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Daily Log for #alfresco

2019-01-19 11:59:37 GMT <AFaust> @arianafiorella: Just make sure the selector property is set when you create the node before the content is written.

2019-01-19 13:11:10 GMT <missamma> I wish to learn ACS and planning to install Alfresco on my Windows 10 machine. I see that there are two options to install; through docker image or through WAR files. I am new to both. I do not want to spend much time on installation. Want to get a quick overview of ACS. Which option do I choose?

2019-01-19 13:12:41 GMT <missamma> clear

2019-01-19 13:13:07 GMT <missamma> kindly help me

2019-01-19 13:21:28 GMT <AFaust> Then use docker + docker-compose...

2019-01-19 13:22:19 GMT <AFaust> But be aware...Docker on Windows is not really the best combination for performance. It is fine for an evaluation / local dev environment, but should not be used as a test / production environment for end-users...

2019-01-19 13:31:31 GMT <missamma> Thank you for the suggestion. Yes. Will use this only for getting an initial hands on about ACS.

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