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2019-09-01 18:15:38 GMT <grendal_prime> ok dont get me wrong...i like the docker deployment method...but...i wish to god someone would come up with a how to on booting docker deployed alfresco at system bootup.

2019-09-01 18:17:13 GMT <grendal_prime> I from this point im going to have to write a startup that launches docker-compose restart in the /acs-community-deployment/docker-compose dir???

2019-09-01 18:17:16 GMT <phaleth> grendal_prime: give the 'docker run' command the '--restart=always' flag

2019-09-01 18:17:52 GMT <grendal_prime> right but from what i can tell there are multiple containers for the alfresco deployment...do i need to do that for each one?

2019-09-01 18:18:06 GMT <phaleth> hmm, compose has equivalent of that

2019-09-01 18:18:12 GMT <phaleth> yeap

2019-09-01 18:18:30 GMT <grendal_prime> how will it know the correct order?

2019-09-01 18:19:02 GMT <phaleth> can you link the compose file? I'm only familiar with docker and docker-compose, not with alfresco

2019-09-01 18:19:18 GMT <grendal_prime> is there a yaml file somewhere i can specify this...

2019-09-01 18:19:31 GMT <phaleth> there is a depends on flag for that, which sort of sets the correct order, or there should be

2019-09-01 18:19:42 GMT <grendal_prime> grrr

2019-09-01 18:19:46 GMT <grendal_prime> this is so frustrating

2019-09-01 18:19:55 GMT <phaleth> are you using an already made yaml file?

2019-09-01 18:20:11 GMT <grendal_prime> ya, the one that came with the alfresco deployment im assuming

2019-09-01 18:20:22 GMT <phaleth> ok can i see it?

2019-09-01 18:20:43 GMT <grendal_prime> by the way just for the record, I just did this and it took me about two hours, (first docker deployment in my life)

2019-09-01 18:21:18 GMT <grendal_prime> you gonna show me yours first??? hahaha just kidding..ya let me locate it

2019-09-01 18:21:27 GMT <phaleth> docker is great you know, but requires going through tutorials first

2019-09-01 18:21:53 GMT <phaleth> also docker-compose is pretty specific

2019-09-01 18:22:13 GMT <grendal_prime> i read for 2 hours while it was composing.

2019-09-01 18:22:23 GMT <grendal_prime> well..most of that time

2019-09-01 18:22:57 GMT <grendal_prime> whats the diff in docker and docker-compose

2019-09-01 18:24:34 GMT <grendal_prime> https://pastebin.com/NrUdRQ8G

2019-09-01 18:24:35 GMT <alfbot> Title:[YAML] alfresco-docker-compose - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)

2019-09-01 18:24:53 GMT <grendal_prime> its there

2019-09-01 18:27:40 GMT <phaleth> ok, no restart flag there

2019-09-01 18:30:47 GMT <grendal_prime> ?

2019-09-01 18:31:00 GMT <grendal_prime> can i add these restart tags to the yaml file?

2019-09-01 18:31:27 GMT <phaleth> oh damn, i clicked on new paste button and it erased my edits

2019-09-01 18:31:44 GMT <grendal_prime> bummer

2019-09-01 18:32:13 GMT <phaleth> yeah, don't be too worried, it's just containers, you can dump them anytime

2019-09-01 18:32:23 GMT <phaleth> not sure why is it composing for two hours but anyway

2019-09-01 18:33:19 GMT <grendal_prime> sorry what i ment was research, and then composing all too about 2 hours...actual composing probably 20 min.

2019-09-01 18:34:17 GMT <grendal_prime> also, i had a hard time because checkout 2.0.2 did not work for me (and has known issues) so i went with 1.0.2 wich did compose.

2019-09-01 18:35:37 GMT <phaleth> grendal_prime: ok i added restart flag to each service and also depends on to share https://pastebin.com/raw/PZ6ei8gU

2019-09-01 18:35:55 GMT <phaleth> just not sure if share is supposed to start after alfresco and postgres are up

2019-09-01 18:36:11 GMT <phaleth> but that's what it kinda tells it to

2019-09-01 18:40:28 GMT <grendal_prime> ok cool so you just added the restart always paramater?

2019-09-01 18:41:38 GMT <phaleth> yeah and depends on to share

2019-09-01 18:41:42 GMT <grendal_prime> oh did you add the depends_on param as well?

2019-09-01 18:41:48 GMT <grendal_prime> ya ok,

2019-09-01 18:41:52 GMT <grendal_prime> ill give it a shot

2019-09-01 18:41:54 GMT <grendal_prime> thanks man

2019-09-01 18:42:00 GMT <phaleth> np

2019-09-01 18:43:46 GMT <grendal_prime> i think ill have to up it check it then try a reboot.

2019-09-01 18:45:37 GMT <phaleth> grendal_prime: the next or actually the first thing is look at volumes and how to make data persist somewhere else other than the read and write layer of each container

2019-09-01 18:47:05 GMT <grendal_prime> shit..does down..remove the containers as well?

2019-09-01 18:47:28 GMT <grendal_prime> god damn it...it does..

2019-09-01 18:47:29 GMT <phaleth> down does, stop does not

2019-09-01 18:47:42 GMT <grendal_prime> grrrr i need to do this all again...i cant believe that

2019-09-01 18:48:10 GMT <phaleth> you configured anything inside those containers?

2019-09-01 18:50:17 GMT <phaleth> grendal_prime: sort the compose file first, add volumes to it so you don't have to recofig containters each time they are created

2019-09-01 18:51:51 GMT <phaleth> also make sure you are aware of what is container's read and write layer, it's something alot of people don't understand when using docker

2019-09-01 18:52:38 GMT <phaleth> afk

2019-09-01 18:52:39 GMT <grendal_prime> ya, im getting all sorts of errors on this build.

2019-09-01 18:53:17 GMT <grendal_prime> i think..well maybe its just telling me i already have this stuff.

2019-09-01 18:54:09 GMT <grendal_prime> am i reading this correctly, if i make changes...like add amps to this....do i need to do a rebuild of this...

2019-09-01 18:55:18 GMT <grendal_prime> i guess it builds the containers at the time of execution..so...hmm this is a bit confusing.

2019-09-01 18:55:20 GMT <phaleth> not sure what you see, docker-compose isn't really building anything

2019-09-01 18:57:33 GMT <grendal_prime> so if i do docker-compose up. basically its looking at the info and starting up these containers. if i down them it does not actualy delete the source files

2019-09-01 18:59:04 GMT <grendal_prime> hmm looks like tomcat is up...waiting on share now

2019-09-01 19:04:20 GMT <phaleth> not sure what you mean by source files

2019-09-01 19:04:30 GMT <phaleth> down deletes containers but not volumes

2019-09-01 19:04:44 GMT <phaleth> down -v deletes containers and volumes as well

2019-09-01 19:04:59 GMT <phaleth> i guess by source files you mean images?

2019-09-01 19:05:22 GMT <phaleth> down doesn't delete images

2019-09-01 19:10:55 GMT <grendal_prime> ok...where are the images stored?

2019-09-01 19:13:40 GMT <phaleth> on docker hub

2019-09-01 19:14:25 GMT <phaleth> to see the ones you downloaded type: docker images

2019-09-01 19:18:23 GMT <grendal_prime> right...but...if i make changes to them...where are the ones i downloaded stored?

2019-09-01 19:18:35 GMT <grendal_prime> i thought they were stored in that folder..

2019-09-01 19:20:14 GMT <phaleth> grendal_prime: are you familiar with the term volume?

2019-09-01 19:20:27 GMT <grendal_prime> ya

2019-09-01 19:20:44 GMT <grendal_prime> i just dont see where the volume is

2019-09-01 19:20:46 GMT <phaleth> then use volumes to store changes you make to the containers

2019-09-01 19:21:03 GMT <phaleth> you don't have any volumes in the docker compose YAML file

2019-09-01 19:22:08 GMT <grendal_prime> ok, i stoped the containers and then rebooted, no dice i had to manually start them

2019-09-01 19:22:39 GMT <phaleth> how did you stop the containers?

2019-09-01 19:23:01 GMT <grendal_prime> docker-compose stop

2019-09-01 19:23:17 GMT <phaleth> ok, you didn't have to do that

2019-09-01 19:23:20 GMT <grendal_prime> oh do i need to just reboot the machine without stopping them.

2019-09-01 19:23:29 GMT <phaleth> i guess

2019-09-01 19:23:37 GMT <grendal_prime> and then docker will just boot them in their last state.

2019-09-01 19:23:41 GMT <grendal_prime> ok ill try that

2019-09-01 19:23:56 GMT <phaleth> but make sure you use the right docker-compose.yaml file

2019-09-01 19:44:58 GMT <grendal_prime> ok that seems to have worked

2019-09-01 19:45:10 GMT <grendal_prime> i mean..everything came back up they way it should

2019-09-01 19:45:22 GMT <phaleth> great

2019-09-01 19:45:29 GMT <grendal_prime> i just need to look into ..i mean..where do i make adjustments. where do i add my amps.

2019-09-01 19:45:38 GMT <grendal_prime> ill read more on docker.

2019-09-01 19:45:46 GMT <phaleth> not sure what are amps

2019-09-01 19:46:33 GMT <phaleth> alfresco module packages

2019-09-01 19:46:45 GMT <grendal_prime> ya

2019-09-01 19:47:03 GMT <grendal_prime> like..there is one for the libreoffice

2019-09-01 19:47:19 GMT <grendal_prime> so i can download directly from share and edit and then save back

2019-09-01 19:47:46 GMT <phaleth> is it something that changes often or something that needs to be done with the installation?

2019-09-01 19:49:33 GMT <grendal_prime> could be done with the installation i guess.

2019-09-01 19:49:47 GMT <grendal_prime> but new things come up..

2019-09-01 19:49:59 GMT <phaleth> in case it's a one time thing it should be part of the Dockerfile

2019-09-01 19:50:21 GMT <grendal_prime> its like a module thing, if someone decideds they want to send email directly fom alfresco...there is a amp for that.

2019-09-01 19:50:35 GMT <phaleth> well if update comes up then just remove the container and start an updated one

2019-09-01 19:51:51 GMT <grendal_prime> ya i got to wrap my head around that..

2019-09-01 19:52:16 GMT <phaleth> are you familiar with alfreso installation? like without docker you know, the harsh way creates a mess on the OS

2019-09-01 19:52:36 GMT <grendal_prime> ya but, at least i knew where everything was

2019-09-01 19:52:52 GMT <phaleth> heh, ok, sec

2019-09-01 19:53:08 GMT <grendal_prime> I got to do some research...i dont see anything that lays out where i would apply the changes where i need them.

2019-09-01 19:54:00 GMT <grendal_prime> and if i have to pull down a new image with those changes applied, well from what i have seen so far i will loose all my data

2019-09-01 19:54:28 GMT <phaleth> yeah, till you set up volumes you'll always loose data

2019-09-01 19:55:12 GMT <grendal_prime> i dont see any documentation on that process...can you point some out?

2019-09-01 19:55:50 GMT <grendal_prime> hold on i may have found it

2019-09-01 19:58:17 GMT <phaleth> let me give you quick intro to this, a Dockerfile is like a Makefile, it describes how the image is built

2019-09-01 19:58:43 GMT <phaleth> this Dockerfile is for tomcat https://github.com/docker-library/tomcat/blob/master/8.5/jdk8/openjdk/Dockerfile

2019-09-01 19:58:44 GMT <alfbot> Title:tomcat/Dockerfile at master · docker-library/tomcat · GitHub (at github.com)

2019-09-01 19:58:47 GMT * AFaust feels with grendal_prime... at some point, anyone using Docker has gone through that (independent of the product run inside Docker)

2019-09-01 19:59:04 GMT <grendal_prime> oh ok bascially there is a way to mount a dir outside the container, same way i use nfs to connect alfresco to the filer in my current installation

2019-09-01 19:59:12 GMT <phaleth> at the top it states that it's built FROM openjdk:8-jdk, which is another container but a java container

2019-09-01 19:59:37 GMT <phaleth> it's a process where a tomcat container is built based on another container, it's base java

2019-09-01 19:59:47 GMT <phaleth> java might run on debian container or whatever

2019-09-01 20:00:08 GMT <phaleth> here, you gotta understand this is purely layer based system

2019-09-01 20:00:32 GMT <phaleth> higher up alfresco is built https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-docker-base-tomcat/blob/master/Dockerfile

2019-09-01 20:00:33 GMT <alfbot> Title:alfresco-docker-base-tomcat/Dockerfile at master · Alfresco/alfresco-docker-base-tomcat · GitHub (at github.com)

2019-09-01 20:00:53 GMT <phaleth> and then this stuff https://github.com/Alfresco/acs-community-packaging/blob/master/docker-alfresco/Dockerfile

2019-09-01 20:00:54 GMT <alfbot> Title:acs-community-packaging/Dockerfile at master · Alfresco/acs-community-packaging · GitHub (at github.com)

2019-09-01 20:01:24 GMT <phaleth> i don't know what acs is but, this is how to trace everything down to whatever was installed like on a computer

2019-09-01 20:01:34 GMT <phaleth> or a VM

2019-09-01 20:01:37 GMT <grendal_prime> ya, when i clone it though i should wind up with a copy of it here...on the server correct?

2019-09-01 20:02:09 GMT <phaleth> yeah, you pull the top image based on the topmost Dockerfile and that will get you all the layers

2019-09-01 20:02:27 GMT <grendal_prime> and then when i up it, it builds the containers based on that code.

2019-09-01 20:02:50 GMT <phaleth> no, the images you download are already built based on these Dockerfiles

2019-09-01 20:03:22 GMT <phaleth> once you call docker-compose up it'll just create containers from the images and run them

2019-09-01 20:03:47 GMT <grendal_prime> ok, so i need to be able to adjust the content of the images i guess.

2019-09-01 20:04:31 GMT <grendal_prime> also i need to connect a dir outside of the container for my document storage.

2019-09-01 20:04:33 GMT <phaleth> yeah, Dockerfile is sorta like installer, you can extend any existing Dockerfile using the FROM directive or whatever it is

2019-09-01 20:05:04 GMT <phaleth> yeah, you can use VOLUME directive in your Dockerfile to do that

2019-09-01 20:05:13 GMT <grendal_prime> where do the images get stored is my poblem, i do not see them on MY server anywhere.

2019-09-01 20:05:25 GMT <phaleth> or define a volume once running the container, that is inside docker-compose.yaml in your case

2019-09-01 20:05:36 GMT <phaleth> type docker images

2019-09-01 20:06:13 GMT <phaleth> if you create your own images make sure you push them to a docker repository to never loose them

2019-09-01 20:06:28 GMT <phaleth> or at least save your Dockerfiles so that you can rebuilt these images later

2019-09-01 20:07:06 GMT <phaleth> there is one more thing you always need to remember, let me put it this way

2019-09-01 20:07:32 GMT <phaleth> container = read/write layer + all image layers

2019-09-01 20:10:16 GMT <phaleth> i guess i shouldn't used the term container above when explaining how it call comes from java based system but, you get the idea

2019-09-01 20:11:04 GMT <phaleth> till there is no Dockerfile as sort of a script, there is no image to be built and so there is no container to be run based on that image

2019-09-01 21:49:59 GMT <grendal_prime> had to run an errand

2019-09-01 21:50:34 GMT <grendal_prime> so..what about the database...where do i put that? i mean, grr this is getting pretty complicated.

2019-09-01 21:51:44 GMT <grendal_prime> its like some fantasy application that vaporizes and starts over again wich is perfect for development not so sure about production.

2019-09-01 21:57:59 GMT <grendal_prime> i jsut dont think this is going to work for what i need to do

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