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Daily Log for #alfresco

2019-03-01 07:55:07 GMT <bhagyas> .

2019-03-01 12:06:46 GMT <mtsiak> hi all

2019-03-01 12:07:26 GMT <mtsiak> i am facing a problem with retrieving a large deleted folder from the trash can

2019-03-01 12:07:44 GMT <mtsiak> .. they cannot be retrieved back.

2019-03-01 12:08:02 GMT <mtsiak> i created also: https://community.alfresco.com/message/842173-failed-to-recover-folder-from-trashcan

2019-03-01 12:08:03 GMT <alfbot> Title:Failed to recover folder from trashcan | Alfresco Community (at community.alfresco.com)

2019-03-01 12:08:31 GMT <mtsiak> is this a time out error? or something else?

2019-03-01 12:08:43 GMT <angelborroy> It looks a time out from Share webapp

2019-03-01 12:09:12 GMT <mtsiak> what is the the default time out?

2019-03-01 12:09:31 GMT <angelborroy> I don’t remember

2019-03-01 12:09:40 GMT <angelborroy> between 60 and 120 secs

2019-03-01 12:09:48 GMT <angelborroy> But it doesn’t matter at all

2019-03-01 12:09:56 GMT <angelborroy> alfresco repository is still working

2019-03-01 12:10:13 GMT <angelborroy> if you see no error at alfresco.log, the process is moving forward

2019-03-01 12:12:56 GMT <mtsiak> after 120 secs i am getting the error.

2019-03-01 12:13:12 GMT <mtsiak> Caused by: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot read property "status" from null (file:/opt/alfresco-community/tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/modules/recover-node.post.json.js#31)

2019-03-01 12:13:12 GMT <mtsiak> at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(ScriptRuntime.java:3687)

2019-03-01 12:13:13 GMT <mtsiak> at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(ScriptRuntime.java:3665)

2019-03-01 12:13:25 GMT <angelborroy> right

2019-03-01 12:13:29 GMT <angelborroy> it’s Share application

2019-03-01 12:13:38 GMT <angelborroy> That it’s not waiting for repo response

2019-03-01 12:13:53 GMT <angelborroy> If you tried it twice or more, then you are overloading Alfresco repository

2019-03-01 12:14:08 GMT <angelborroy> Because you are sending the request as many times as Share “clicks"

2019-03-01 12:14:22 GMT <mtsiak> yes i have tryied this many times :(

2019-03-01 12:15:22 GMT <mtsiak> so if i restart tomcat, and try this again?

2019-03-01 12:15:37 GMT <angelborroy> better

2019-03-01 12:15:42 GMT <angelborroy> if this is an option

2019-03-01 12:15:50 GMT <angelborroy> Just click once

2019-03-01 12:15:55 GMT <angelborroy> and monitorize alfresco.log

2019-03-01 12:16:29 GMT <mtsiak> (also the esign-cert behaviour is running.)

2019-03-01 12:16:40 GMT <mtsiak> other suggestions ?

2019-03-01 12:16:46 GMT <angelborroy> not really

2019-03-01 12:20:01 GMT <mtsiak> is there any way to extend share timelimit? or it will not solve the error?

2019-03-01 12:21:53 GMT <angelborroy> it’s not related with the error

2019-03-01 12:22:10 GMT <angelborroy> Simply, Share just don’t wait till repository ends the task

2019-03-01 12:22:13 GMT <angelborroy> What makes sense

2019-03-01 12:22:20 GMT <angelborroy> For a long running process

2019-03-01 12:38:13 GMT <mtsiak> the error is :Cannot read property "status" from null (file:/opt/alfresco-community/tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/modules/recover-node.post.json.js#31)

2019-03-01 12:38:45 GMT <mtsiak> status is a root object, how can it be null?

2019-03-01 12:39:11 GMT <angelborroy> So it’s a repository problem

2019-03-01 12:41:27 GMT <angelborroy> So there is no response from /api/archive REST API

2019-03-01 12:42:25 GMT <angelborroy> probably also is a “remote.connect” timeout

2019-03-01 12:42:44 GMT <angelborroy> ah, yes, this is

2019-03-01 12:42:47 GMT <angelborroy> Is a Share problem

2019-03-01 12:42:53 GMT <angelborroy> This WebScript is on the Share side

2019-03-01 12:59:34 GMT <mtsiak> from the logs, i think the process is still running: the esing-cert logs behavior logs are enabled to debug. If i restart tomcat, will it make it worse?

2019-03-01 13:00:20 GMT <angelborroy> When restarting, the process stops

2019-03-01 13:05:59 GMT <AFaust> And the issue with '"status" from null' is a stupid coding bug by some Alfresco engineer who did not bother to check the response first against null before accessing the status of it...

2019-03-01 13:08:15 GMT <AFaust> The code actually tries to retrieve the "status" from the parse JSON response (which in the case of a timeout is an empty response) instead of the low-level response (which would contain the status for the timeout)

2019-03-01 13:33:38 GMT <mtsiak> i just restarted the service.

2019-03-01 13:34:15 GMT <mtsiak> and i will try again.

2019-03-01 13:34:54 GMT <mtsiak> the only thing left is retrive the folder from our back ups ... so not good.

2019-03-01 13:36:09 GMT <mtsiak> disabled the trashcan cleaner. .(just in case.. )

2019-03-01 13:38:42 GMT <mtsiak> timeout again..

2019-03-01 13:41:27 GMT <mtsiak> @AFaust i could edit the file so as the 'status' not to be null, but would it be the solution?

2019-03-01 13:45:20 GMT <mtsiak> there might be ~ 5.000 documents under this folder

2019-03-01 13:48:41 GMT <mtsiak> @AFaust, it is the status.setCode or the response.status.code? how can you know?

2019-03-01 14:02:28 GMT <AFaust> I looked at the source file and in that particular line it was accessing "response.status.code" before "status.setCode()" is called

2019-03-01 14:03:03 GMT <AFaust> And since "status" is a root scope object, it would never yield any error relating to "Cannot read property"...

2019-03-01 14:03:16 GMT <AFaust> So it can only be "response.status.code" that causes the problem

2019-03-01 14:03:59 GMT <AFaust> The only problem an edit of that file would fix is the error in the log. You would still get the timeout and may even get a client side error in the UI...

2019-03-01 21:52:38 GMT *** mmccarthy1 is now known as mmccarthy

2019-03-01 22:52:52 GMT *** d1rewolf_ is now known as d1rewolf

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