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Daily Log for #alfresco

2019-11-11 08:32:00 GMT *** jelly-home is now known as jelly

2019-11-11 11:28:50 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> Is there any FTS term to filter on permissions user/groups?

2019-11-11 11:29:33 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> @mbui that would be super tricky

2019-11-11 11:30:28 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> but my default when you use the service inside Alfresco it does append some extra portions to the http request going to solr in order to filter for content accessible to the user

2019-11-11 11:31:25 GMT <alfresco-discord> <yreg> so I believe if ever there is such a term/function, it will most probably only work for read permission evaluation, nothing other than that

2019-11-11 11:44:27 GMT <alfresco-discord> <AHT> Hi all 😄 Are there any announcements / news / alert to suscribe or to check alerts, bugs, vulnerability issues, etc ? Thank a lot 🙂 ( From risk management, I have been suggested to provide updates about possible risks of our Alfresco sites.. That's why I'm asking for something, like a mailing list or anything else... )

2019-11-11 11:52:02 GMT <alfresco-discord> <mbui> @AHT security vulnerabilities are hidden in their Jira for obvious reasons. New version releases usually have a list of security fixes. So your best bet is probably look out/subsrcibe for new Alfresco releases.

2019-11-11 11:54:50 GMT <alfresco-discord> <AHT> Thanks @mbui I will look for new releases 😄

2019-11-11 12:00:08 GMT <AFaust> mbui: There are READER / OWNER fields you can query for simple permission conditions (in addition to the default filtering of course)

2019-11-11 12:00:51 GMT <AFaust> And I believe there are also DENIED fields, depending on SOLR version

2019-11-11 17:41:21 GMT <mmccarthy> Hi everyone. Quick question, using CAS is it possible to authenticate to the alfresco repository (not Share) using SSO (no basic auth prompt)?

2019-11-11 22:16:32 GMT <AFaust> mmccarthy: Yes

2019-11-11 22:17:21 GMT <mmccarthy> @AFoust Thanks. Any ideas what is necessary to make that happen or what is going wrong. Share SSO is working.

2019-11-11 22:17:54 GMT <mmccarthy> AFaust: ^^

2019-11-11 22:18:42 GMT <AFaust> Note that Repository SSO is not applied to all URLs - depending on the APIs you want to use, there may not even be support.

2019-11-11 22:18:57 GMT <AFaust> Web scripts e.g. require that you use the /alfresco/wcs or /alfresco/wcservice base URLs

2019-11-11 22:19:38 GMT <AFaust> In general, you need to use the external authentication subsystem and have CAS map the user name into a HTTP header to be extracted.

2019-11-11 22:38:58 GMT <mmccarthy> AFaust: Already doing that. So /alfresco/s/enterprise/admin and /alfresco/s/index may not be able to be SSOed into?

2019-11-11 22:40:36 GMT <AFaust> Not "may" - definitely "won't be"

2019-11-11 22:41:01 GMT <AFaust> Unless you mess with the default web.xml + web-script-application-context.xml configurations

2019-11-11 22:41:23 GMT <AFaust> But that is why there is /alfresco/wcs/enterprise/admin and /alfresco/wcs/index

2019-11-11 22:41:31 GMT <AFaust> Those are SSOed

2019-11-11 22:43:04 GMT <mmccarthy> Ok, well those work. Thanks for pointing that out.

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