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Daily Log for #alfresco

2018-12-20 10:49:33 GMT <fwu2018> hello all!

2018-12-20 11:36:32 GMT <fwu2018> ppl, can someone help me with the following error. On a default Alfresco install Im getting this error when trying to chnage an user photo.

2018-12-20 11:36:36 GMT <fwu2018> 2018-12-20 11:33:48,989 INFO [repo.jscript.ScriptNode] [http-apr-58166-exec-4] Unable to create thumbnail 'avatar' for image/png as no transformer is currently available. 2018-12-20 11:33:48,989 DEBUG [jscript.RhinoScriptProcessor.calls] [http-apr-58166-exec-4] thumbnail.get.js End 14 ms 2018-12-20 11:33:48,995 ERROR [extensions.webscripts.AbstractRuntime] [http-apr-58166-exec-4] Exception from executeScript: 11200012 The co

2018-12-20 11:37:21 GMT <fwu2018> why there isnt a default transformer for a standard feature? What I need to do to enable the transformer?

2018-12-20 11:37:38 GMT <fwu2018> standard feature = user photo

2018-12-20 11:38:31 GMT <fwu2018> alfresco 5.2

2018-12-20 13:04:23 GMT <AFaust> fwu2018: Maybe you haven't setup ImageMagick correctly...

2018-12-20 13:05:26 GMT <AFaust> Image manipulation requires ImageMagick as an external dependency. Only the default installers (up to 5.2) or the default Docker images already come pre-packaged with ImageMagick - in all other cases (manuall / custom install) you'd have to take care of that yourself...

2018-12-20 13:05:55 GMT <AFaust> Also, depending on the profile picture uploaded, it may violate some limits for transformation (i.e. image size)

2018-12-20 13:46:58 GMT <fwu2018> AFaust, Alfresco 5.2 installs imagemagik but it gives an error when initiating the services indeed;

2018-12-20 13:49:08 GMT <fwu2018> the application is available. It is inside the Alfresco install, and I can try convert documents, but it seems it is not configured.

2018-12-20 13:49:19 GMT <fwu2018> 2018-12-20 11:26:43,004 ERROR [transform.magick.AbstractImageMagickContentTransformerWorker] [localhost-startStop-1] ImageMagickContentTransformerWorker not available: 11200020 Failed to perform ImageMagick transformation: Execution result: os: Windows Server 2016 command:

2018-12-20 13:49:30 GMT <fwu2018> convert.exe: RegistryKeyLookupFailed `CoderModulesPath' @ error/module.c/GetMagickModulePath/670. convert.exe: no decode delegate for this image format `GIF' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/509.

2018-12-20 13:49:43 GMT <fwu2018> so the preflight test of a gif image is also not converting

2018-12-20 13:49:53 GMT <fwu2018> but imagemagik is there

2018-12-20 13:51:12 GMT <fwu2018> how can I see if it is configured or not? how to configure it?

2018-12-20 13:56:36 GMT <AFaust> ugh - Windows server... not sure how to deal with ImageMagick issues such as this on that platform. On Linux it would usually involve re-configuring + re-compiling ImageMagick from sources to ensure a delegate for GIF is installed

2018-12-20 13:59:21 GMT <fwu2018> AFaust, my imagemagik is there and working. It is also in the global-properties.

2018-12-20 13:59:48 GMT <fwu2018> the problem is that I need to config a transformer. where is this? Inside imagemagik or this is an Alfresco config?

2018-12-20 14:00:02 GMT <AFaust> Well, your ImageMagick is "working" as in that it can run. But it is "not working" as in it cannot convert to/from GIF

2018-12-20 14:00:36 GMT <AFaust> And the part of ImageMagick that deals with specific formats is called a delegate. And they are usually compiled-in the ImageMagick process, so nothing to configure

2018-12-20 14:01:31 GMT <AFaust> You might want to try installing an original ImageMagick (not bundled with Alfresco) using a statically compiled binary, and configure Alfresco to use that...

2018-12-20 14:01:59 GMT <fwu2018> I see. actually I saw some post telling that: a fresh install. I will try

2018-12-20 14:02:21 GMT <fwu2018> I thought a transformer would something to config at the Alfresco level. I was wrong

2018-12-20 14:02:30 GMT <fwu2018> thank you AFaust

2018-12-20 14:03:36 GMT <AFaust> Well... there are transformers you can configure on Alfresco as well, but these are on a higher level. Since there is already a transformer to use ImageMagick, there is nothing to configure there...

2018-12-20 14:03:50 GMT <AFaust> ...apart from parameters for that existing ttransformer

2018-12-20 14:30:11 GMT <fwu2018> AFaust, problem solved. The manual install of imagemagik did the trick.

2018-12-20 14:30:14 GMT <fwu2018> thank you!

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