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Daily Log for #alfresco

2019-03-25 09:06:25 GMT <AFaust> edw24: I don't know how would you expect "mocking a content model" to work... a content model is not an implementation, it is a definition. You can mock implementations, but not definitions. A definition you would simply load into a non-persistent setup of namespace service / dictionary service, and et viola, you have a "mocked" content model.

2019-03-25 10:30:18 GMT <AFaust> Argh... the Alfresco Share image supports a CSRF_FILTER_REFERER and CSRF_FILTER_ORIGIN env variable to configure CSRF, but of course their logic to process the values and insert into share-config-custom.xml cannot cope with all valid values

2019-03-25 12:35:48 GMT <alfresco-discord> <monica> Hello everyone. I need help with adding multiple users to a group. Is there any way to add multiple users to a group at a time ?

2019-03-25 14:00:46 GMT <alfresco-discord> <edw24> @AFaust, makes sense. So basically I just need to mock the namespace service/dictionary service and I should be squared away? I'm just trying to test a utility class that I wrote where one method takes in a QName parameter of a model name in a registered content model.. so was just trying to see if there was a better way that having an streaming in XML and trying to mock the model that way. I appreciate

2019-03-25 14:00:46 GMT <alfresco-discord> it -- thanks.

2019-03-25 14:23:35 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> @xkahn It sounds like you might need to implement a queue

2019-03-25 14:27:41 GMT <xkahn> jpotts: That sounds like it could help... do you have a pointer to get me started?

2019-03-25 14:31:56 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> @xkahn http://activemq.apache.org/ http://activemq.apache.org/hello-world.html

2019-03-25 14:31:57 GMT <alfbot> Title:Apache ActiveMQ ™ -- Index (at activemq.apache.org)

2019-03-25 14:34:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> Does anyone know where the RM API documentation is? I've found the Governance Services Community Edition API Explorer artifact in Nexus. I'm looking for things like how to complete a custom event programmatically

2019-03-25 14:38:50 GMT <xkahn> jpotts: Oh! You mean have the emails sent out by a different process to avoid the timeout. Yeah, we're headed in that direction.

2019-03-25 14:40:37 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> @jpotts Let me know if I can find you that info

2019-03-25 14:41:37 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> @angel.borroy That would be helpful. I've looked at the Enterprise and Community GS REST API but neither seem to have the ability to complete an event

2019-03-25 14:42:01 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> It's confirmed, it's not yet on the REST API

2019-03-25 14:42:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> If you can't find it easily I'll just have to look at the source to see how they are doing it in Share

2019-03-25 15:57:48 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> @jpotts did you see POST /alfresco/s/api/rma/actions/ExecutionQueue

2019-03-25 15:57:49 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> ?

2019-03-25 15:58:55 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> It's the surf api RM is using now to use this feature

2019-03-25 16:12:17 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> @angel.borroy I found the Complete Event action implementation class. I'm testing out calling that from the JavaScript Console. It seems to run without error but the event does not get completed

2019-03-25 16:13:06 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Yep, it's the same thing

2019-03-25 16:29:34 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> Ah, the problem was I was handing the action my human-friendly event name. What it wanted was the rma:eventExecutionName which is a GUID of some sort. It isn't immediately clear how to get from the human-friendly name to the GUID but I'll keep digging

2019-03-25 16:31:11 GMT <alfresco-discord> <jpotts> I'm guessing from the lack of doc that Alfresco doesn't expect anyone to try to extend or script the RM app. What a pain!

2019-03-25 16:33:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> AGS is bein re-factorised and re-organisated

2019-03-25 16:33:33 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Probably it will become easier with the months, but nowadays is a small box of magic, yes

2019-03-25 16:36:55 GMT * AFaust bangs his head on the table, wondering why the default Alfresco 6.1.2 GA Docker image suddenly stopped streaming logs so "docker logs" can pick them up...

2019-03-25 16:54:55 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> @AFaust I can see the logs with acs-community-deployment including 6.1.2-ga

2019-03-25 16:55:03 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> how are you using it?

2019-03-25 16:55:12 GMT <AFaust> I could do that too, just about an hour ago.

2019-03-25 16:55:42 GMT <AFaust> Now my "docker logs" only logs the bare minimum of Tomcat startup, but nothing from Log4J is being piped to that anymore

2019-03-25 16:55:57 GMT <AFaust> No module installed or updated that would override log4j config

2019-03-25 16:55:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> What happened in this hour?

2019-03-25 16:56:17 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> For me it's an out-of-the-box from acs-community-deployment

2019-03-25 16:56:28 GMT <AFaust> I only updated one of my modules with a simple class file update (no change to log4j config or whatsoever)

2019-03-25 16:57:07 GMT <AFaust> Even if it did contain a log4j change, I already tried an override using dev-log4j.properties without effect

2019-03-25 16:57:50 GMT <AFaust> Can you check something: Do you get a warning during startup about "org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager.readConfiguration Reading /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/logging.properties is not permitted. See "per context logging" in the default catalina.policy file"

2019-03-25 16:58:11 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Yep

2019-03-25 16:58:17 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> I have this logging twice

2019-03-25 16:58:24 GMT <AFaust> I feel like this might be related since it would be the Catalina logging.properties which allows Console output from web apps to show in global log

2019-03-25 16:58:35 GMT <AFaust> Ok... I wasn't sure if this was new or not

2019-03-25 16:59:25 GMT <AFaust> Still, I am suspecting the JCL lib / config to be at the heart of the issue - don't know how though at this point

2019-03-25 16:59:47 GMT <AFaust> Having to do "docker exec" all the time now to check the internal logs for any issues

2019-03-25 17:00:25 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Let me start it detached

2019-03-25 17:00:35 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> You can also mount logs as volumes

2019-03-25 17:02:01 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> I can see the logs also in detached mode

2019-03-25 17:02:44 GMT <AFaust> That's the thing, I know it works and can't figure out what changed so far...

2019-03-25 17:03:09 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Probably you can start to include everything one by one

2019-03-25 17:03:27 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> But this could be dangerous (for your mental healthy, I mean)

2019-03-25 17:03:39 GMT <AFaust> There is nothing to include "one by one" - it is a single module, it is installed and that is that

2019-03-25 17:03:57 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Did you tried with 6.1.x

2019-03-25 17:04:01 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> or 6.0.x

2019-03-25 17:04:05 GMT <AFaust> It is already 6.1.2

2019-03-25 17:04:17 GMT <AFaust> And it is the same base image with which I have worked the entire day.

2019-03-25 17:04:50 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> If you want, I can test your module on my new Mac

2019-03-25 17:05:08 GMT <AFaust> Not an open source module (yet?)

2019-03-25 17:05:14 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> ok, no problem

2019-03-25 17:05:36 GMT <AFaust> And even if it were, now you'd be the last person to want that on your system...

2019-03-25 17:06:01 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Wow, now I want to have it!

2019-03-25 17:06:03 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> 😄

2019-03-25 17:06:36 GMT <AFaust> Let me know when you switch companies again...

2019-03-25 17:07:43 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Is Acosix hiring? 😄

2019-03-25 17:08:23 GMT <AFaust> It might depend on the candidate...

2019-03-25 17:09:24 GMT <AFaust> ...and the amount of extra infrastructure required. E.g. an already established expert working from home would be way easier to deal with than someone I have yet to train / "groom"

2019-03-25 17:10:39 GMT <AFaust> The latter would require me to go look for a small office or something, which would also require some additional, secondary paperwork

2019-03-25 17:11:27 GMT <alfresco-discord> <angel.borroy> Happy to hear that things are moving forward!

2019-03-25 18:22:11 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> AFaust, I have seen people doing a symbolic link for catalina.out to the stdout in order to forward their logs to docker

2019-03-25 18:22:31 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> I hope that's not what was driving you crazy a while back

2019-03-25 18:22:44 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> (been there with nginx access logs :D)

2019-03-25 18:22:48 GMT <AFaust> In the Alfresco default image there should already be a default forward via the entrypoint if I am not mistaken

2019-03-25 18:23:30 GMT <AFaust> And I do get the Catalina log, but no longer the Log4J stuff, without doing any changes to Log4J (also undid any dev-log4j.properties I temporarily had)

2019-03-25 18:35:14 GMT <AFaust> Another question entirely: What is the correct "java.util.Properties" bean to reference / inject if I want to have access to both alfresco-global.properties and any overrides provided by -D parameters (e.g. as used in JAVA_OPTS for Alfresco default image)?

2019-03-25 18:36:03 GMT <AFaust> Apparently, "global-properties" is not it, and all my modules which have so far (correctly) used Alfresco's supported configuration method don't work correctly inside their badly designed Docker images...

2019-03-25 18:37:48 GMT <AFaust> Ahh... damn. I think I now why my particular properties do not work - and it has nothing to do with picking the correct bean.

2019-03-25 18:38:07 GMT <AFaust> The way that -D is supported is that they ONLY work for properties that have been pre-defined in some bundled *.properties file.

2019-03-25 18:38:32 GMT <AFaust> So they will never work for any dynamic, optional properties, e.g. like composite config structures.

2019-03-25 18:39:29 GMT <AFaust> They would not work e.g. for custom transformer config properties unless some extension pre-defines the configurations you want to override via JAVA_OPTS

2019-03-25 18:41:14 GMT * AFaust hopes to find some time to continue work on the DevCon hack-a-thon project idea about improved default images (either via PR or OOTBee derived images)

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