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Daily Log for #alfresco

2019-05-17 12:34:57 GMT <angelborroy> AFaust did you succeed in creating an ActiveMQ client for ACS Community?

2019-05-17 12:35:26 GMT <angelborroy> I’m trying to create a tutorial but it looks like my consumer it’s not receiving the messaages

2019-05-17 12:35:30 GMT <AFaust> "ActiveMQ client for ACS Community"?

2019-05-17 12:35:53 GMT <angelborroy> Consumer or whatever, you know

2019-05-17 12:35:55 GMT <AFaust> Ideally, I want to rip out / replace / rewire everything which requires ActiveMQ

2019-05-17 12:36:11 GMT <AFaust> So ACS Community can work without this needless dependency

2019-05-17 12:36:19 GMT <AFaust> needless => useless

2019-05-17 12:36:22 GMT <angelborroy> I know, just trying to clarify this “feature” fot the people

2019-05-17 12:36:28 GMT <angelborroy> Just in case someone want to use that

2019-05-17 12:36:40 GMT <angelborroy> Probably the blog post is: “disable it"

2019-05-17 12:36:47 GMT <angelborroy> But just trying to give more value

2019-05-17 12:37:48 GMT <AFaust> I have not had time yet to work on that. I mean, just started to think about it this week when Andreas pointed to the connection to the onContentUpdate trigger for rendition refresh

2019-05-17 12:38:03 GMT <angelborroy> yep

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