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2018-11-15 10:00:10 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> Morning

2018-11-15 10:00:31 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> Guys is it possible to do a TMQ through the rest api ?

2018-11-15 10:33:16 GMT <AFaust> yreg: Yes, ReST API supports TMQ and you can even explicitly require/disallow it

2018-11-15 10:33:35 GMT <AFaust> Did this last week at my training before actually enabling ASS

2018-11-15 10:33:56 GMT <yreg> I remember doing this before

2018-11-15 10:34:14 GMT <yreg> But at first glance at the api-explorer this morning

2018-11-15 10:34:30 GMT <yreg> Couldn't spot it and thought I should ask before going to the source :D

2018-11-15 10:36:50 GMT <angelborroy> Hi guys

2018-11-15 10:36:53 GMT <angelborroy> short question

2018-11-15 10:36:58 GMT <yreg> Hey Angel

2018-11-15 10:37:00 GMT <yreg> shoot

2018-11-15 10:37:17 GMT <angelborroy> I have a model upgrading that is not deployed at bootstrap completely

2018-11-15 10:37:21 GMT <angelborroy> some associations are lost

2018-11-15 10:37:38 GMT <angelborroy> but it’s deployed corretly using Data Dictionary / Model folder

2018-11-15 10:37:47 GMT <angelborroy> Is it something you remember of?

2018-11-15 10:38:25 GMT <angelborroy> Alfresco 5.2.4

2018-11-15 10:39:14 GMT <yreg> Dictionary / Model is always a pain when dealing with upgrades, is moving it to a regular model deployed to the FS an option for you

2018-11-15 10:39:35 GMT <angelborroy> It should be an option

2018-11-15 10:39:39 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t tested it

2018-11-15 10:40:14 GMT <angelborroy> So using “extension” directory is different from using String bootstrap approach?

2018-11-15 10:42:57 GMT <yreg> At least your whole model would be fully loaded during bootstrap

2018-11-15 10:43:10 GMT <yreg> Which could make a difference

2018-11-15 10:43:25 GMT <angelborroy> Thanks

2018-11-15 10:43:25 GMT <yreg> Could/should

2018-11-15 10:43:51 GMT <angelborroy> Asking just in case you had the same issue before

2018-11-15 10:43:59 GMT <angelborroy> I’m going to explore alternatives

2018-11-15 10:44:54 GMT <yreg> I had something similar before, and always ended up converting data-dictionary models into FS for all content types (except for workflow models)

2018-11-15 10:47:35 GMT <angelborroy> So it’s a “known” issue

2018-11-15 10:47:47 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t find it in JIRA

2018-11-15 10:48:13 GMT <yreg> Well, maybe it is more appropriate to say it is a design lilitation

2018-11-15 10:48:20 GMT <yreg> limitation*

2018-11-15 10:48:26 GMT <yreg> Or a limitation by design

2018-11-15 10:54:29 GMT <angelborroy> yreg just to understand properly your point

2018-11-15 10:54:55 GMT <angelborroy> You are deploying your models manually or you are using “extension” folder?

2018-11-15 10:58:41 GMT <yreg> I am usually deploying them as part of my module (inside the module folder with a proper context to load them during bootstrap)

2018-11-15 10:58:41 GMT <yreg> I have had (inherited mostly) projects that use data dictionary/model and some dynamic-extensions mojo to bootstrap them when a dynamic extension is loaded (or in some cases deployed manually)

2018-11-15 10:58:41 GMT <yreg> Either way, those data dictionary models are always a PITA when you try to upgrade them, and require nasty hacks... mainly due to the fact they get loaded quite late during startup

2018-11-15 10:58:41 GMT <yreg> On multiple occasions, converting them into regular models on my filesystem solved my problems, and I only needed to full-reindex solr

2018-11-15 11:00:01 GMT <angelborroy> afaik I have a regular model on my filesystem

2018-11-15 11:15:05 GMT <yreg> angelborroy, what kind of changes have you introduced into your model? are there any patches you made to fill in any gap between both models ?

2018-11-15 11:15:22 GMT <angelborroy> just including a new aspect with associations

2018-11-15 11:15:32 GMT <angelborroy> this is why it looks so weird

2018-11-15 11:15:45 GMT <angelborroy> no modification on the original XML types and aspects

2018-11-15 11:15:47 GMT <angelborroy> Just a new node

2018-11-15 11:16:58 GMT <yreg> I think I understand your issue now : You added a new aspect with few associations, and marked it as mandatory on some content types, but looking into your content types, you do not see the associations there ?

2018-11-15 11:17:13 GMT <angelborroy> nope

2018-11-15 11:17:22 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t see the aspect at all

2018-11-15 11:17:33 GMT <yreg> Yes, that is to be expected

2018-11-15 11:17:36 GMT <angelborroy> It’s not loaded by the Dictionary

2018-11-15 11:17:42 GMT <yreg> Only once you "touch" the node

2018-11-15 11:17:43 GMT <angelborroy> Really?

2018-11-15 11:18:09 GMT <yreg> yes

2018-11-15 11:18:11 GMT <angelborroy> So DataDictionary only loads the model if there is some node using it?

2018-11-15 11:18:19 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t knew that

2018-11-15 11:18:34 GMT <yreg> No I meant data dictionary will load the model

2018-11-15 11:18:59 GMT <yreg> But existing nodes won't be aware of the change / corrected auto-magically

2018-11-15 11:19:10 GMT <angelborroy> Ah, ok

2018-11-15 11:19:13 GMT <angelborroy> This is not the problem

2018-11-15 11:19:23 GMT <angelborroy> My new aspect is not listed at http://localhost/alfresco/s/api/classes

2018-11-15 11:19:27 GMT <yreg> Either you code that in a patch, or they will become aware next time you touch/modify them

2018-11-15 11:19:30 GMT <angelborroy> But it’s present on the XML Model definition

2018-11-15 11:20:02 GMT <angelborroy> If I include the aspect in a new namespace (this is my current test), then it’s loaded correctly

2018-11-15 11:20:16 GMT <angelborroy> This is enough for me, so I’m going to follow this path

2018-11-15 11:22:48 GMT <angelborroy> Exactly the same XML fragment copied into a new XML Content Model (with a new namespace) is loaded by Dictionary and works as expected

2018-11-15 11:22:53 GMT <angelborroy> Very very weird scenario

2018-11-15 11:24:24 GMT <yreg> That sounds like you have multiple files with the same path on your class path and your class loader is loading a different one then the one having the edits, that's the only explanation I can think of

2018-11-15 11:24:26 GMT <angelborroy> ~later tell AFaust Let me know if you have some time later to talk about Content Model upgradings deployment

2018-11-15 11:24:26 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: The operation succeeded.

2018-11-15 11:24:42 GMT <angelborroy> Let me check

2018-11-15 11:25:29 GMT <angelborroy> It makes sense

2018-11-15 11:28:46 GMT <angelborroy> touché!

2018-11-15 11:28:55 GMT <angelborroy> It was also deployed in “extension” folder

2018-11-15 11:28:59 GMT <angelborroy> ahhhhh

2018-11-15 11:29:01 GMT <angelborroy> Thanks yreg

2018-11-15 11:37:17 GMT <angelborroy> ~later tel AFaust No conversation required, yreg showed me where to find the problem (Damn Docker deployments!)

2018-11-15 11:37:17 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Error: The "Later" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "tel" in it. Try "list Later" to see the commands in the "Later" plugin.

2018-11-15 11:37:38 GMT <angelborroy> ~later tell AFaust No conversation required, yreg showed me where to find the problem (Damn Docker deployments!)

2018-11-15 11:37:38 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: The operation succeeded.

2018-11-15 11:40:58 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 16 minutes ago: <angelborroy> Let me know if you have some time later to talk about Content Model upgradings deployment

2018-11-15 11:40:59 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: Sent 3 minutes ago: <angelborroy> No conversation required, yreg showed me where to find the problem (Damn Docker deployments!)

2018-11-15 11:47:21 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: I am at a customer today, so won't have much time. But good if yreg already helped you out

2018-11-15 11:48:02 GMT <angelborroy> Yep, thanks, basically was that I was blind (or paranoic)

2018-11-15 11:51:15 GMT * AFaust just read through the log

2018-11-15 11:51:36 GMT <AFaust> Yeah, having the same model in different paths and not realising an override via extension path can be a pain...

2018-11-15 11:52:16 GMT <AFaust> Still better / easier to find than if a model was contained in JARs ("simple" Alfresco module) using the same path and hidden by classpath loading logic

2018-11-15 11:53:38 GMT <angelborroy> Sometimes I’m too cautious about Alfresco quality, and this lead me to think about inexistent issues

2018-11-15 13:19:22 GMT <yreg> AFaust, can you share the key to get TMQ through REST api ?

2018-11-15 13:20:33 GMT <AFaust> If you have a TMQ-compatible query you do not need to specify TMQ consistency in the request

2018-11-15 13:20:43 GMT <AFaust> (provided you have TRANSACTIONAL_IF_POSSIBLE)

2018-11-15 13:21:35 GMT <yreg> Hmmm I actually should have the default setup

2018-11-15 13:22:00 GMT <yreg> And the patches for creating the right index are also setup

2018-11-15 13:23:05 GMT <yreg> Will double check if it was TMQ after all without le noticing at all

2018-11-15 13:23:45 GMT <AFaust> I am actually looking for the explicit parameter... I could have sworn there is a simple "consistency" key in the request body, but I cannot find it right now in docs or source

2018-11-15 13:23:52 GMT <AFaust> Ahh - now I got it

2018-11-15 13:24:00 GMT <AFaust> "context" -> "consistency"

2018-11-15 13:24:12 GMT <AFaust> But that is part of the response for some reason

2018-11-15 13:24:56 GMT <AFaust> So, ehm... yeah. There does not seem to be a parameter to force TMQ if your server is not set to TRANSACTIONAL or TRANSACTIONAL_IF_POSSIBLE

2018-11-15 13:28:27 GMT <yreg> Yeah I remember having to add some nasty predicate at some point

2018-11-15 13:28:38 GMT <yreg> Just to force a query to go to solr at some point

2018-11-15 13:29:02 GMT <yreg> Since having a TMQ compatible query can break faceting in ADF

2018-11-15 13:29:10 GMT <yreg> Or something like that

2018-11-15 13:29:40 GMT <yreg> As the endpoint switched to DB automagically and ignores the faceting parameters

2018-11-15 13:42:27 GMT <AFaust> Yeah - I always add: AND ISNODE:T

2018-11-15 13:43:06 GMT <AFaust> is essentially a NO-OP since all nodes have this field set to T (don't ask me why this field is included in the first place)

2018-11-15 13:43:49 GMT <AFaust> May be a legacy field from SOLR 1 fields when ACLs were separate index documents

2018-11-15 13:43:54 GMT <yreg> To make distinction between node documents and ACL documents AFAIK

2018-11-15 13:44:18 GMT <yreg> Aren't they anymore ?

2018-11-15 14:06:37 GMT <AFaust> No, ACLs are part of the node index document now

2018-11-15 14:06:56 GMT <AFaust> AFAIK...

2018-11-15 14:07:52 GMT <AFaust> There were also AUX entries in the past (for PATH if I am not mistaken), but I don't know if they are now folded into the node documents too or not...

2018-11-15 14:08:15 GMT <AFaust> Anyway... ISNODE:T has worked like a charm to force index query instead of TMQ

2018-11-15 15:31:11 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> Just a reminder - we have office hours today at 15:30 UTC

2018-11-15 15:31:47 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> No special guests or advance questions today - so come with whatever you'd like to discuss. We can talk about the upcoming release, DevCon, meetups, hackathon showcase planning, etc.

2018-11-15 15:32:07 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> Or if you've got a question or need help with something - come and ask!

2018-11-15 15:32:11 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> I thought it was an hour later ?

2018-11-15 15:32:21 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> is it starting now ?

2018-11-15 15:32:27 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> or in an hour ?

2018-11-15 15:33:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> starting at 15:30 - so in one hour

2018-11-15 15:36:08 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> Ok, timezone offsets always get me confused 😛

2018-11-15 15:39:46 GMT <angelborroy> @yreg the same here, we need an UTC Clock widget :D

2018-11-15 15:41:09 GMT <AFaust> Darn... first full (new) office hours session I am going to miss since I am at a customer..

2018-11-15 15:47:18 GMT <yreg> AFaust, is it possible to troubleshoot lucent index the same way we troubleshoot solr index ?

2018-11-15 15:48:25 GMT <yreg> I have an old instance with some failed content transformations (PDF -> txt) and the client would like to locate all sensitive node to disable content indexing on them

2018-11-15 15:49:18 GMT <angelborroy> yreg I was using Luke for that

2018-11-15 15:49:27 GMT <angelborroy> did you know that tool?

2018-11-15 15:50:03 GMT <yreg> I knew it existed, but no idea on the features

2018-11-15 15:50:04 GMT <angelborroy> https://github.com/DmitryKey/luke

2018-11-15 15:50:05 GMT <alfbot> Title:GitHub - DmitryKey/luke: This is mavenised Luke: Lucene Toolbox Project (at github.com)

2018-11-15 15:50:18 GMT <angelborroy> I didn’t try it for years

2018-11-15 15:50:23 GMT <yreg> Is there a way to easily locate failed nodes ?

2018-11-15 15:50:25 GMT <angelborroy> But it should (still) work

2018-11-15 15:50:42 GMT <yreg> (Even if the new version doesn't, an old version should)

2018-11-15 15:51:24 GMT <angelborroy> I used the tool for that

2018-11-15 15:51:32 GMT <angelborroy> To repair missed nodes and so

2018-11-15 15:51:55 GMT <angelborroy> But I don’t remember if it has an specific feature to locate failed nodes

2018-11-15 15:54:07 GMT <yreg> Ok thanks for the tip :)

2018-11-15 15:57:54 GMT <iblanco> Hi everyone. I'm having a hard time trying to use some Aikau components in a custom control that I'm building for share. And I thought that I'd better ask for some helps because I'm starting to think that Aikau might not be right tool for the job.

2018-11-15 15:58:51 GMT <iblanco> I want to create a custom control for Share. Custom controls are just an "ftl" file that is loaded by the form engine when a field is configured to use such control.

2018-11-15 15:59:09 GMT <iblanco> I want to build a control that has several parts, a dialog, a list etc...

2018-11-15 16:01:11 GMT <iblanco> I have succesfully used and AlfButton to open a Dialog just by publishing the corresponding payload to the DialogService from a button that I have instantiated just by requiring "alfresco/controls/AlfButton" and instantiating it in my javascript.

2018-11-15 16:02:28 GMT <iblanco> Now I'm trying to do the same in order to create a list, I require "alfresco/list/AlfList" in my client side javascript and do a "new AlfList(config, nodeInTheDom)" .

2018-11-15 16:03:00 GMT <iblanco> After some struggling the list seems to appear, but the required CSSs for the AlfList are not loaded so it doesn't look right.

2018-11-15 16:04:59 GMT <iblanco> Usually Aikau is used by defining widget models in Share's webscripts js controllers not directly "in the client side", so maybe is not suitable for what I'm trying to do?

2018-11-15 16:05:43 GMT <iblanco> Should I just use my own widgets or oldish YUI2 client side components instead?

2018-11-15 16:06:23 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> I'm sorry everyone - apparently I mixed up the time by not adjusting with time change. It's 16:30 UTC - so we'll start in a half hour!

2018-11-15 16:06:42 GMT <yreg> Aha !

2018-11-15 16:06:50 GMT <yreg> That makes sense :D

2018-11-15 16:09:38 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> @yreg I am apparently the worst with time zones.

2018-11-15 16:14:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <kgastaldo> I'm backing them up an hour in my calendar, so next time will be 15:30 UTC

2018-11-15 17:16:32 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> So ACS 6.1 GA is already out : https://www.alfresco.com/whats-new

2018-11-15 17:16:34 GMT <alfbot> Title:What's New | Alfresco (at www.alfresco.com)

2018-11-15 17:44:12 GMT <AFaust> You're kidding?

2018-11-15 17:46:28 GMT <yreg> What ?

2018-11-15 17:46:49 GMT <yreg> I found a blog made by harry and I followed the link

2018-11-15 17:46:54 GMT <yreg> It seems legit

2018-11-15 17:47:06 GMT <yreg> Just opened a support ticket for quay.io access :D

2018-11-15 17:47:34 GMT <AFaust> It's just that I am very surprised

2018-11-15 17:47:50 GMT <AFaust> I don't expect that this version already handles OpenJDK 11 or so...

2018-11-15 17:51:04 GMT <yreg> Well it is not in the download section of support portal

2018-11-15 17:51:11 GMT <yreg> Let me look up that blog for you

2018-11-15 17:51:48 GMT <yreg> https://www.alfresco.com/blogs/alfresco-embraces-amazon-eks/

2018-11-15 17:51:50 GMT <alfbot> Title:Alfresco works with Amazon EKS | Alfresco Blog (at www.alfresco.com)

2018-11-15 17:52:15 GMT <AFaust> Also that 6.1 EE is out and there has been no announcement for a CE...

2018-11-15 17:52:16 GMT <yreg> I read it right, it says "You can also explore more about the ACS 6.1 product release here. " in the bottom of that page

2018-11-15 17:52:30 GMT <AFaust> Not that 6.1 is like the 5.1 version where there only was an EE version and no CE

2018-11-15 17:52:52 GMT <AFaust> excuse me, I meant 4.1, not 5.1

2018-11-15 17:52:54 GMT <yreg> You mean 4.1

2018-11-15 17:53:18 GMT <AFaust> yeah, the keys are very close together, so my sausage finger slipped

2018-11-15 18:19:44 GMT <yreg> It seems ACA got rebranded into digital workspace :D

2018-11-15 18:42:17 GMT <AFaust> Hmm - Alfresco Nexus contains a content-services-community WAR with version 6.1.1

2018-11-15 18:43:35 GMT <AFaust> So, did they change their versioning scheme again to exclude the -ga suffix, or is it just that they actually listened to us and aligned the versioning schemes between Enterprise and Community to only use EA, but no GA suffix..?

2018-11-15 18:44:15 GMT <AFaust> The 6.1.1 was published on October 26th... I can't remember seeing an announcement for that.

2018-11-15 18:45:08 GMT <AFaust> And there is no release page in community.alfresco.com

2018-11-15 18:47:05 GMT <AFaust> And with regards to an Enterprise 6.1, I can only see EA / -test artifacts on Nexus when checking what one of my customers can see...

2018-11-15 18:47:20 GMT <AFaust> So the new 6.1 trial seems to be a hot-build

2018-11-15 18:49:49 GMT <AFaust> ~later tell yreg: My conclusion is that there is no 6.1 GA - only some unpolished EA / partial release that is out to coincide with some marketing push...

2018-11-15 18:49:49 GMT <alfbot> AFaust: The operation succeeded.

2018-11-15 19:08:33 GMT <alfresco-discord> <digcat> hey @afau

2018-11-15 20:40:57 GMT <alfbot> yreg: Sent 1 hour and 51 minutes ago: <AFaust> My conclusion is that there is no 6.1 GA - only some unpolished EA / partial release that is out to coincide with some marketing push...

2018-11-15 23:36:33 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> The launch is a pre-announcement of ACS6.1 - the GA releases will come in due course. Including the OpenJDK 11 updates and Digital Workspace, which is the enterprise supported 'edition' of the content app (which remains an open source community project).

2018-11-15 23:37:21 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> We wanted to get our announcements out before Thanks Giving and AWS:ReInvent

2018-11-15 23:45:19 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> Thanks for the clarifications @john.knowles 😃

2018-11-15 23:46:07 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> by the way is there any plan to open-source APW or to adopt a parallel opensource initiative for Activiti ?

2018-11-15 23:47:13 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> I noticed the package in support portal had an Apache license bundled but there is no public repo to the extent of my knowledge

2018-11-15 23:48:25 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> good question, not an application I am involved with directly... some casual discussions on this subject have occurred but no decisions as yet

2018-11-15 23:50:06 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> The ACS deployment projects are open source, and you can try out the latest n greatest via the deployment project: https://github.com/Alfresco/acs-deployment

2018-11-15 23:50:07 GMT <alfbot> Title:GitHub - Alfresco/acs-deployment: Deployment descriptors pull together Alfresco Content Services (Enterprise) (at github.com)

2018-11-15 23:50:31 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> (yes Quay.io access is required)

2018-11-15 23:50:54 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> Yeah tried those out during 6.0 EA and a bit later when the release came

2018-11-15 23:51:44 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> but other community members who have tried them a bit later seemed to have faced tons with issues which required various workarounds to actually get the thing up and running OOTB alfresco

2018-11-15 23:52:19 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> hence AFaust's skepticism on the readiness of ACS 6.1

2018-11-15 23:52:43 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> (personally, haven't had issues, seems to be broken after my trials)

2018-11-15 23:53:12 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> I used the docker compose from there a week ago and it spun up ok

2018-11-15 23:53:30 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> aha, I was referring to the helm charts

2018-11-15 23:53:51 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> it isn't GA yet, so yes bound to be outstanding issues 😉

2018-11-15 23:53:52 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> sorry didn't actually check the repo, and assumed it was the one using the helm charts

2018-11-15 23:56:16 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> it actually has both

2018-11-15 23:56:45 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> in all honesty OpenJDK 11 has been trickier than expected, and in order to have GA majority of modules need to be ready too

2018-11-15 23:57:18 GMT <AFaust> ^^ that does not surprise me one bit

2018-11-15 23:57:42 GMT <AFaust> I was actually more surprised by the cavalier attitude of "how hard can it be" when it was discussed at some point during office hours

2018-11-15 23:57:42 GMT <alfresco-discord> <john.knowles> and done in conjunction with OpenJDK 11 service packs for 5.2 and 6.0 😉

2018-11-15 23:58:04 GMT <AFaust> Looked like someone had not done any investigations and just assumed it would be like any Java update...

2018-11-15 23:58:14 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> that was expected I guess, the subject even got brought a couple of times during office hours

2018-11-15 23:59:09 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> AFaust or maybe tried out a few things with all new security features from JDK 11 disabled

2018-11-15 23:59:56 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> anyway, I guess rhino and related magic would be the hardest part there

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