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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-11-02 06:52:49 GMT <alfresco-discord> <sumit> Hi All, I have a concern with brute force attack feature. Sometime user protected with brute force attack and couldn't be unprotected after it's protection time .

2018-11-02 08:42:51 GMT <alfresco-discord> <sumit> is my concern correct for community?

2018-11-02 09:34:44 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> sumit, brute force attack is not a feature afaik

2018-11-02 09:35:00 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> maybe protection is , but that is usually provided through tomcat

2018-11-02 09:57:10 GMT <alfresco-discord> <sumit> Ok

2018-11-02 09:58:42 GMT <alfresco-discord> <sumit> But how is brute force useful if this is not working properly and it's buggy

2018-11-02 10:31:42 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> I am not sure how to answer that question

2018-11-02 10:32:12 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> except saying, fix it on your own

2018-11-02 10:32:21 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> and make a pull request to the source

2018-11-02 12:00:55 GMT <AFaust> Brainfuck of the week: trying to call v1 ReST APIs and wondering why all fail, while not realising I still have my customer 4.2 Alfresco instance up (instead of the intended 6.0)

2018-11-02 12:01:47 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> language!

2018-11-02 12:01:49 GMT <alfresco-discord> <bhagyas> 😛

2018-11-02 12:17:11 GMT <AFaust> Ehm, does ReST v1 API really not provide any operation to resolve a path to a node in one call without relying on the index?

2018-11-02 12:21:34 GMT <AFaust> Oh... and it goes through FileFolderService for listNodeChildren, how lovely. So no support for any non-traditional node type...

2018-11-02 12:23:48 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> AFaust note those things down for next office hours

2018-11-02 12:24:49 GMT <AFaust> Interestingly, the listNodeChildren operation that uses a canned query is different from the ones that does a direct nodeService query, as I can't find the "filter out non-files/folders and system folders" bit, which is typically used inside the FileFolderService itself

2018-11-02 12:26:32 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> AFaust I have one extra thing for you, you will probably love the rest api after you read this ticket : https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ALF-22031

2018-11-02 12:26:32 GMT <AFaust> Oh boy, how I would love for this stupid FileFolderService to die someday... In 9 years with Alfresco, I have used it maybe 4 or 5 times (and been kicked in the groin by its limitations ~60%)...

2018-11-02 12:26:51 GMT <AFaust> Already aware of that (you mentioned it before)

2018-11-02 12:42:13 GMT <AFaust> yreg: One of the more significant limitations I find to be the lack of a dictionary service... Still do not get why people find it ok to have to re-defined all the i18n labels for types, properties and aspects in ADF-based apps and live without a proper dictionary...

2018-11-02 12:43:36 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> probably most people used to ommit proper

2018-11-02 12:43:41 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> while you talk about the REST api, the new v1 has invented its own hateoas for instance

2018-11-02 12:43:49 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> translations in the backend anyway

2018-11-02 12:44:22 GMT <AFaust> Well - even if they omitted proper labels, but what about actually finding out which values are alloed for a property in the first place?

2018-11-02 12:44:50 GMT <AFaust> All of the constraints have to be coded redundantly (and in a hard-coded fashion) on the client now

2018-11-02 12:46:28 GMT <AFaust> dgradecak: You mean that they did a custom request URL to Java mapping layer instead of using one of the libraries that "everyone uses"?

2018-11-02 12:47:47 GMT <AFaust> I don't find much offense with that - I find it much more problematic that they are lacking referential URLs / URIs in their entity responses for relates resources / operations...

2018-11-02 12:47:47 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> For instance

2018-11-02 12:48:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> Not an offense but a non sense

2018-11-02 12:49:24 GMT <alfresco-discord> <dgradecak> The way the use pagination etc is also funny ... but that is not an offense either

2018-11-02 12:58:11 GMT <AFaust> As for the resolution of paths I mentioned earlier, I also cannot seem to find a way to resolve an XPath without relying on the index. The nodes operations only allow filtering by actual name, which might be different from the association name used in the XPath, especially if your content structure allows for duplicates...

2018-11-02 12:59:54 GMT <AFaust> Oh, any I hope no one ever creates an actual node type named "my:xy INCLUDESUBTYPES", which would be legal but totally non-usable for selecting children from the nodes API as they really fudged how to specify the "where" condition...

2018-11-02 13:01:57 GMT * AFaust wonders if he should just create such a model and then raise a bug about it, but doesn't know how to argue this as a valid use case with a serious face...

2018-11-02 13:14:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> hehe

2018-11-02 13:14:31 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> I saw something about dictionary service in the roadmap

2018-11-02 13:14:56 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> I think it was part of a new initiative for CMM or alike

2018-11-02 13:48:56 GMT <AFaust> Ah, ok... path resolution is a weird variant of the /node/{id} and /node/{id}/children operations, where you specify an URL parameter for the relative path, so you are not actually retrieving the node specified in the resource URL / children of that node, but any descendants / the descendants of an abritrary level

2018-11-02 13:49:48 GMT <AFaust> I don't know, but that feels blatently in violation of common ReST API entity / resource addressing practices...

2018-11-02 13:52:56 GMT <AFaust> Francesco Corti: Hey, I just checked https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-7942-office-hour-notes and can't seem to find notes of the last session. Did you not make any from the barrage of concerns raised by Younes / Bindu, as well as the JDK-related questions in the end?

2018-11-02 13:52:58 GMT <alfbot> Title:Office Hours notes | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2018-11-02 16:30:11 GMT *** jelly is now known as khajiit

2018-11-02 16:30:33 GMT *** khajiit is now known as jelly

2018-11-02 16:42:43 GMT <HarlinS> Anyone ever seen an issue where an ldap sync seems to remove a user's email address from the user's info?

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