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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-12-17 11:01:42 GMT *** angelborroy_ is now known as angelborroy

2018-12-17 11:05:02 GMT <AFaust> Good morning

2018-12-17 11:05:26 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy: Could I interest you in checking out latest changes in ootbee-support-tools for Spanish i18n?

2018-12-17 13:32:02 GMT <AFaust> Does anyone know what the search subsystem in 5.0.d called Search$hidden is supposed to be?

2018-12-17 13:33:02 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust sure

2018-12-17 13:33:24 GMT <AFaust> I mean I know it must originate somehow from the legacy Lucene stuff...

2018-12-17 13:33:35 GMT <AFaust> Just have not noticed it before.

2018-12-17 13:33:47 GMT <angelborroy> ~HtmlLogger Flush

2018-12-17 13:33:47 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Error: The "HtmlLogger" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "Flush" in it. Try "list HtmlLogger" to see the commands in the "HtmlLogger" plugin.

2018-12-17 13:34:06 GMT <AFaust> And now it messes with a new feature in OOTBee Support Tools

2018-12-17 13:34:29 GMT <angelborroy> ~HtmlLogger flushlog

2018-12-17 13:34:29 GMT <alfbot> angelborroy: Woooosh, your log has been flushed...

2018-12-17 13:34:48 GMT <AFaust> I also don't understand why Lucene subsystem is even started in my system as I have setup Solr to be used...

2018-12-17 13:41:30 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust should I create a new branch or just a Pull Request is enough for you?

2018-12-17 13:41:51 GMT <AFaust> New PR is the right way to do this...

2018-12-17 13:42:23 GMT <angelborroy> btw, no idea about the Lucene issue with 5.0.d

2018-12-17 13:54:34 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust just only ootbee-support-tools_es.properties file, right?

2018-12-17 13:54:59 GMT <AFaust> No, there are also new files for web scripts

2018-12-17 13:55:19 GMT <angelborroy> ok

2018-12-17 13:55:56 GMT <AFaust> Yeah, the Lucene issue is only because I made the mistake not to abort the initialisation from persisted properties when I loaded an "empty map" of properties

2018-12-17 13:56:23 GMT <AFaust> And whenever you set properties on a registered subsystem, Alfresco will always start those, even if they have not been configured to be active.

2018-12-17 13:56:51 GMT <AFaust> And by combining these two, my Lucene subsystem got started and tried to validate the index directories (which don't exist)

2018-12-17 13:57:43 GMT <AFaust> There should have been an API on Alfresco side to set properties without an implicit (re)start

2018-12-17 13:58:38 GMT <angelborroy> Quick question

2018-12-17 13:58:39 GMT <angelborroy> User {0} is {4} permission {1} on {2} (name: {3})

2018-12-17 13:58:58 GMT <angelborroy> Can you give me the whole sentence?

2018-12-17 14:01:35 GMT <AFaust> {4} is either "granted" or "denied"

2018-12-17 14:02:00 GMT <AFaust> The other are completely dynamic, {0} is a user name, {1} a permission name, {2} a noderef and {3} the cm:name of the node

2018-12-17 14:02:13 GMT <angelborroy> So

2018-12-17 14:02:45 GMT <angelborroy> User admin is granted permission READ on 38458455 (nombre document.pdf)

2018-12-17 14:02:48 GMT <AFaust> There are individual labels for "granted" / "denied"

2018-12-17 14:02:52 GMT <angelborroy> ok

2018-12-17 14:08:21 GMT <angelborroy> PR to “master”?

2018-12-17 14:28:50 GMT <fwu2018> hello all

2018-12-17 14:35:31 GMT <AFaust> Yes, PR to master

2018-12-17 14:36:10 GMT <AFaust> Not much dev going on (besides my own stuff) that we would need the extra separation between master and develop ...

2018-12-17 14:36:37 GMT <angelborroy> ok, just sent my PR to master

2018-12-17 14:37:11 GMT <angelborroy> btw currently facing a weird SOLR indexation issue

2018-12-17 14:37:29 GMT <angelborroy> It looks like there are some nodes not being indexes from an upgrading

2018-12-17 14:37:47 GMT <angelborroy> But these nodes are not marked as “error”, so it’s hard to find what is happening

2018-12-17 14:38:10 GMT <angelborroy> some tool to identify what’s wrong?

2018-12-17 14:38:27 GMT <angelborroy> I have Alfresco 5.2 + SOLR 6

2018-12-17 14:38:29 GMT <fwu2018> ppl, Im trying to use the /people/{personId}/request-password-reset, but this service is sending an email pointing to share. I believe this happens because Im using client=share. My question is: where can I define another client to this method?

2018-12-17 14:39:02 GMT <fwu2018> because I would like to control the reset link sent by email to the user requesting the change

2018-12-17 14:43:05 GMT <fwu2018> it seems the client is being searched here: ClientAppConfig.ClientApp getClientAppConfig(String clientName)

2018-12-17 14:43:28 GMT <angelborroy> https://dev.alfresco.com/resource/docs/java/org/alfresco/repo/security/authentication/ResetPasswordService.html

2018-12-17 14:43:29 GMT <alfbot> Title:ResetPasswordService (Alfresco 5.3.a-SNAPSHOT API) (at dev.alfresco.com)

2018-12-17 14:44:24 GMT <angelborroy> Yep

2018-12-17 14:44:35 GMT <angelborroy> But I didn’t find also where to define this ClientApp

2018-12-17 14:47:17 GMT <fwu2018> angelborroy, thank you. I believe it should be alfresco-gloval,properties. I will search for a little bit more

2018-12-17 14:47:37 GMT <fwu2018> but this restAPI is not easy to find

2018-12-17 14:47:45 GMT <angelborroy> Yep

2018-12-17 14:47:56 GMT <angelborroy> And it’s jumping from rest-api client to repository

2018-12-17 14:54:49 GMT <AFaust> angelborroy, fwu2018: I believe this question was already asked at least once before and I provided an answer for that... let me check history

2018-12-17 14:57:11 GMT <AFaust> Yeah, fwu2018 you already asked about client app in October

2018-12-17 14:58:00 GMT <AFaust> e.g. <fwu2018> ppl, using the rest api there is a client=share. Where can I define a new client? So that the link on the email points to mai client and not to share?

2018-12-17 14:58:17 GMT <AFaust> And I pointed you to https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-repository/blob/master/src/main/resources/alfresco/client/config/repo-clients-apps.properties

2018-12-17 14:58:18 GMT <alfbot> Title:alfresco-repository/repo-clients-apps.properties at master · Alfresco/alfresco-repository · GitHub (at github.com)

2018-12-17 14:58:28 GMT <AFaust> Added in 5.2.1 (Enterprise only) and merged in 6.0 for Community

2018-12-17 14:58:57 GMT <AFaust> So yes, alfresco-global.properties is where you would define a custom client app

2018-12-17 14:59:11 GMT <angelborroy> so it’s not a subsystem, just a parametrization

2018-12-17 14:59:31 GMT <angelborroy> and how can several clients be defined?

2018-12-17 14:59:42 GMT <angelborroy> ah, ok

2018-12-17 14:59:50 GMT <angelborroy> repo.client-app.custom-app...

2018-12-17 15:00:02 GMT <angelborroy> by name

2018-12-17 15:00:06 GMT <AFaust> Right

2018-12-17 15:01:24 GMT <fwu2018> AFaust, thats it! thank you

2018-12-17 16:52:34 GMT <grendal_prime> anyone using zylklab/alfresco-share-online-edition-addon with linux workstations?

2018-12-17 17:12:33 GMT <AFaust> Not here - in all my years with Alfresco I only ever had one customer that even had Linux workstations...

2018-12-17 17:33:12 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust trying to find configuration for multi-locale SOLR 6 for Alfresco 5.2

2018-12-17 17:33:29 GMT <angelborroy> it was located in some point at docs.alfresco.com, right?

2018-12-17 17:33:30 GMT <AFaust> You mean the one in shared.properties?

2018-12-17 17:33:33 GMT <angelborroy> yep

2018-12-17 17:34:09 GMT <angelborroy> http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/solr-shared-properties.html

2018-12-17 17:34:10 GMT <AFaust> Don't know about documentation, but simply uncomment the cross-locale options for datatypes in the default file and you should be fine

2018-12-17 17:34:10 GMT <alfbot> Title:About shared.properties file | Alfresco Documentation (at docs.alfresco.com)

2018-12-17 17:34:11 GMT <angelborroy> this one

2018-12-17 17:34:33 GMT <angelborroy> so just uncomment every

2018-12-17 17:34:34 GMT <angelborroy> alfresco.cross.locale.datatype.*

2018-12-17 17:34:41 GMT <angelborroy> and re-indexing

2018-12-17 17:36:28 GMT <AFaust> yep

2018-12-17 17:36:33 GMT <angelborroy> thanks

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