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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-09-28 11:05:05 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> Hi all. If this is not right channel, please let me know where to put this issue that I have 😃

2018-09-28 11:05:41 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> I am using Process Workspace 1.2 and APS. I am able to login into Process Workspace, but I am not able to Claim Task when task is assigned to the group.

2018-09-28 11:14:12 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> Error: Invalid CORS request

2018-09-28 11:14:39 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/451644531323174914/495191604483588097/Screenshot_2018-09-28_13.13.19.png

2018-09-28 11:14:43 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/451644531323174914/495191621634097172/Screenshot_2018-09-28_13.13.04.png

2018-09-28 11:30:53 GMT <AFaust> @uvukasinovic : This is definitely not "not the right channel", since any topics related to any of the Alfresco products are welcome here...

2018-09-28 11:32:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> Thanks Axel!

2018-09-28 11:33:05 GMT <AFaust> For example I do also work with APS at one of my customers. Though we do not use Process Workspaces (it is still too limited / unevolved to be practical), so I don't have experience with that (apart from fixing a broken release so that it works in our installation).

2018-09-28 11:33:22 GMT <AFaust> ^^ "works in our isntallation" => for evaluation

2018-09-28 11:33:52 GMT <AFaust> Since we use Process Workspace integrated with APS, we do not have any issues with CORS...

2018-09-28 11:34:26 GMT <AFaust> I assume you have read through the various ADF / Process Workspace documentations and already configured CORS in your APS instance?

2018-09-28 11:35:24 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> Yes. I am able to log in into APS from Process Workspace. And I am able to work everything with tasks there, but right now I am not able to Claim Task. There I have problem with CORS.

2018-09-28 11:35:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> We are using some custom stencils, because I am working on PoC and I just wanted to leverage some already developed stuff in Process Workspace.

2018-09-28 11:37:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <uvukasinovic> I will move my changes into PW integrated with APS and test there everything, that's the only solution that I have right now.

2018-09-28 11:50:05 GMT <yreg> Morning everyone

2018-09-28 11:50:22 GMT <yreg> Guys, have any of you any experience with APS and external IDM

2018-09-28 11:51:00 GMT <yreg> Just noticed that new users on my instance coming from external IDM are marked as inactive and could not login

2018-09-28 11:51:19 GMT <yreg> And I was wondering if any of you had already seen something like this

2018-09-28 12:02:12 GMT <AFaust> We are using APS with AD

2018-09-28 12:02:29 GMT <AFaust> Though we have already heavily customised synch

2018-09-28 12:13:58 GMT <yreg> And have you ever had issues where synchronised users are marked as inactive ?

2018-09-28 12:16:45 GMT <yreg> I am suspecting the deletion of those users then re-adding to be behind their de-activation

2018-09-28 12:16:53 GMT <yreg> I have seen issues in lira about that

2018-09-28 12:17:07 GMT <yreg> S/lira/jira/

2018-09-28 12:17:56 GMT <yreg> https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/MNT-18238

2018-09-28 12:37:33 GMT <yreg> Ok checked the code, and when already existing users are synchronised, the activation flag is not synchronised as well

2018-09-28 12:38:31 GMT <yreg> So if the user gets deleted from the IDM, and gets marked as inactive in APS, the status doesn't switch back to active upon next sync (after the user has been re-instated).

2018-09-28 12:42:46 GMT <AFaust> We are actually explicitly synchronizing our users as inactive, since most of the users in AD are likely not going to work with APS

2018-09-28 12:43:05 GMT <AFaust> We have patched login so that inactive users are dynamically activated...

2018-09-28 12:43:28 GMT <AFaust> Basically we added a similar logic as ACS has with regards to license assignment

2018-09-28 12:44:11 GMT <yreg> Ok, your usecase seems to be immune to my issue

2018-09-28 14:36:51 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kore> Hi all , till now we used to get the departments mapping ,organization, location we are mapping in data-list in current project. Now they are to fetch the department,organizations,location from database. To show in workflow starting page. How can we do this ??

2018-09-28 14:37:16 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kore> wf starting in dropdown

2018-09-28 14:38:25 GMT <yreg> @kore have you already started on the implementation and got blocked ?

2018-09-28 14:39:21 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kore> @yreg no want to start. Had doubt we do like that ??

2018-09-28 14:43:42 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kore> doubt like it require customization's from user creation onward's to show designation. One more thing is there 168 organizations are there users and there department need to show according to organization. So here can we in Alfresco like that?

2018-09-28 19:23:36 GMT *** jelly-home is now known as jelly

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