2018-08-08 09:01:51 GMT <angelborroy> I realised that when I upgraded our internal Alfresco to 6

2018-08-08 09:02:04 GMT <angelborroy> So I can include some “lessons learnt” point

2018-08-08 09:02:07 GMT <angelborroy> Good idea

2018-08-08 09:02:10 GMT <angelborroy> Can I take it?

2018-08-08 09:02:22 GMT <dgradecak> I am also interested in transactionnality between APS and ACS ... if they still want to remove activiti from the repository side

2018-08-08 09:03:09 GMT <AFaust> Sure... then I don't have to do such a topic that - again - makes me look like a grumpy old architect saying "back in my day, people knew how to build unentangled code"...

2018-08-08 09:03:33 GMT <yreg> dgradecak, lately free node has been flooded by spam, and apparently the measure they come up with to fight that (talking about free node staff) was to force set +R flag everywhere so that only registered users can talk

2018-08-08 09:03:53 GMT <dgradecak> yreg: sure

2018-08-08 09:04:08 GMT <AFaust> dgradecak: I still have a bullet point on my todo list about writing a blog post about that, and am considering a topic about this as well...

2018-08-08 09:04:20 GMT <yreg> dgradecak, transactionality between ACS and APS, that's a topic I would love to have Salaboy talking about

2018-08-08 09:04:39 GMT <yreg> He has really interesting approach for that

2018-08-08 09:04:47 GMT <AFaust> Though more along the lines of "Reasons why micro-services are bad for application consistency / action atomicity"

2018-08-08 09:04:49 GMT <dgradecak> AFaust: the question is, does alfreso reall plan to remove activiti from the repo side?

2018-08-08 09:04:54 GMT <AFaust> Yes

2018-08-08 09:05:00 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust +1

2018-08-08 09:05:03 GMT <AFaust> Short and direct answer

2018-08-08 09:05:21 GMT <yreg> AFaust, where did you get that from

2018-08-08 09:05:23 GMT <yreg> ?

2018-08-08 09:05:36 GMT <AFaust> There will / may be some pseudo-system for simple content "workflows"

2018-08-08 09:05:40 GMT <AFaust> yreg: resplin

2018-08-08 09:05:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> I just heard that it won't be supported on, but you can still use it etc

2018-08-08 09:06:00 GMT <dgradecak> AFaust: you mean old simple workflows? with folders?

2018-08-08 09:06:00 GMT <angelborroy> yreg it’s on the road map

2018-08-08 09:06:12 GMT <yreg> Last time I talked to resplin about that (before he left) he said that embedded engine will remain, but won't be subject to support / upgrades

2018-08-08 09:06:30 GMT <yreg> And is meant only for OOTB or extremely simple flows

2018-08-08 09:06:45 GMT <AFaust> @mbui: Right, as with any feature that is going to be remove sometime in the future, they stop supporting it, and in a future version will remove / completely rework it

2018-08-08 09:07:27 GMT <AFaust> yreg: But that is a bullshit / dick move. What customer is going to be using that for their own simple flows if there is not going to be support?

2018-08-08 09:07:27 GMT <yreg> mbui, correction, it won't be supported for contracts signed post September 1st 2017

2018-08-08 09:07:33 GMT <angelborroy> yref https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-7144-alfresco-community-edition-60

2018-08-08 09:07:36 GMT <dgradecak> I mean it is not difficult to re-add that (activiti/flowable) as a "module" but if they do market it as a "bad architecture" than they will have to show how to handle transactionnality

2018-08-08 09:07:37 GMT <angelborroy> yreg future removals

2018-08-08 09:07:37 GMT <alfbot> Title:Alfresco Community Edition 6.0 | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2018-08-08 09:07:42 GMT <yreg> Existing customers at that date, will still be supported

2018-08-08 09:08:14 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> I guess, but if they want to keep their customers they should also think about the customers that currently heavily relies on workflows without having to spend too much time (money) on adapting.

2018-08-08 09:09:06 GMT <AFaust> @mbui: You should be looking at the upcoming APS 2.0 for an impression of how much Alfresco considers this aspect of "ease of upgrade" for their customers

2018-08-08 09:09:35 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> AFaust: tl:dr?

2018-08-08 09:10:55 GMT <AFaust> Well, APS 2.0 will include upgrade of Activiti, architecture, UI and what not, that is being forced on existing customers. It will be interesting to see what kind of migration support / guides they provide for all the customers with dozens / hundreds of self-modelled processes in production...

2018-08-08 09:11:18 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> I have a customer on 5.2 right now and they are interested in using the embedded Activiti to create custom workflows etc. Would it be a bad idea to proceed that?

2018-08-08 09:12:58 GMT <AFaust> Generally speaking I believe most people would agree it is a bad idea to start with something that has already been strapped to the execution chair...

2018-08-08 09:14:04 GMT <AFaust> Though it depends on the complexity of the planned process. I would still implement simple processes if a customer asked...

2018-08-08 09:14:56 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> What is considered a complex process?

2018-08-08 09:15:00 GMT <dgradecak> mbui: I think that if you do not need to transactionnaly create documents or update them via the workflow, than you could consider having it outside the repo already

2018-08-08 09:15:36 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> and especially if you do not use share as the UI ...

2018-08-08 13:31:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Is SOLR6 ready for serious production use? When indexing my Alfresco 5.2.1 contentstore I run into issues, most notably with multivalued properties throwing exceptions because Lucene presents them as docvalues type SORTED_SET

2018-08-08 13:32:56 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Does Alfresco even leverage docvalues?

2018-08-08 13:33:49 GMT <yreg> I know they do use that at least for proper indexing on categories

2018-08-08 13:34:22 GMT <yreg> As that was part of scheme.xml patch that had to be done for previous versions to properly index categories for faceting

2018-08-08 13:36:54 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Hmm, right. So as long as I don't care about category functionality, I could be alright.

2018-08-08 13:37:08 GMT <yreg> I said at least

2018-08-08 13:37:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> How reassuring 😅

2018-08-08 13:37:19 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Yeah, that's why I said could be

2018-08-08 13:38:45 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> There's also a couple of reindex exceptions where nodes aren't indexed because of an 'invalid Date String'.. Could be because the year appears to be set to 1303.. I doubt we have documents in the system thát old.

2018-08-08 13:39:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> But SOLR6/ASS-1.1.1 seem convincingly ready for production to me

2018-08-08 13:39:48 GMT <angelborroy> always that you don’t have users with different languages on their web browsers

2018-08-08 13:40:23 GMT <yreg> I have an ACS 5.1/ASS 1.0.0 running on AWS (part of AWS QuickStart) and that one did contain bugs that were solved with 5.0/Solr4 ages ago

2018-08-08 13:41:12 GMT <yreg> Every deletePermissions call would result in index being duplicated for that node, and so duplicate results in search

2018-08-08 13:41:58 GMT <angelborroy> Mark yreg https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-21940

2018-08-08 13:42:02 GMT <angelborroy> This is still pending

2018-08-08 13:42:55 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, we are forcing a single locale through the system using headers injected at the level of reverse proxy

2018-08-08 13:43:12 GMT <yreg> So no issues with locale sensitive fields

2018-08-08 13:43:24 GMT <angelborroy> yes, but you have to solve the issue

2018-08-08 13:43:30 GMT <angelborroy> probably Mark is not aware of this

2018-08-08 13:43:36 GMT <yreg> But indeed that issue is indeed painful as soon as you have a mixed userbase

2018-08-08 13:43:49 GMT <angelborroy> In Europe everyone have a mixed userbase

2018-08-08 13:44:45 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> This machine has a large global userbase

2018-08-08 13:44:54 GMT <angelborroy> so you need to patch this

2018-08-08 13:45:04 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Forcing the locally isn't an issue for me. Screw this, I'm reverting to SOLR4

2018-08-08 13:45:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> I'll wait until ASS is out of informal beta

2018-08-08 13:45:35 GMT <angelborroy> ASS is not beta

2018-08-08 13:45:48 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> I know. But its' quality is beta-like.

2018-08-08 13:47:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> who knows when alfresco will move to solr7 at the end 😉

2018-08-08 13:52:28 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> If they wait for the product to work before they ship it'll be an improvement.

2018-08-08 13:58:12 GMT <AxelFaust> @Mark: docvalues are used for faceting, not just for categories (there also primarily for faceting)

2018-08-08 14:00:15 GMT <AxelFaust> As with the locale thingy, just set cross-locale indexing via shared.properites for d:text/d:content and you should be good to go (my default solution without having to patch / force anything)

2018-08-08 14:00:50 GMT <AxelFaust> Simply revert their problematic SOLR6 default to the SOLR4 default

2018-08-08 14:01:54 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> Thanks Axel, will do.\

2018-08-08 14:02:29 GMT <AxelFaust> @Mark: Given that SOLR 6 / ASS 1.1.1 is the only officially supported search system in ACS 6.0, it must be considered "out of informal beta"

2018-08-08 14:03:03 GMT <AxelFaust> I mean "supported" as in "for production use" (excluding temporary use for migrations)

2018-08-08 14:03:19 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> That worries me, when it has issues like this.

2018-08-08 14:03:43 GMT <AxelFaust> Invalid Date String is a bug on the Repository tier, not ASS

2018-08-08 14:03:58 GMT <AxelFaust> Has to do with the ISO8601 date formatter

2018-08-08 14:04:26 GMT <AxelFaust> And - in some cases - with the Alfresco Outlook Client, which is totally crap and can create documents with date values in year 1 AD

2018-08-08 14:05:51 GMT <AxelFaust> I believe yreg even fixed the ISO8601 date formatter in a PR this year

2018-08-08 14:06:28 GMT <AxelFaust> (though he only fixed one part of the problem, dealing with the timezone, which affects all dates from year 1000 to 1847)

2018-08-08 14:06:32 GMT <yreg> AxelFaust, that fix related to ISO8601 formatting in Zulu timezone has been included in late 5.2 service packs and in 6.0

2018-08-08 14:06:59 GMT <AxelFaust> I know, but Mark is using 5.2.1 where it is not yet included

2018-08-08 14:07:16 GMT <yreg> In my repo, I had dates from years 50-150 and that worked for them as well

2018-08-08 14:07:21 GMT <AxelFaust> (I know because my customer is also using 5.2.1 and we still have my "BetterISO8601Formatter"

2018-08-08 14:08:45 GMT <AxelFaust> It might work for SOLR, true, but the resulting string is still not ISO8601 compliant for dates before year 1000, because it is missing leading zeros

2018-08-08 14:10:35 GMT <AxelFaust> ISO 8601 must have at least a 4-digit year or a

2018-08-08 14:12:30 GMT <alfresco-discord> <Mark> This is plenty of reason for me to upgrade to the latest 5.2.

2018-08-08 16:13:34 GMT <fwu2018> hi

2018-08-08 16:15:42 GMT <fwu2018> ppl, where can I get the source code of the alfresco-remote-api 5.2.g ?

2018-08-08 16:16:28 GMT <yreg> fwu2018, it's available on github

2018-08-08 16:16:53 GMT <yreg> But it might be challenging to link code to particular version especially after the move to github

2018-08-08 16:17:05 GMT <yreg> What I would recommend is to use your IDE for that

2018-08-08 16:17:12 GMT <yreg> What IDE are you using ?

2018-08-08 16:18:20 GMT <fwu2018> imusing a bowser... :)

2018-08-08 16:18:30 GMT <fwu2018> I can download it, but it says version 7.1

2018-08-08 16:18:35 GMT <fwu2018> browser

2018-08-08 16:18:51 GMT <yreg> Do you have IntelliJ idea or Eclipse ?

2018-08-08 16:19:02 GMT <fwu2018> I beleive this version is not compatible with alfresco 5.2

2018-08-08 16:19:11 GMT <yreg> Do you have a project using that exact version of alfresco

2018-08-08 16:19:29 GMT <fwu2018> the deploy I have is 5.2.g

2018-08-08 16:19:49 GMT <fwu2018> because Im trying to compile the jar file I think I need that exact version

2018-08-08 16:19:57 GMT <fwu2018> to replace it

2018-08-08 16:20:14 GMT <yreg> What ?

2018-08-08 16:20:29 GMT <yreg> It sounds like you are definitely trying to do something wrong

2018-08-08 16:20:51 GMT <fwu2018> I must... task are not getting returned as expected

2018-08-08 16:20:56 GMT <fwu2018> tasks

2018-08-08 16:21:03 GMT <yreg> But in any case, here are the sources you're looking for : https://artifacts.alfresco.com/nexus/service/local/repositories/releases/content/org/alfresco/alfresco-remote-api/5.2.g/alfresco-remote-api-5.2.g-sources.jar

2018-08-08 16:21:05 GMT <fwu2018> so I need to chnage the code just a little bit

2018-08-08 16:21:47 GMT <yreg> For that you probably need to create a separate AMP and override the TaskInstancesGet webscript

2018-08-08 16:22:18 GMT <yreg> You might as well need to use a very specific context file name and location for the override to happen

2018-08-08 16:22:37 GMT <yreg> But forking the repo and recompiling is definitely a wrong approach

2018-08-08 16:22:42 GMT <fwu2018> well I hope this will be fixed somewhere in time...

2018-08-08 16:24:46 GMT <fwu2018> yreg isnt there a source code as a maven project?

2018-08-08 16:25:19 GMT <yreg> Told you should not do whatever you have in mind

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